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Indonesia has the best Asia has to offer in terms of dating possibilities. This country of many islands is home to some of the most exotic ladies you could ever see and has attracted foreign men for years. 

If you are looking for suitable romantic partnerships with Asians without worrying about getting conned, you should start talking to Indonesian women. But unless you live in Indonesia, meeting them could be problematic, which is why this article exists to guide your dating prospects.

What Are Indonesian Women Like?

Indonesian woman

While these Asian ladies have become more popular recently, many foreign men still donโ€™t know much about them. And to be sure Indonesian girls are the right fit for you, you should know their characteristics, traits, and appearance. 

Indonesian women have a thing for Western men

The most exciting thing about an Indonesian lady is that she is always excited to meet Western men. As an American or European, you will already have some advantages. Whether you tour their country or meet an Indonesian girl online, your culture and roots will make her more willing to talk to you. It will be up to you to use that leverage to your advantage.

They look good

A simple google search of what an Indonesian woman looks like will have you enthusiastic about meeting them. These ladies are sexy and have flowing brown or black hair and deep brown eyes. Their skins are usually smooth, and they age pretty well; if you doubt that, look at the 65-year-old Hollywood actress Christine Hakim, who starred in the 2010 movie: Eat Pray Love. Other sexy Indonesians you may know, like Cinta Laura Kiehl and Tania Gunadi, prove the beauty of Indonesians.

Indonesian women are welcoming

An Indonesian woman is accommodating, even towards strangers. Because of the communal Indonesian culture, these ladies learn friendliness from childhood. This indoctrination works in favor of any man interested in them because they wonโ€™t face uncomfortable first conversations or resistance.

These women love being the center of attraction

Many men dating Indonesian girls will tell you that they love attention. These girls enjoy that men find them attractive and will often connect with them on social media. Knowing this will help you acclimate with them, especially during the first few times you meet.

Do Indonesian Women Make Good Wives?

Assuming you arenโ€™t just looking to date an Indonesian woman and instead intend to accelerate to marriage, you should know what to expect. The following traits are typical for these ladies.

Indonesian wives are monogamous

Learning about the average Indonesian womanโ€™s submissiveness should be good news for any to-be husbands. Indonesian ladies learn the importance of loyalty from their fathers and other adults. When you add their interest in being part of closely-knit families, their monogamous nature makes sense. This behavior also benefits husbands who want a drama-free life.

They have no problems with being submissive

If you are the kind of man who loves being in charge of your home and marriage, you should intensify your efforts toward dating an Indonesian woman. These ladies have no issues letting men be the head of the family. They are submissive and will often play supporting roles in the affairs of their homes. This behavior ensures there are no power tussles in the marriage.

Indonesian women love raising children

One thing is sure; an Indonesian wife will want kids with you. They love children and are always willing to take care of them. This care translates to constantly feeding the kids, being invested in their affairs, and catering to their emotional needs. So, those interested in extending their lineage should marry an Indonesian woman.

Indonesian brides are tender

You can expect your Indon bride to be caring and kind-hearted. Indonesian wives know how to love their men and always approach situations warmly. They are attentive and often willing to be with you and care for your needs through heart-felt discussions, soft massages, hot baths, great sex, and delectable meals.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

The average Indonesian lady likes to be with a kind man, so if you are naturally caring and attentive, your chances of bagging women in Indonesia increase. These girls encounter too many rude and threatening men; therefore, they prioritize strength of character over material gains.

Of course, if you also have money, that places you well above most other men. But since Indonesia isnโ€™t the most economically prosperous country, the women of Indonesia wonโ€™t find it challenging to start life with a man who isnโ€™t the next Elon Musk in terms of wealth. Just have enough to take care of them, be interested in raising a family, and be a nice guy.

Where to meet Indonesian Women in Indonesia

Indonesian girls

Any Western men in Asia who can travel to Indonesia should rest assured of having a good time. Many destinations and islands are bustling with Indonesian ladies, and you can increase your odds of dating Indonesian women by heading there.

On train rides

Meeting girls on the train is a common dating tactic in Indonesia; there are even tips for doing it correctly. As the train network in the country continues to expand, it connects more people, and you can take advantage of it whenever you are in Indonesia. So, pay for a trip, hop on a train, sit beside a pretty girl, smile and start a conversation; it works like magic.

Look for trains traveling to and fro Jakarta from these stations:

  • Pasar Senen Train Station
  • Tanah Abang Train Station
  • Gambir Train Station

At floating markets

This country has many floating markets serving dual purposes: tourism destinations and trading sites. You can rent a boat for a few dollars, glide across the water, meet girls shopping, and interact with them.

Heading to these markets will open you up to the people living in the surrounding communities. Buy something to eat while on the trip; itโ€™ll improve your experience.

Here are some worthwhile floating markets in Indonesia:

  • Floating Market Ah Poong, Sentul City
  • Muara Kuin Floating Market, Kalimantan
  • Floating Market Lambang, Lembang

Nighttime dining spots

Consider going to restaurants at night if you want to meet Indonesian girls, especially on weekdays. Because many people are busy with work in the daytime, there is a higher chance that the girls will come out at night to cool off from the dayโ€™s stress. Politely ask to buy them a drink and then continue the conversation from that point.

You can meet an Indonesian woman having dinner or sipping a cocktail at any of these restaurants or bars at night:

  • Drink Drink Drink, Kuta
  • Nautilus Bar, Jakarta
  • Dovetail, Bali

Where to Meet Indonesian Women Online

Yes, meeting girls in Indonesia is fun, but it can be expensive and โ€” if you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time โ€” dangerous. However, meeting those babes online is safe. Mail-order brides services know this and have positioned themselves as the best routes for dating an Indonesian girl.

Mail-order brides platforms are the perfect bridges between you and your Indonesian dream girl. Those Indon girls register on the sites and get connected to Western and local men. The platforms have many strict verification processes to keep scammers out. They are also cheaper, faster, and more convenient than traveling to Asia.

How to Date an Indonesian Girl: 4 Tips

hot Indonesian girl

Meeting an Indonesian girl is only the first step: you still have to convince her that you are the right man for her. And even when you start dating, you must retain specific characteristics to ensure she stays by your side.

Use the correct body language

Stand straight and look straight into an Indonesian girlโ€™s eyes when you meet her. You may think your body language doesnโ€™t matter, but youโ€™d be wrong. Indonesian ladies love confident men, and the first way they gauge a manโ€™s confidence is based on how he carries himself. You will send the wrong signals if you avoid her eyes, slouch, shuffle your feet, or fidget.

Flirt with innuendoes

Knowing how to speak in codes will get you far with an Indonesian girl. These girls get excited by men who are skilled at using innuendoes properly. Itโ€™s almost like a game that lets them know that you are interested in them even if you donโ€™t say it.

For instance, you can say maintain eye contact for some seconds, then say Aku suka deh mata kamu while sheโ€™s talking. That sentence translates to I like your eyes, which will undoubtedly get her blushing. When you get home and talk about how your date went, you can also say Pertemuan kemarin begitu membekas di hatiku to let her know you had a wonderful time.

Make them laugh

Well-timed jokes are always great for breaking the ice with Indon women. So whenever you are out with these girls, make them laugh as much as possible. However, do it tactfully; you donโ€™t want to make yourself look like you are trying too hard to be funny or spend the entire date cracking jokes. Instead, crack a joke between serious conversations now and then; itโ€™ll make her like you.

Take them out on dates even when you start seeing each other romantically

Donโ€™t assume the job is done because youโ€™ve successfully gotten an Indonesian woman to date you. If you do that, you will make her feel neglected. Therefore, you should still woo your Indon babe even after you start exclusively dating. Take her out on dates, stroll down the streets hand-in-hand, and visit fun places to keep your romance alive.


Will it be a problem if I canโ€™t speak Indonesian?

It shouldnโ€™t be too difficult if you canโ€™t speak Indonesian. Many Indon girls can speak English; even if it isnโ€™t perfect, you can understand what they are saying. And if you meet your Indonesian girlfriend online, the chance that she would be fluent in English increases.

Is kissing an Indonesian girl allowed?

Of course, you can kiss an Indonesian girl in private; however, doing it in public isnโ€™t ideal. This restriction is because of the countryโ€™s predominantly Muslim populace. They donโ€™t support public displays of affection, especially between unmarried couples; therefore, you shouldnโ€™t do anything to attract negative attention to you and your girl.

How do I say I love you in Indonesian?

The Indonesian translation of I love you is Aku cinta kamu. You can say this to an Indonesian girl on a date, but only when you feel you have known each other well enough for the statement to sound realistic. Donโ€™t just say it carelessly, or it will lose its meaning.

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