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Latvia is a relatively small Baltic country. Yet, despite its size, it is full of riches: lovely woods and landscapes, many medieval cities with unique architecture, exciting cuisine, and, of course, gorgeous and naturally beautiful women. Like other women from the post-Soviet territories, Latvian girls are trendy among international husbands. You will learn how they look and act from the following text and some essential tips and locations for starting dating a Latvian woman.

What Are Latvian Women Like?

A typical Latvian girl combines excellent character features with a fascinating appearance. Though the country is not significant, it has always been populated with representatives of various nations. Such breeding gave birth to unique beauty, health, and character mixture.

They Have Acquired Nordic Beauty

The appearance of a typical Latvian girl does not differ much from other women of the Balkan region. However, the diversification of the appearance types is significant due to the geographic position between Germany, Russia, and Poland. Latvian women can be both short and tall, but they are considered among the tallest European women on average. Some Latvian girls might have prominent feminine parts. Others might have tender figures.

Like other Eastern European and Baltic girls, Latvian women have good facial features. They can be proud of magnetic eyes, straight noses with minor bumps, big and passionate lips, round cheeks, and elegant ears. In most cases, women of Latvia are blondes or have very light shades of brown hair.

They Are Optimistic and Clever

There is no particular character stereotype about Latvian women as well. Though the stateโ€™s population is not significant, the tempers and characters of Latvian girls are different. In most cases, they are kind and calm. Some of them are very energetic and optimistic.

Most Latvian girls are friendly and communicative when it comes to chatting on the Internet. Their curiosity does not let them leave the conversation without knowing everything about their addressee. The well-known Soviet education has not disappeared without any consequences: English is still a primary foreign language to be taught in schools and universities, so you are not likely to face problems with communication.

They Are Elegant

Latvian women have inherited tastes in outfits from both Slavic and European cultures. It is usual for them to dress perfectly, even for minor occasions. Latvian women can pick an outfit for the situation. At work, they prefer business suits. When they meet friends, they can dress casually. However, they will look gorgeous on a date: they will apply makeup, jewelry, and the most fashionable dresses and suits. Do not expect to see all their beauty outdoors, as the climate in Latvia is not very pleasant. They will reveal all their beauty features indoors instead.

Do Latvian Women Make Good Wives?

Traditionally, Latvian wives are known as perfect household keepers and women from the other Baltic States. They got used to the role of a hearth keeper. In the past, Latvian wives took all the jobs inside the family: caring about children, cooking, handicraft, etc. Now, the situation has slightly changed. Being a part of the EU brought emancipation and globalization to Latvia.

Modern Latvian women are not afraid of career building and living alone. The average age of getting married has increased dramatically (from 23 to 28 years). However, despite the life goals of a Latvian lady, she will show the following features as a wife:

  • She is likely to have a child. Latvian families are not that big, and a single child is the most common situation. Two children are less popular but still a regular size of a family. A Latvian mother will do everything to breed her children. She is likely to take the initial education, cooking, going to kindergartens and schools together, and playing with children by herself.
  • A typical Latvian wife is honest with her husband. Though the country is a unique combination of pagan and Catholic traditions, women cannot divorce or break families. Sailing has always been the primary profession for men in the past. Latvian women got used to long separation.
  • Women in Latvia are not likely to date just for fun as well. Dating a Latvian woman will be successful only if she knows her partner is serious about her. It is one of the main reasons (the other one is a demographic gap in the state) for them to be lonely for a long time. It means that Latvian women treat marriage seriously and are ready for the roles of wife and mother since childhood.

To conclude, dating a Latvian woman can get you a devoted and loving wife. She is ready to sacrifice her independence and life plans for your happiness. However, she will expect much in return.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Latvian ladies cannot be called very demanding. However, they will not stand mistreatment and carelessness. Here are the most common features Latvian women want to see in their men:

  • They expect their boyfriends and husbands to be honest with them. They will not stand any cheating. Furthermore, they love when men treat them seriously.
  • Latvian women got used to hardworking and clever husbands. Indeed, they can take a leading role in the family, but they will not be responsible for a lazy husband. They are not gold diggers, but they like seeing their spouses working hard to provide for a family.
  • A man of a Latvian lady can listen to them and support the conversation. The Balkan temper does not promote scandals, cries, and vivid dialogues. However, a man must be an interesting counterpart in a conversation.
  • Latvian women expect their men to be gentle. Here, the situation will depend on the level of womanโ€™s emancipation, but in general, they like to be treated well.

On the other hand, Latvian girls arenโ€™t concerned with the appearance of their boyfriends. They will not blame a man for his race, nationality, and social status.

Where to meet Latvian Women in Latvia?

If you visit Latvia in fall or winter, you will not meet Latvian girls outside. The best seasons to visit this country are late spring and summer. However, many locations in the country are crowded with single Latvian women for the whole year.

In the Bars

The bar culture of the country is not as developed as in other European states. However, bars here gain popularity each year. You will find a lot of love bars and pubs in Riga, the capital city of Latvia, and other big towns. Latvian women use bars directly โ€“ to meet single men or friends. So, the probability of finding a new girlfriend here is the highest. Here are the most popular bars:

  • Riga โ€“ Black Magic, Skyline Bar, Secret Event, Cartel Pub, Duvel Pug Riga.
  • Daugavpils โ€“ Albrecht Art&Wine, Lobby Bar, Artilฤ“rijas Pagrabi.
  • Jลซrmala โ€“ Draft Bar, Simply beach Bar, Bar Matros.

In the Nightclubs

The situation with the nightclubs does not differ from Latvian bars. All of them have appeared in the country recently. However, they have gone prevalent. Pay attention to the resort cities, like Jลซrmala. There, you will find some lovely beach clubs. Note that the beach season in Latvia is not that long. It lasts from the beginning of Summer and finishes in September. If you get to the country the other season, it is better to try luck in Riga or Daugavpils.

  • Jลซrmala โ€“ Tฤ“tuka pirts, Strogonoff Lounge, X.O Beach Lounge & Club
  • Daugavpils โ€“ Fort Club, Artilฤ“rijas Pagrabim Prom Zone Disco Club
  • Riga โ€“ Royal Club, Coyote Fly, Teritorija.

Also, you can try to meet Latvian women in cafรฉs and restaurants. It is better to seek in the city centers, which are usually overcrowded. However, the atmosphere is not as informal as in bars and nightclubs. Therefore, it is better to target the capital city of Riga, which always attracts tourists and people from other Latvian cities.

Where to Meet Latvian Women Online?

Online dating is a way out for most international men who cannot visit Latvia. Hopefully, Latvian women are familiar with Internet conversations, and dating a Latvian girl online is not a problem. Choosing a specialized online dating service is always better than social media. If you pick the first variant, you will find the girls of Latvia precisely. Also, such services create a proper atmosphere. At least, girls are tuned for online and offline dating. Plus, it is a chance to let everybody know about yourself in a brief and convenient form.

A language barrier will not be a problem with modern Internet translation technologies. You can send messages or chat with a girl on the dating website. It is a chance to get acquainted with your future girlfriend before an actual date, making it more comfortable and successful. Like the other girls from the former Soviet Union, Latvian women are frequent visitors of such services, so it will not be an issue to find a Latvian girlfriend online at all.

How to Date a Latvian Girl: Six Tips

Generally, dating Latvian women cannot be that complicated. They do not differ from other European girls. However, it would be best if you learned about some tips that will gain you more success:

  1. Be gentle with them. Latvian women got used to traditional procedures. They need several dates to define if they like a person. The dates should be different and include some romantic activities: visiting movies to watch a romantic comedy, dinner in a restaurant, and walking in an idyllic location. So be patient and get ready for several meetings when you are dating Latvian girls.
  2. Be helpful to Latvian women. Though Latvia is a European country, Latvian women are a bit conservative. They still expect their men to give them a hand or open a car door for them. The situation changes now. However, traditions do not disappear. So, it would help if you were gentle and caring.
  3. Show her your serious intentions. A woman from Latvia can be open-minded and careless, but she always dreams about a family. Show her that it would be pleasant to create it with you. Tell her if you would like to have children. She must be aware of your serious wills in a couple of meetings. Do not show that you date her just for fun.
  4. Be patient. Women in Latvia are not surrounded by attention from different men due to the catastrophic demographic gap between men and women in the country. However, it does not mean that they are easy to get. Do not act like you do a Latvian girl a favor by dating her.
  5. Take care of yourself. You will not have issues with dating Latvian women if you care about yourself and your outfit. A bit traditional and conservative, they care about the appearance of their boyfriends. Maybe, it is essential to visit a barbershop and consult a stylist.
  6. At the same time, be tolerant and liberal with them. Do not forget that Latvia, a former Soviet country, has been entirely European for more than 30 years already. Some stereotypes about women from Eastern Europe cannot be applied to the women of Latvia. For instance, they are very emancipated. A harmless gesture like opening a door for them can be offensive. It is your task to identify the level of emancipation of a Latvian girl during the first conversation.

Finally, do not forget about cultural diversity in the country. Even a modern European girl will listen to her parents, who lived in the Soviet Union. Therefore, it is essential to act according to the situation and stay patient and gentle. In general, stay humble and self-confident. Latvian girls are not that complicated to attract them to yourself.


Do I Have to Learn Latvian?

If you are not familiar with the Baltic languages, you will not learn Latvian in months. However, it is not a problem. In the majority of Latvian schools, children learn English or German. Therefore, the language barrier must not be an issue while dating a Latvian girl.

Will She Come To My Country?

Yes, Latvian girls are ready to relocate. They love their Motherland, but they are comfortable within strange cultures and environments. If your relationship is strong enough for marriage, she will come to your country. First, however, be ready to visit her homeland sometimes.

What Does She Think About Children?

In most, Latvian girls love children and dream about their own. However, everything will depend on their characters. Some Latvian women want to build their careers first or do not want to become mothers at all. Anyway, they will take the side of their husbands in this sphere.

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