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Looking for an amazing Colombian woman? Take some time to learn how to find the best Latina partner and spouse from this guide.

Colombia houses the second largest population speaking Spanish, alongside with the prettiest and the hottest Colombian women. The girls demonstrate the diversity of races, skin colors, and nations in Colombia. 

This is determined by the history and geographical location of a country being a bridge between Latin America and South America. Thus, its people and Colombian women, in particular, are a wonderful mix of attractive traits, characters, and intellects, altogether presented in an unbelievable variety of local female beauties. 

An astonishing and nurturing Colombian wife is a real wonder. Here are some tips on how to succeed in wooing her. 

What are Colombian Women Like?

Once you meet this Latin girl, you wonโ€™t be mistaken and will recognize a passionate and hot Colombian woman.  A world-famous singer Shakira, and a popular actress Sofia Vergara, are the best examples of the astonishing attractiveness and beauty of these marvelous girls. 

They have a truly sweet appearance  

Tinned skin, long legs with thick hips, narrow waist, wide and high breasts, these features wonโ€™t leave any man indifferent. You will be especially surprised if you are a single seeking serious relations with hot Latinos. 

Colombian women not only have a sweet appearance, but they are also skilled in decorating themselves. They do not mind sexy outfits highlighting their voluptuous bodies. Skimpy dresses, short skirts, and tops combined with bright colors and matching accessories make single males drool at the sight of a Colombian girl.

They are passionate and dedicated 

Everything that a Colombian woman does, is performed perfectly. These enchanting ladies are quick-minded, witty, and committed. 

Either being a housewife or a professional with high qualification, mastering a job as a hairdresser, a masseuse or a nurse, they are always devoted to what they do. It is a pleasure to get their services and watch their routine activity. 

Hot temperament makes Colombian girls sincere

Direct and frank character of adorable Colombian women is known all over the world. They always tell the truth and are never hypocritical. 

This feature may seem to be a double-edged sword making communication with Colombian girls sometimes difficult and their attitude too meticulous. However, it is a real enjoyment and fun to be in relationship with an honest beauty who always tells what she thinks.   

What Makes Colombian Wives so Special?

Excellent housewives and moms

Having decided to marry a Colombian woman, you will get a loving spouse and an attentive mom. The happiness and security of their family members is the first priority in their lives. 

Colombian girls are romantic and affectionate lovers, paying much attention to all sides of their family life including intimate relations. They are sincere and never hide their feelings. 

Households and routine chores are maintained without efforts, providing ideal order and comfortable environment for a husband and kids. Every Colombian wife may be proud of her skill in cooking, especially her national dishes.  

Strong bonds with families 

Family is the biggest treasure for a Colombian woman. They have close and sturdy bonds with all of their relatives, including parents, spouses, kids, cousins, grandparents. 

Big family gatherings occur frequently, with hilarious entertainments and tasty treats. Their attitude toward their in-laws is the same: warm reception, attention and tasty treats are a rule for them.  

Loving a romantic

You will get a unique experience of romance, love and openness with your Colombian woman. Public demonstration of affection (PDA) is typical of these ladies. They are sincere, and once they fall in love with a person, they will openly display their feelings.   

Witty and smart 

Colombian girls have outstanding intellectual abilities. Very often, they get a good education and become excellent professionals, especially those who study abroad. 

Girls living in Colombia are smart as well. Due to their industrious and hardworking character, they achieve success in everything they deal with. 

They continue working after their marriage, as a rule. No side of their life suffers, as they manage to cope with house chores, kids and their jobs successfully. 

Is it Easy to get a Colombian Bride for a Foreign Single?  

A Colombian woman is a queen. However, do not forget that she needs a king beside her. You should be insistent, strong, and demonstrate your masculinity and strength to win her heart.

Do not tend to be aggressive. This trait is characteristic of Colombian men. They are too rude, which makes local girls look for relations with polite and courteous foreigners.

Share her interests. They may be diverse, but more often Colombian girls love noisy parties, dancing, and singing. Their lovely music and vigorous movements are full of passion and love. This way, you will love local women, even if you donโ€™t have a Colombian sweetheart yet.

Where to meet Colombian Women in Colombia?

The Republic of Colombia, a county of South America, is actually a transcontinental state. It is located in the north of its continent with a part of its lands in the peninsular North America. 

Bordering on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, it has numerous comfortable and quiet places for beach rest and hilarious sea resorts. All of them are perfect places for Colombian bridesโ€™ hunting. 

However, our advice is to start from big municipal centers, as the most educated and progressive Colombian girls live there. Cali, Medellin and Bogota are three largest cities in Colombia, housing millions of people and numerous touristsโ€™ attractions. Chances to meet an excellent Colombian bride are multiplied there. 


Bogota is the capital city of the Republic of Colombia with numerous historical attractions of colonial times and local women with modern views. You wonโ€™t be puzzled with the question of where to meet and date a Colombian woman.

The city is the governmental, economic, and political center of the state. Many highly educated locals including Colombian girls work here in the public or private sectors. Frequently, they speak foreign languages. 

Just plan your route to local cultural and entertaining places to make your Colombian lady interested and never bored. The Botero Museum and the Gold Museum, the Quinta de Bolรญvar, the national observatory, the planetarium, Maloka, the Colpatria observation point are the places, which are recommended in all travel guides. 

The G Zone, the T Zone, and La Macarena are well known for their gastronomic offerings, like El Coq bar or Quiebra Canto restaurant and a concert place. Vibrant parties and hot salsa supplement tasty local food and will make the evening with your Colombian bride from Bogota unforgettable.


Mingling and creating strong relations with Colombian girls in Medellin is possible in this comfortable city. The municipality is the second largest city in the country, which boasts not only developed infrastructure and tourist wonders.

If you cannot stand high temperatures and weather fluctuations of other parts of the state, come to this comfy city with a mild climate of an average 23ยฐC (73ยฐF). Numerous developed library parks, divine architecture, sports centers and malls with various cafes and restaurants will meet you here.  

Nighttime life is represented by different clubs and bars. Vintrash, Luxury Club, Gusto Nightclub offer a hilarious and romantic atmosphere with vigorous Latino dancing.


Cali, or Santiago de Cali, is one of the administrative centers of Colombian divisions and the third largest city in this country. Its historical and cultural events attract travelers all over the world (The Cali Fair, Summer Salsa Festival, Old Caliโ€™s Carnival). 

Opt for Jala Jala Club, Chango Club Discoteca to watch and dance vigorous rumba or salsa as well as international hits with your lovely Colombian woman.    

How to Date a Colombian Girl online, Tips

How to meet a Colombian bride online?

Colombian mail order brides may be found on the Internet, in the numerous dating sites, chats, messengers, social media platforms. Lovely Colombian ladies are eager to use every opportunity to find a groom abroad. 

Compared to other nations, Colombian women are less frequent in the Internet matchmaking websites. However, highly educated, smart and progressive women try to find their destiny in other countries. 

Dating websites are the best and the most convenient way to do this. Just input your query in Google or other search engines, and numerous dating platforms will be at your service. 

Best Colombian mail order bridesโ€™ websites: what to keep in mind  

  1. Convenient applications and attractive design. It will be perfect if you opt for the service you like in design and functions. Its utility and nice interface will put you in a happy and positive mood even prior to meeting your destiny there.       
  2. A reliable payment system, ensured security and verified profiles of Colombian beauties. To use a service for Colombian mail order brides successfully, you have to entrust this web resource with your private data, payment or banking details, and be confident in the authenticity of Colombian womenโ€™s listings. 
  3. Options for communication. You will need to interact with your Colombian girl or girls frequently to learn more about her, about her interests and life values. Thus, options of text chats or video messages, voice or video calls may be necessary. 
  4. Availability of filters will be a plus. Thus you will be able to set up your preferences without distracting your attention for other women.
  5. Customer support. Technical problems may arise, and a dating platform, which offers 24\7 aid, always wins among its competitors.
  6. Additional services, such as translation, interpreting, travel or visa advice are always of great help for a foreigner willing to get a Colombian bride.

The cost of getting a Colombian wife

Depending on your demands and time spent for matchmaking web surfing, the amount of money may vary. Our warning is to omit those resources, which are free of charge. They are very likely scamming and hunting your banking data to steal your money.

Once you decide to go in for dating a Colombian woman online, pay attention to local mail order bridesโ€™ services. An average sum you need to pay is $50-$100, while a free trial period is available upon registration.    

However, to be sure of your feelings, meeting in person with your Colombian bride is mandatory. Plan your trip to Colombia, to meet your gorgeous Latina in her country. She will be more relaxed, less anxious and will show you all her best features. 

Thus, additional expenses due to possible travel rise up to $2,000-$5,000. Actual costs of getting your Colombian wife including nuptials and relocation may amount up to $5,000 โ€“ $20,000. 

Factors to consider when choosing a Colombian matchmaking platform

  1. Choose a reputable dating site. Read recommendations, success stories, reviews. Consider, if affairs are real and the heroes are not fake. Colombian women are very sincere and open. They will eagerly share their experience with you, if you ask to send you their advice in direct messages. 
  2. High quality and big database. The most precious feature of Colombian mail order bridesโ€™ services is the number of real brides. Their profiles must be verified and checked. You will deal with Colombian girls, who are ready for serious relations and marriage abroad, this will save you time and make you less worried. 
  3. Availability of mobile and tab versions of the dating website. Being in romantic relations, you will be eager to communicate with your beloved everywhere, at home, on the go, commuting to work. Thus, mobile applications will provide you with an easy and constant connection with your Colombian bride.  

Tips on How to Date a Colombian Girl

Generally, Colombian girls are inclined to meet and date single foreigners. Keep in mind a few tips for things to run smoothly.

  • Learn some Spanish words. Usually, local women speak English, especially those smart and educated Colombian ladies, working in commercial offices or government bodies in big cities. However, speaking her language will demonstrate your seriousness and affection to your Colombian woman. 
  • Learn how to dance salsa. Salsa, rumba, or other fiery Latina dancing is a part of Colombian culture. You will get a remarkable and unforgettable experience being a partner to your beloved. 
  • Make your first date in person romantic, light and amusing. Meeting in the coffee bar, strolling in the park and presenting some small gifts will be enough for the first rendezvous. Just do not forget to pay for your Colombian beauty and say her compliments.      

Frequently Asked Questions 

Some stereotypes on Colombian women 

  • They keep to their customs. Yes, Colombian girls have traditional views of gender roles looking for a husband who will earn money and will feed their families. A man should be strong, have masculine traits. 

At the same time, women that are more progressive, try to overcome these prejudices, making their own careers and looking for equal relations in families. 

  • It is easy to get laid with many of them. Nope. Prostitution is widely spread in Colombia. However, Colombian girls seeking honest and serious relations are quite different and are easy to distinguish from whores.

Serious Colombian girls wonโ€™t go to bed after the first date. They are open and easy to get along with. However, you should have patience before having an affair with them.

  • Most of them are engaged in the model business. It is not so. Colombian women are extremely attractive and almost all of them have perfect bodies with effective curves. However, these are not 100% model-like looks. Only a few of them achieve success on the catwalks of famous couturiers.   

Are Colombian women that hot?

Consider this. An outstanding look of these adorable women with bright features is supplemented with voluptuous bodies, immaculate skills for wearing attractive skimpy dresses or crop tops, and seductive giants. 

Hot temperament comes together with the ability to entertain themselves during vibrant parties with hot Latino dancing.

At the same time, Colombian girls stay fit, vigorous and thirsty for love even after marriages, managing to achieve much in their family lives, careers or things, which they devote themselves.   

Do Colombian women cook well? 

Latino cuisine has a unique taste due to many species and locally planted ingredients. Pan de Queso, cheese bread, is cooked for a snack, as well as Bocadillos or bocatas, is a sandwich of baguette with meat, fish, omelets, sausages. Many tasty dishes mastered by any Colombian have all kinds of tacos (ducales or galletas), including Arepas, cornmeal cakes. 

Your Colombian wife is a skilled cook and will be able to prepare an excellent national dinner even in a foreign country. 

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