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People gather in Jordan yearly for pilgrimage, tourism, and other personal reasons. Among these are single men from the US, the UK, and other Western countries. However, they are usually not prepared for the slam-you-in-the-face kind of gorgeousness they encounter with Jordanian women. 

After the encounter, the foreigners start planning on dating Jordanian women, making them their wives, and taking them home. If you have ever seen a picture of a Jordanian woman or met one and want to date or marry her, there are things you must know. Stay with us as we go into details.

What are Jordanian Women Like?ย 

Jordanian woman

Jordanian girls are not very different from Arab women, sharing features with them. However, there are still bits about them that make them different from these other women, and we will be looking at these bits:

They are pleasant to look at

If your journey to Jordan were for anything else, you would question your motive because of Jordanian women. Jordanian girls are food for the eyes. You see a Jordanian girl, and you suddenly feel like the worldโ€™s end can come now because you have seen it all. 

They have dark hairs that go from their scalps to their waist, endlessly alluring, and large eyes that would go googly for all the right reasons.

They are diligent 

The Jordanian culture does not allow for the existence of laziness among her women. Jordanian ladies learn to work hard when they are young, becoming hardworking, skillful, and dynamic women.

They are quiet

Jordanian women do not like to talk too much unless there is something important to say. They are not chatterboxes; sometimes, you have to do all the talking with them. On the flip side, they are great listeners and note everything said to them, which is a good thing.

Do Jordanian Women Make Good Wives?

The best thing that can happen to any man is to marry a woman in Jordan, and here is why:

They want to be wives. 

The only thing a Jordanian woman aspires to is finally being a wife and living with her husband. The fact that they want to marry you as much as you do them is a game changer; you do not have to do so much convincing.

They love the idea of motherhood

Some women want to be wives, not mothers, but Jordanian brides look forward to raising kids and building a family. You do not have to fight with your Jordanian wife over kids because she already wanted them before you even asked.

They are perfect homemakers

Jordanian wives pride themselves as great homemakers because it is a skill that they learn from the women before them. 

When you marry a Jordanian woman, you get a woman who has learned and perfected the art of homemaking over the years. The Jordanian men are used to this quality in their women, so it does not surprise them. As a result, the women learn to outdo themselves. 

They are obedient 

Jordanians are devout Muslims, and the Quran says in An-Nisa, Ayat 34, that wives must obey their husbands. Your Jordanian wife will not question your authority or try to talk you down when you give her an instruction. They will obey, love, and respect you as the Quran demands.

What Kind of Men Do They Like? 

Jordanian women are like every other Arab woman regarding the men they like. For starters, they like a man who is not Arabian, believing the West has better husbands, especially in the United States. Jordanian women want a man to take them out of Jordan and the Arab region altogether. 

Women in Jordan know nothing about sex because of the strict morality rules, so they look forward to a man who is good in bed and is willing to please a woman instead of just seeking procreation. They also want a man who is kind, funny, and willing to listen when they talk about their concerns. So as long as you are a decent man with a good income range and can take good care of a woman, the women in Jordan will love you.

Where to Meet Jordanian Women In Jordanย 

Jordanian girl

At this point, you already want a Jordanian wife, donโ€™t you? If you plan to meet Jordanian women in their land, there are many places where you can find them. Here are places and cities you can meet Jordanian girls:

Tourist sites in Jordan 

There are so many tourist sites in Jordan that the entire city could be named a UNESCO Heritage Site, and no one would object. You can meet Jordanian women walking up and down these Tourist sites, and if you press a little for a conversation, they can tell you about the sites and become your friend. Here are some tourist sites and cities where you can find them. 

Amman: Mount Nebo, Roman Theater, Citadel hill, Rainbow street, Umayyad place, Wild Jordan Center. 

Zarqa: Shaumari Nature Reserve, Azraq Wetland reserve, Qsar Al-Azraq.

Southern Jordan: Petra, Dead Sea, The Treasury. 

Tourist Markets In Jordan 

The Tourist Markets are perfect for catching young Jordanian girls shopping. You can buy one of them a flower in the marketplace to help you strike up a conversation. Here are some of the tourist markets in different Jordan cities. 

Amman: Souk Jara, Friday Market, Lumi Market, Souk El-Khodra. 

Zarqa: Sami Zawahra Market.

Irbid: Al Kstas Market.

Temples In Jordan 

Jordan was not always a Muslim country; before the 7th century, they practiced different religions, which were heavily related to the greek godsโ€™ worship. As a result of these previous beliefs, they have magnificent temples which have now been turned into tourist sites. 

Amman: Temple of Hercules.

Jerash: Temple of Zeus, Temple of Artemis.

Wadi Musa: The Great Temple, Temple of the winged lions.

Bars in Jordan 

If you are worried that the women you meet at the tourist sites, markets and temples are too uptight; you will find women who are more open to conversations at the bar. Here are some of the best bars in the cities for people interested in dating Jordanian women. 

Amman: Cafe de Paris, Maestro, Copas central, La Calle, Canvas, Dubliners, Cube, Sekrab, Ghoroub sunset bar. 

Jerash: Lebanese House, Mountain Breeze Country Club, Artemis, The Olive Branch.

Irbid: Karamish Silver 

There are many other places where women in Jordan spend a lot of time; all you have to do is visit these places and start polite conversations. 

Where to Meet Jordanian Women Online 

Meeting and dating Jordanian women online is far better than meeting them in person in Jordan. Jordanian ladies tend to be dismissive if you walk up to them because of their religion. However, the mail order bridesโ€™ services find interested women in Jordan and bring them to your online doorstep. 

It is now easier to get yourself a beautiful, loyal, hot wife by simply going through the catalog and starting a conversation with the woman that catches your eyes. To get a Jordanian woman who will give you everything you need without spending your resources on travel and the rest, use a Mail order bride service. These platforms will offer you what you want and more.

How to Date a Jordanian Girl: 4 tipsย 

Jordanian girls

Dating a Jordanian girl comes with its own rules, and you must adhere to them to stand any chance of marrying a Jordanian woman. Donโ€™t worry, these rules are not very strict, just a little conservative.

Start with the marriage conversation

Relationships usually work with the friend-lovers-married movement. However, this is not the case when dating Jordanian women. Jordanian girls do not have any business with a relationship that would not lead to marriage. If you intend to keep these women, you must inform them of your plans to marry them from the beginning. Jordanian girls do not date; they practice courtship, then get married.

Show a high level of morality

The percentage of devout Muslims in Jordan is over 90, and the chances that you will meet a non-conservative Islam Jordanian woman is meager. When dating Jordanian women, you must show good morals in your words and actions. If they find bad behavior from your end, they will pull away because they do not want to offend Allah.

Ask her to introduce you to her family and friends

Dating Jordanian women entail you show interest in their relationships. The women in Jordan hold their families and female friends in high esteem and would wait for you to ask about them. They can only tell if you are serious about them if you go the extra mile by meeting her parents, taking her and her friends out, and being a part of their lives.

Be sure sheโ€™s comfortable before holding her close 

Consent is a big deal for conservative people like the women of Jordan. Dating a Jordanian woman does not mean you can hug her or put your hands around her waist without her consent. You must ask her first and have her say it is okay. Do not worry; she will eventually get comfortable with you touching her whenever you like, but in the beginning, you must ask her. 


Are Jordanian women rude? 

They may come off as rude and dismissive when you first meet Jordanian women, but this is because they do not know you and are being watched by their men. Do not let the initial dismissiveness deter you. Once they get past the introduction phase after you meet a Jordanian woman, you can expect warm smiles and more natural conversations.

Do Jordanian women want your money? 

Jordanian ladies are very content with whatever they get from you, no matter how little. They would not mind luxury but do not set out to seek money. If the first thing you offer to a Jordanian woman you just met is money, she may walk or run away from you. Dating a Jordanian woman does not require all your resources unless for the marriage rites.

Is it easy to bring a Jordanian girl to America via marriage?

Once you legally marry them, nothing stops you from bringing her to America on a spousal visa. Note that this visa might take a while to process. As soon as you have finished processing her visa, she is free to travel from Jordan to come and be your wife in America. You can alternatively marry a Jordanian girl in her native country, as it is also legal.

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