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Sincere and emotionally open, affectionate, and dreamy, like the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Their gaze is directed beyond the horizon, and the soul is not shy about openly loving. Sensitive and attentive Portuguese women will become a beacon for you, which will lead you along the stormy ocean of your life.

What Are Portuguese Women Like?

Women in Portugal are special, unlike any of the nations in the world, not even their neighboring Spanish women. They have their history, culture, and unique flavor, which makes local beauties inimitable.

Charming coming from the inside

Women in Portugal look like typical southerners: dark thick hair, brown eyes, and dark skin, which makes them attractive and sexy. However, Portuguese women have an elusive trait that gives them their charm and sets them apart from other southern peoples. They radiate energy that makes them incredibly attractive according to the opposite sex. They seem to be overflowing with harmony and love, and it is pleasant and easy to be next to them.

They dress modestly

Portuguese women do not need to emphasize their sexuality with clothes โ€“ so you will not see miniskirts, plunging necklines, and flashy colors on them. Women in Portugal prefer to dress comfortably and elegantly, they like light shades in clothes.  You will not see bright makeup, artificial nails, and eyelashes on them. Portuguese women look impeccable, preferring modesty and naturalness, and their sexuality comes from within.

They are friendly but discreet and unobtrusive

Portuguese women are rather different from other southerners. They are alien to the fussiness and excessive activity in the conversation, which is inherent in Spanish and Latin women. Portuguese women, although incredibly welcoming and open, at the same time do not become imposing, chatter incessantly and actively gesticulate, especially if the interlocutor is not used to this. Portuguese women feel perfect where it is necessary to remain silent and show restraint.

They are dreamy and are not ashamed to be sad

Portuguese women are distinguished by their special daydreaming and thoughtfulness, which is sometimes called โ€œPortuguese sadnessโ€(Saudade). This is not sadness in the usual language of the word, but rather a state when a person seems to be lost in her thoughts.

Portuguese women believe that all human states are wonderful, and therefore do not consider it necessary to mask them. Moreover, the Portuguese are always at ease in their emotions and feelings and sincerely do not understand why people are so chasing a permanent good mood.

Do Portuguese Women Make Good Wives?

The main guarantee of a successful and happy life for the local beauties is a family. As a rule, Portuguese women get married early โ€“ around the age of 18, then immediately try to give birth to several children. Having given birth to a child, they continue to look outstanding, going to cafรฉs, visiting and museums, only now with the baby.

Caring and respect are the basis for a happy family life for Portuguese women. They consider it their duty to feed the household with delicious homemade food, so heated hamburgers are a rarity in her family.

Portuguese women can also be described as thrifty housewives, as well as wives who do not require luxury from their husbands and travel abroad. Their nature is inherent in the ability to enjoy everyday things, and often a weekend with the family is a sufficient condition for her for a good rest.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Portuguese women do not put forward high demands on their chosen one, but expect tolerance, respect, and involvement in household chores from him. Her husband is not obliged to do everything around the house, but it would be nice to wash the dishes sometimes or help a little with the cleaning.

The Portuguese also value โ€‹โ€‹freedom and are unlikely to be happy with attempts to control it. In a man, she also wants to see sensitivity, sincerity, self-confidence, and the ability to adequately solve problems. He must also be reliable, loyal, and demonstrate his adoration for her.

Where to Meet Portuguese Women in Country?

In Portugal, women cannot boast of a variety of leisure opportunities. Most often, they get together with friends and discuss local news. Where are the biggest chances to meet a beautiful Portuguese woman?

On the beach or embankments

Since most of the country lies on the ocean coast, it makes sense that the hot Portuguese girls are also located there. Portuguese women frequently prefer to vacation in their country, so the likelihood of meeting a resident, and not a tourist, is more than high here.

The most stunning seaside towns in Portugal: Cascais, Azenhas do Mar, Ferragudo, Ponta Delgada

In the cafรฉ

Young Portuguese women enjoy spending time in cafรฉs, sipping coffee, reading books, or thinking about everything. Many single girls in the cafรฉ will not mind if you interrupt their stream of thoughts with an interesting conversation.

The most popular cafes in Lisbon: Banana Cafรฉ, Esplanada Cafรฉ, Heim Cafรฉ, Chiado Caffe

The most popular cafes in Porto: Taylorโ€™s Port Shop, Majestic Cafรฉ, Cafรฉ Victรณria, Negra Cafรฉ Baixa, BUuh! e etc

At festivals

Like all Latinos, the Portuguese love to loudly celebrate various holidays, which they turn into festivals. These days, the Portuguese indulge in real revelry: they dress up in costumes, dance, hold various musical and theatrical shows and launch fireworks. At such events, fascinating acquaintances happen by themselves.

The most famous holidays in Portugal: Carnival, Semana Santa, Feast Day of Saint Anthony, Festa dos Tabuleiros, Sรฃo Martinho, International Chocolate Festival

At a fado concert

Fado is a distinct style of traditional Portuguese music, popular and beloved by almost all Portuguese. Go to one of these concerts and discover the wonderful world of folk songs, and at the same time impress the local girls. They will be flattered that a foreigner is interested in their culture.

Fado restaurants in Lisbon: Povo, Mesa de Frades, Clube de Fado

Fado restaurants in Porto: Taberna Real do Fado, Casa da Mariquinhas, Pรกteo da Mariquinhas, O Fado

Where to Meet Portuguese Women Online?

There is not always time to walk around searching for the woman of your dreams, and then for quite a long time to learn about her and seek her favor. An online service will help you save the lionโ€™s share of time. It will offer a wide selection of incredibly beautiful girls in Portugal, where there will be all the necessary information about them.

 In any case, the one that is required in the early stages of the relationship. On a website, you can easily choose a girl you like and start chatting with her. Thus, on the first date, you will understand how to behave with your chosen one to win her favor.

How to Date a Portuguese Girl: 5 Tips

Portuguese women like when their man is not like them in character or does not share their opinion. They welcome diversity, and you have many chances to win her over anyway if you are sincere. However, there are a few little secrets on how to charm the inhabitants of this country, for sure.

Be gentle, but not sugary

Portuguese women do not tolerate rudeness and brutality, but overly romantic men are also treated with distrust. Select something in between, and do not portray yourself as a brutal macho or Romeo in love. The best thing is just to be ordinary.

Arrange the vacation of her dreams

Portuguese women, due to their mentality, are not used to leaving the country. Therefore, they have a poor idea of โ€‹โ€‹how people live in other countries because they do not watch the world news either. Take her to the fjords in Norway, to the Alps on skis, or at least just to Paris. She will be excited to see something that is not like her own country.

If you want to pay for it โ€“ ask

In Portugal, it is customary for men and women to pay in half for themselves in restaurants. If you want to cover the costs yourself, you should ask first. Likely, she will not mind. However, if you do not ask, she may suspect you of wanting dominance.

Be nice to other people

A Portuguese woman appreciates if her man is friendly with not only her and her relatives but even with strangers. They believe that if a man shows concern for strangers, he will be also kind to her.

Do not give her a reason to be jealous

Portuguese women are quite jealous, although they do not show it. However, your attention to other women will not go unnoticed by her. Therefore, try not giving her a reason to think that you are capable of having an affair with another woman.


How do Portuguese women feel about casual sex?

If a Portuguese woman felt sympathy for a man, she willingly agrees to have sex with him on the first date. Intimacy among Portuguese women is possible only regarding mutual sympathy. She is not one of those who will heal love wounds with sex. It may also be that she is not ready for sex right now, but in a few days, the situation will be entirely different.

At what stage of the relationship should you get to know her parents?

Portugal is still a European country, so the desire to get to know her relatives should come exclusively from you. You do not need to do this if you do not have a desire. Nevertheless, you do not have to avoid her relatives either. If you want to marry a Portuguese woman, then it is already appropriate to introduce yourself to her family.

How difficult is it for Portuguese women to move to another country?

Portuguese women can hardly be called travelers, but some of them sometimes move to another country. The reasons may be different, including marriage. As a rule, they easily adapt to an unfamiliar society due to their friendliness and prudence. However, it is possible that at the first stage of her new life she will need your support and help โ€“ especially if she wants to find a job.

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