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Everyone should visit Venezuela at least once. There are many things to feed your eyes, ranging from the 26 nature-beautified states to the breathtaking beaches and food. However, if you are a man, you will likely start marveling at the flawless Venezuelan women from the Simon Bolivar International Airport.

The average Venezuelan woman dazzles in ways that seem indescribable in many cases. Thanks to this radiance and other great qualities, they have caught the attention of foreign men for the longest time.

So, are you thinking of dating a Venezuelan woman? Keep reading to learn more about who they are, what to expect when dating one and where to find them. 

What Are Venezuelan Women Like? 


Every girl in Venezuela has attributes that appeal to men worldwide, differentiating them from ladies of other nationalities. And the surest approach to successfully connecting with a Venezuelan girl is to know her dominant traits. 


We often get news from Venezuela about their women leading social justice causes. Women of Venezuela are tough and would not quickly back down from a challenge, even if the challenge is falling in love across borders with foreign men. Similarly, you can expect a Venezuelan lady to weather financial and emotional storms, making her an excellent partner in business and romance.

Physically irresistible 

The average Venezuelan girl knocks it out of the park in terms of beauty, and it isnโ€™t something she can easily hide. Their facial features are so impressive that the Miss Universe crown has gone to Venezuela 7 times. This South American nation has pocketed 23 beauty titles in its existence. How can you disagree if the entire world agrees that Venezuelan females are breathtakingly gorgeous? 


The women in Venezuela are not hostile and provide a warm welcome for strangers in their community. As part of their societyโ€™s collaborative culture, the women are friendly and kind to strangers and would often kiss you on the cheek as a greeting. So if you receive a cheek kiss from a random woman in Venezuela, donโ€™t see it as a sign of romantic interest.


Football is one sport that is synonymous with South Americans, and Venezuelans are no different. The country has several womenโ€™s sports teams, ranging from volleyball to soccer and basketball. They love sports and may even engage in some for fun when they find the time. If sports is your thing, brace yourself when wooing a Venezuelan lady because you will always have exciting sports topics to discuss. 

Do Venezuelan Women Make Good Wives? 


Marrying a lady from Venezuela is the perfect life decision for the following reasons: 

These ladies wonโ€™t bore you 

Venezuelan ladies gather knowledge across different aspects of life as they grow. Since they are educated and love to dig into new cultures, relationships, technologies, and experiences, they never have a dull moment. Marrying a Venezuelan wife will be perpetually fascinating, directly and indirectly. 

The women donโ€™t joke with their families 

The typical Venezuelan native derives joy in keeping their families happy, even at the expense of their education or careers. The wives learn from childhood that family is a fundamental unit in Venezuelan society and take that notion seriously. When the females wed and have their own families, they get hyper-focused on making it work because they are active home builders.

They entertain external influences 

One of the problems people have with marrying foreign women is the social awkwardness they may have to deal with when they finally bring them home. However, your Venezuelan chic will welcome your pals and relatives, entertain them, and try to grow on them. 

Venezuelan brides donโ€™t cheat

Venezuelans are mainly Christians, and there is a good chance that any Venezuelan girl you marry will be religious. This stance means that she will believe cheating is a sin. She will cleave to you as her Bible says and be yours for the rest of the marriage, possibly forever. Many things stress men in marriage today, but worrying about fidelity isnโ€™t going to be one of them if you end up with a Venezuelan bride. 

What Kind of Men Do Venezuelan Women Like?


Irrespective of her education level, the typical Venezuelan girl is picky. She has a specific taste when looking for partners, preferring long-lasting relationship that leads to marriage to casual flings. To fit her expectation, you should be:

A man that does not stifle women 

Venezuelan babes are strongly opinionated and always lend their voices to social causes. Therefore, they like men who support their intention to lend their voices whenever and wherever necessary. A man who sees opinionated ladies as a problem and tries to stifle them will struggle to live with these South American ladies. 


Women worldwide like romantic men, but Venezuelans seem to sit at the top when it comes to enjoying chivalry. These girls look up to their parentโ€™s marriages which are often filled with romance, flowers, dancing, and food as a love language. They will marry, expecting their new husbands to be just as romantic. If dating a Venezuelan girl is why you started reading this article, you must up your romance game to the maximum.

Where To Meet Venezuelan Women In Venezuela 

Venezuela has 26 states boasting women of all shapes, sizes, and sex appeals. However, instead of sending you blindly into a country with intimidatingly pretty ladies, let us narrow down your options.

Local Catholic churches 

You can always find good, polite, well-mannered Venezuelan girls in a church. It may sound unorthodox to visit a church during vacation, but the stereotype will favor you if you come on vacation to find a wife. So, pick a Sunday and attend the nearest catholic church to your hotel or resort; you will meet Venezuelan women who will be ideal wives.

The countryโ€™s football stadiums 

Remember when we said earlier that Venezuelan women like sports? Well, an excellent way to get them is to check out the local football stadiums to watch them watch other people play. Football is an easy conversation starter, so when you go to the stadium to meet Venezuelan girls, you do not have to struggle; talk about the game. 

A list of local stadiums where you can meet Venezuelan women include 

Local food marts 

Thanks to the traditional beliefs supported by Christian doctrines, the common Venezuelan woman is homely and cooks. To prepare the food, they must shop for veggies, condiments, and groceries. Those locations should be your primary targets, and your first port of call to meet Venezuelan girls is to enter the local souvenir and food markets. Below are some popular Venezuelan markets open to foreigners. 

Local festivals 

If you time your Venezuelan tour accurately, festivals are excellent for meeting Venezuelans. Everyone at festivals is in good dancing spirits, and you might find great company amongst these people. Here are some of the local festivals in Venezuela to note: 

  • Festival de Virgen de Coromoto
  • Fiesta de San Juan 
  • El Dia De San Jose 
  • Los Diablos Danzantes
  • Semana Santa 

Where To Meet Venezuelan Women Online 


Men from other parts of the world need not go to Venezuela and stress about finding a wife there. Mail-order bride services will connect them with the choicest Venezuelan girls on the internet. The best part is that they wonโ€™t need to leave their comfort zones for that.

If you are among such men, note that you will spend some money using mail order bride platforms, but you will save a lot more than the alternative. 

Searching for the right women in Venezuela will cost time and resources. You may keep changing locations, going on dates, and sometimes encountering hostilities from the men around. When using a mail-order bride site, you have more options, fewer barriers, and more time to find the one with whom you are willing to pursue a serious relationship. 

How To Date A Venezuelan Girl: 5 Tips

Dating a Venezuelan girl is relatively straightforward. However, other peopleโ€™s experiences and tips can guide you as you pursue a successful romantic connection with one, and here are four of them: 

Minimize your cursing and swearing 

Venezuelan people are conservative and find vulgar languages off-putting and disgusting. Yes, Western ladies will probably not mind, but you arenโ€™t wooing an American girl here, are you? No, so use positive words when speaking to them, restrain yourself from cursing, and do not be abusive with your words. 

Ask for permission before touching them

Always remember consent, no matter how close you get to a Venezuelan woman. Ask her if it is okay to hug her or hold her waist and please restrain yourself from kissing her without finding out if it is okay first. If you want to hold her hand, ask her first. 

Send flowers

Venezuelan women often shop for fresh flowers from the market to decorate their homes because they love colors. Sending them colorful flowers may signify your attentiveness to their culture and likes, making them happy. 

Be intentional about the gifts you give her


As long as it is thoughtful, women are mainly appreciative of gifts. If you want to cement your spot in the heart of a Venezuelan lass, you must explore the option of gifts. Send her small but personal presents, especially wearable ones, and she would love you for them.

Show respect

Venezuelans believe in respecting people around them and would never rethink that stance for any reason. They are very courteous and would very much like to be treated in a like manner. The slightest disrespect from a man is a turn-off for Venezuelan women. You might need to check yourself to ensure that you treat people, especially women, respectfully when going for a Venezuelan woman. 


Are Venezuelan women materialistic?

Venezuelan women are often content with what they have; however, that doesnโ€™t imply they are not open to being spoiled by men. While they are not materialistic, helping them with their day-to-day needs will go a long way in convincing them to be with you.

Can I marry a Venezuelan woman and bring her to the US?

American citizens and permanent residents can marry Venezuelan brides. You will need to check the immigration laws and help her get the US B1/B2 Visa. You shouldnโ€™t have any problems if you use legal means or VisaExpress.

Why do Venezuelan women want foreign men?

Venezuela is not the most stable country economically, and for some of these women, marriage is their ticket out of the country. Their local men are no longer as romantic and respectful as their fathers, so the ladies believe foreign men will take better care of them. Another reason they want foreigners is curiosity.

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