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Youโ€™ll find French women if you check any list of the most refined women worldwide. These ladies are fascinating because of their love of life, fun-seeking behavior, beauty, and, of course, that sexy French accent.

Many men are interested in these ladies for dating and marriage. Although this global interest may mean youโ€™ll have more competitors in your search for a French girlfriend, you shouldnโ€™t be discouraged. This article will tell you more about these fabulous women, with tips for meeting, impressing, and dating them.

What Are French Women Like?


Before deciding to get a French girlfriend or wife, you should know what to expect from the average French lady. The girls youโ€™ll find in France or on a French mail-order brides site will have some or all of the following traits.


Women in France love harmless flirting, making them fun to be around. Your French sweetheart wonโ€™t hide her feminine sides and would prefer to draw menโ€™s admiration because of her physical features and qualities. She can kiss you on the cheek when saying hello and goodbye, which isnโ€™t common in many other parts of the world.

If youโ€™re looking for a girl who will make your chase enjoyable, you should pick a French girl. A French woman will smile, laugh at your jokes, and brush her hands against yours. Her flirting game will likely be harmless and often end with one or both parties getting red around the cheeks.


An admirable sense of style is one of the vital traits of a French woman. You will see many French girls rocking well-cut denim on dark-colored sweaters, black blazers, and knee-high boots. Since these ladies like to meet new people, they tend to be interested in experimenting with foreign fashion ideas.

French women donโ€™t want to appear like they put too much effort into looking good, mostly preferring a laid-back style. Their go-to style hinges on the idea that less is more, with an effortlessly classic look to match. And when you consider that many top fashion brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel are from France, you canโ€™t expect anything less from the women in that country.


French ladies have classic European features that appeal to Western, Asian, and African men. Theyโ€™re usually slim, with long legs and a good posture. These ladies carry themselves properly, making them look more refined than the average European girl.

Women in France have distinct facial features too. With their pale skins, chic pointed noses, dark or auburn hair, and piercing eyes, thereโ€™s no reason not to be attracted to a French babe. Add those features to their warm smiles, and you get the perfect cocktail of physical allure that makes men fall over themselves to meet French girls. 

Do French Women Make Good Wives? 

Traditionally, women of France play domestic roles like making meals and housekeeping as wives. Even though the French Revolution liberated the women from restrictive lives as housewives, they still made good wives. They love and respect their husbands, especially when they feel loved and respected.

The average French bride will support a typical conservative household with distinct duties. She will support her husband even if sheโ€™s educated, employed, and highly placed. Whatโ€™s more? She will likely love having babies! But with more people cohabitation and raising kids without getting married, you should discuss with any French lady you intend to marry and ensure you share similar values.

What Kind Of Men Do They Like? 

Since French women have varying tastes in men, thereโ€™s no universal trait that works for all of them. But some characteristics can give you an edge over other guys.

Men who appreciate the French culture

You can attract a French girl by showing appreciation of French culture and knowledge of a few from other countries. Knowing the proper etiquette on dates, appreciating French music and drama, and not making a condescending baguette joke will win you points with the ladies.

Witty men

French girls are playful and intelligent; therefore, they prefer men who can match their level of wittiness. If youโ€™re good with words and can tell and take a joke, you stand a real chance of impressing and dating a French girl.

Men in touch with their feminine side

Machismo behavior wonโ€™t get you far with a French lady. Thereโ€™s a reason everyone says French men are passionate lovers. So if you want to compete with local men for their attention, you should show emotions, treat them gently, and appreciate femininity. 

Where To Meet French Women In France


You can choose between daytime and nighttime meetups if you need specific locations to give you a head start at dating French women.

Daytime locations

If you want to meet a French woman during the day, the good news is that thereโ€™s no shortage of ideal locations. The bad news is that youโ€™ll have to compete for the ladiesโ€™ attention as thereโ€™ll be more men out and about by that time. But if that doesnโ€™t deter you, visit any of the following destinations. 

The Marais

Many cafes decorate the Marais district, attracting French women who want to grab lunch, read a book, or wait for a friend. Visiting this area will bring you closer to many locals, and the cafes can be ideal locations for a casual date. Alternatively, you can stroll between the old buildings and say hi to a few female residents.

Toullerie Gardens

On a nice sunny day, visit the Toullerie Gardens in Paris. Itโ€™s not far from the Louvre, meaning that many French women and tourists go there daily. The best part is that you donโ€™t have to pay to enter the garden โ€” an excellent reason for men interested in dating French girls without spending too much. 

Other excellent locations for meeting French girls in the daytime are:

  • Westfield Forum des Halles
  • Around The Eiffel Tower
  • Luxembourg Park
  • Montparnasse Rive Gauche
  • The Champs-Elysees

Nighttime locations

France has many locations if you are up for a one-night stand or prefer meeting ladies in dimly-lit environments. These locations are flashy nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. The women there are often interested in having a good time while relaxing after the dayโ€™s work.

La Caravelle

La Caravelle will impress any Marseille tourist with a 4-star rating from over 250 reviewers on Yelp. The food is delicious, and the view overlooking the port at night is breathtaking. Because of these high points, many women flock there, and youโ€™d stand a good chance of meeting a lovely French lady at La Caravelle.

Dirty Dick

Dirty Dick is a cocktail bar and lounge in Paris where you can meet French girls. You donโ€™t need reservations to get drinks there, and French women love the ambiance. Itโ€™s in the red light district, meaning youโ€™ll likely meet a French girl interested in one-night stands nearby.

Other locations for meeting French girls at night include:

  • La Grange
  • Panic Room
  • Le Cavern
  • Look Bar, Lyon

Where To Meet French Women Online

The magnificent landmarks may steal your attention if you live in France or are touring the country. But if youโ€™re not in France, donโ€™t worry; you still stand a good chance of meeting French ladies. All you need to do is look for mail-order brides services with a section for French women. 

They have online platforms with ladies from different countries, and France is among the most sought-after destination. The services are cheap, meaning you donโ€™t have to risk flying to France. The mail-order brides sites are also adequately regulated, frequently updated, and constantly weeding out fake profiles. And since many beautiful French women use the platforms, you are guaranteed a higher chance of meeting sexy and friendly French girls.

How To Date a French Girl: 4 Tips


Dating a French girl is almost an art form. These ladies love romance, cheesiness, and flirting. Therefore, youโ€™ll need to be on top of your game to get them to be with you.

Up your flirting game

French girls love men who donโ€™t take themselves too seriously. On a date with a French girl, donโ€™t be too formal and uptight; loosen up and be jovial. Use sweet words, and if you can, be a little philosophical. Wink at the right moments and use body language to convey your interest. These actions will make her more interested in you.

Ditch the controlling attitude

Trying to control all aspects of the narrative when youโ€™re with a French woman will end badly. These ladies dictate the dating game and have many men interested in them. Instead of trying to impose your will on her, tactfully make her develop feelings for you. You can even be a little aloof and not easily impressed. The best way to control the game is through subtlety. 

Prioritize love over sex

Unlike stereotypes in art and cinema, French women arenโ€™t sex-craving maidens. They dream about falling in love and enjoying the company of their lovers more than getting hot and heavy in the bedroom. Therefore, if youโ€™re dating one of these ladies, show that you love them through actions and words.

Listen when they speak, hold their hands, remember little details about them, and buy them flowers. Although they love a good round of sex, loving actions will keep French women coming back to you. 

Expect your relationship to be exclusive

Dating a French woman and seeing other ladies for romance is unacceptable. Unlike the West, where you have to point out the exclusivity or lack thereof in your relationship, French relationships are automatically exclusive. So, if you donโ€™t want to get into fights and arguments with your French girlfriend, stay faithful.


The following three questions and responses should give you a clue about dating French girls.

What can I do to impress a French girl?

French ladies love casual, eloquent, and stylish men; therefore, youโ€™ll need to build or improve on those traits to impress them. Be confident and witty when around them. Exude elegance but donโ€™t try too hard to be cute, and youโ€™ll be good to go.

Do French women say I love you fast?

In France, Love isnโ€™t a word that connotes a deep emotion as it does for Westerners. French women will often tell you that they love you based on what they feel at that moment. You should gauge a French ladyโ€™s love for you by her actions more than her words.

How can I know that a French girl likes me?

You can tell when a French lady likes you through her body language and actions. She will want to get her body as close to yours as possible. When on a date, she will brush her fingers against yours, touch your knee, push her hair away from her face, and may even make the first move.

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