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Armenia is a small Caucasus country with a population of under 3 million and a long, complicated history. In the West, Armenia is mainly known as the birthplace of a few celebrities, as well as a place with some of the worldโ€™s most beautiful women. Here is what you need to know about dating Armenian women even if youโ€™ve never met an Armenian girl before.

What Are Armenian Women Like?

If youโ€™ve lived in the West all your life, chances are youโ€™ve never spoken to an Armenian woman in person, let alone experienced what sheโ€™s like in a relationship or why so many Western men want to meet Armenian girls. Here are the top 3 facts to know about them.

They are famous for their beauty

Armenian women have a unique and striking appearance. Their skin has an olive tone, their eyes are big, dark, and captivating, and their hair is black, curly, and luscious. Armenian girls have a stunning bone structure and they are perfectly shaped. When it comes to clothes and makeup, women in Armenia tend to go rather conservative, but that just means they leave a lot for imagination.

They have the correct priorities

Armenian society is developing at a rapid pace, and thousands of modern Armenian girls are no longer satisfied with the roles of quiet and submissive housewives. They want to work, make a contribution to society and to the family budget, and generally live their lives to the fullest. At the same time, they know that family is what matters in life the most, so they will always put family first and everything else second.

They are incredibly devoted

Whether you have been dating an Armenian woman for a couple of weeks or have been with her for a couple of decades, you will always be confident in her loyalty and will never get a reason to doubt it. Armenian women are loyal to their core. They demand absolute loyalty from their partners, but they are also ready to offer the same ultimate loyalty and devotion to the person they love.

Do Armenian Women Make Good Wives?

By now, you definitely feel some attraction to Armenian girls. However, if youโ€™ve reached a certain age, chances are youโ€™re looking for a long-term partner and wife, not just a short-term girlfriend. Here are just three reasons why it should be an Armenian wife.

They take care of their loved ones

Armenian wives are selfless. They certainly want to feel loved and comfortable in their own family, but what they want even more is for every member of their family to be absolutely happy. An Armenian wife will take care of you not just in major ways, but also in the most subtle ways that you may not even notice at once. But when you do, you will be once again reminded that youโ€™ve made the right decision by marrying an Armenian lady.

They make fantastic mothers

Family and motherhood are essential concepts to women in all of the Caucasus region, but even more so for Armenian women. They want to become mothers as much as they want to become wives, and let us assure you that they are very good at it. An Armenian mother surrounds her kids with love and care, but she also knows where to give them some freedom and space to learn when needed.

They will make you want to get home early

It may take you time to see what your Armenian wife is like as a mother or how she behaves during conflicts, but there is one aspect of her personality you will experience pretty early in the relationship. Armenian wives are talented homemakers and they donโ€™t consider it a chore or a waste of their valuable time. They will keep your home so clean and will fill it with the incredible flavors of authentic home cooking that you will count minutes until youโ€™re back home.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Women in Armenia value feelings and emotions, but they also want to get married once and for all. That is why they are very serious about choosing the right partner and there are some specific qualities they are looking for in men:

  • Emotional maturity. Itโ€™s no secret that Armenian ladies have a fiery character, and they want someone who can balance out their passionate nature with a cool, calm, and collected disposition.
  • Ambitious nature. Most Armenian women donโ€™t mind working, but they still want their husbands to be the main providers in the family. You need to be on your path to success and willing to take responsibility for your loved ones.
  • Love for children. Children are the center of Armenian family culture. Your Armenian wife will gladly assume most of the child-rearing duties, but she wants you to be willing to spend time with the little ones and become the best father they could ever have.

Where to Meet Armenian Women in Armenia?

Armenia is definitely an underrated travel destination. As a regular Western tourist in Armenia, you will be left speechless by the beautiful views and the hospitality of locals. However, as a single man looking for love, you will also enjoy the sheer number of beautiful Armenian women you can meet. Here are the places you should check out in Armenia if you want to meet Armenian women.


As the capital of Armenia and its biggest city, Yerevan also has the highest population of women who donโ€™t mind dating a foreign guy. The Lavash network of restaurants, Cascade Royal, and Beirut restaurants are a must-visit in the city. During the day, you can also try the Coffeeshop Company, Impresso, Le Cafe de Paris coffee shops. The Omega, Paparazzi, and California nightclubs will give you a taste of the Yerevan nightlife and social scene.


By Western standards, Gyumri is a small city with just a little over 116 thousand inhabitants, but itโ€™s a big city by Armenian standards with plenty of exciting things to offer to tourists. You should head to the Cherkezi Dzor, Florence, and Veranda Home restaurants if youโ€™re interested in meeting Armenian singles. The Trezzo, Herbs&Honey, and Cruise coffee shops during the day and the Garage, Diamond, and Montecristo nightclubs during the night are all fantastic locations for meeting new people.


Vanadzor may be a tiny Armenian city, but itโ€™s sure to leave a big impression on any foreign tourist. You should definitely try the Afina, Izagri, and Lori restaurants. The Jazz Cafe, Oasis, and Madera are great places to grab a cup of coffee with dessert and meet young and beautiful Armenian women. Vanadzor does not have the most developed nightlife, but it has a few charming parks where you can meet Armenian girls during the day.

Where to Meet Armenian Women Online?

Armenia may be a somewhat old-fashioned country, but itโ€™s perfectly modern when it comes to the internet. Armenian girls actively use the internet to study, work, communicate with friends, and, of course, look for love. Online dating is especially popular among Armenian singles who want to date and marry foreign guys.

However, you wonโ€™t find these women on your usual dating sites and apps. If you want to meet Armenian women who are genuinely interested in foreign men, you need special international dating services to make it happen. Luckily, there are plenty of trusted sites with a proven success record to choose from.

How to Date an Armenian Girl: 7 Tips

The important thing to remember about the dating culture in Armenia is that women there rarely date just to have fun and avoid being alone. They will only enter a relationship when they can see themselves being married to that person in a year or two. If thatโ€™s what you want as well and you are ready to give this relationship a try, here are 7 tips for dating an Armenian woman.

  1. Show utmost respect for her and her culture. Armenian women may look strong and confident, and they are for the most part, but they are sensitive when it comes to their culture and background, so you need to be respectful towards it.
  2. Donโ€™t expect her to take matters into her own hands. Armenia is a country where women almost never make the first move or take the upper hand in a relationship. Your Armenian woman can give you subtle signs of attention, but she will expect you to do all the work.
  3. Give her time before escalating things. For an Armenian woman, especially if sheโ€™s never been in a serious relationship before, the thought of being attached to someone needs some getting used to. Simply give her time and space to do it.
  4. Find out about her dreams and aspirations. You may have a certain idea of your future as a man and as a spouse, but your partner may have a different idea about the way things should go. Make sure to find out what she really wants in life.
  5. Spend time doing what she likes. Women in Armenia can be very different. Some prefer an active lifestyle that involves hiking, horse riding, and traveling, while others have a calmer lifestyle. Tailor your date ideas to your womanโ€™s preferences.
  6. Meet her family, even the extended one. No matter how old an Armenian woman is or what she wants in life, there is nothing more important to her than her family. When her family approves of her boyfriend, she will be much more likely to see him as a potential husband.
  7. Take her opinion into account. One of the reasons why Armenian girls are interested in meeting foreign men is that they feel like local guys are too controlling and donโ€™t want to hear anyoneโ€™s ideas but their own. Remember to always ask your womanโ€™s opinion about everything.


Do Armenian girls speak English well?

English is definitely not the most commonly spoken language in Armenia and you may have trouble finding an English-speaking person among the older generation of Armenians. However, young Armenian women are far more Westernized. Their interest in foreign culture and the Armenian school curriculum allows them to speak English on a decent level.

What is the religious situation in Armenia like?

The most widespread religion in Armenia is Christianity โ€” specifically, the Armenian Apostolic Church. However, we canโ€™t say that Armenian women, especially the younger generation, are too religious. Their religious views definitely donโ€™t prevent them from dating or marrying men from other religions, and thatโ€™s all you need to know about the religious aspect of dating in Armenia.

Is it common for Armenian ladies to get married early?

Yes, Armenia is a very traditional country in many regards, and marriage is one of them. For most Armenian girls, the ideal marriage age is before 25, and thatโ€™s exactly the most popular age range of Armenian singles you can meet online. These women rightfully believe that by marrying early, they get to spend more time with their beloved family.

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