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Ukrainian women are pure treasures! They are bright, successful, self-sufficient, and incredibly beautiful. That is why so many men from Europe and even beyond its borders dream to marry a Ukrainian girl. Why are they so attractive? What are their traits in addition to their bright appearance?

What are Ukrainian Women Like?

Ukrainian women belong to Eastern Slavs, and they are rightfully considered one of the most enviable brides โ€“ because of their exceptional appearance, femininity, and soft pliant character.

Their beauty is dazzling

In Ukraine, almost every woman is a goddess of beauty, or at least pretty enough. For them, the southern type of appearance is more inherent โ€“ they have bright, expressive facial features.

Ukrainian women have dark eyebrows and often dark hair, and their eyes may be brown, light blue, or green. Ukrainians are distinguished by increased attention to their appearance โ€“ as a rule, they look perfect: stylish and well-groomed.

They are passionate and emotional

Ukrainian women are characterized by a special temperament โ€“ just like their appearance, it resembles the southern one a little. This endows them with a cheerful, light disposition, carelessness, ardor, and emotionality.

They are well-mannered and prudent

They know how to sincerely and vividly express emotions and feelings, without violating the boundaries of the interlocutor. They know how to behave in society, what and to whom it is appropriate to say. Therefore they make a good impression in any company. We can say that Ukrainian women behave like real diplomats.

They are strong and independent

Ukrainian women can do everything themselves and know how to do it. This even applies to menโ€™s work. They also never hesitate to stand up for themselves and defend their rights. Nevertheless, they dream that there will be a man in their life, next to whom they can be weak and feminine.

They are devoted

Ukrainian women show passion not only in personal relationships but also in the activities they are engaged in. Whatever they do, whether they write a report or sweep the floor, they do it with all their dedication. Most of all they like creativity, especially singing โ€“ great voices of Ukrainian women and their love for performing songs are probably well-known all over the world.

Do Ukrainian Women Make Good Wives?

Many Ukrainian women dream of marriage and children. Ukrainian women are faithful wives and caring mothers; they consider it their duty to maintain comfort and order in the house, to create a great vibe for their family members. It should be said that Ukrainian women cook excellently and prefer homemade food. It is also important for them that their beloved looks good, so you will always have clean and ironed shirts.

Ukrainian women dream of a big family, but not always can afford it. Their children are surrounded with love and care; Ukrainian women are totally engaged in developing their babies and invest a lot of time and resources in them. Ukrainian women would rather go on maternity leave than give the child to the care of a nanny.

Ukrainian women are very hot and passionate about sex, especially in married life. Cheating is unacceptable for them.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Every Ukrainian woman dreams of meeting a man who will become a faithful companion and support in life. Girls give preference to older men, considering the normal age difference of 8โ€“10 years and more; they expect maturity, responsibility, wisdom, and, of course, loyalty from a partner. The financial side fades into the background. But of course it also matters.

Ukrainian women dream of marrying a foreigner, because, firstly, there are much fewer local men than women in this country, and secondly, few local men are able to make a woman happy and ensure the well-being of her children.

Where to Meet Ukrainian Women?

Young Ukrainian women certainly do not belong to those who prefer to stay at home. The spectrum of their interests is diverse, and therefore wherever you go, you can count on interesting acquaintances. Letโ€™s try to name the places where the probability to meet local girls increases significantly.

In the theatre

Ukrainian women adore art and often go to the theater. For this, they dress up and do hairstyles to show themselves in all their beauty. Ukrainian women, even if they are not avid theatergoers, love to watch performances, because they believe that the theater develops artistic taste. Therefore, you will surely have something to talk about if you, too, are at least a little fond of art.

The most famous theaters in Kyiv: Taras Shevchenko National Opera and Ballet Theatre of Ukraine, Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre, Actor Kyiv Theatre

The most famous theatres in Lviv: National Academic Drama Theater, Lviv Academic Les Kurbas Theatre, Lviv State Academic Theatre of Opera, and Ballet

The most famous theatres in Odessa: Academic Music and Drama Theater named after V. Vasilko, Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet, Odessa Academic Theater of Musical Comedy by M. Vodyanoy

At the stadium

Ukrainian girls are patriots and avid cheerleaders when it comes to the game of their national team or football club. Therefore, many of them can be found at the stadium during a football match, shouting slogans and words of support for Ukrainian players. Often an incredible drive reigns at such events, and when the Ukrainian team wins, they love the whole world and gladly open up to new acquaintances.

In the center of any city

Ukrainian girls love to walk and spend time in the city center, so you can see a lot of them there. They meet with friends and just spend time together โ€“ in cafes, on benches, or walking along streets or parks. It is there that many fateful acquaintances take place.

The most popular places in Kyiv: Khreshchatyk, Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti), Podol, The Golden Gate, Trukhaniv Island

The most popular places in Lviv: Rynok Square, the Armenian quarter, Vysokyi Zamok (High Castle)

The most popular places in Odessa: Derybasivska Street, the Potemkin Stairs, Primorsky Boulevard

Where to Meet Ukrainian Women Online?

Such a variety of beautiful girls can be a little confusing and even embarrassing. It can be not very easy to choose those, who have been created exclusively for you. An online service will help you organize this information and save time when looking for a bride.

You donโ€™t need to have long conversations in order to find out the information that interests you. All this will be collected in one place โ€“ an online dating service. You just have to choose the girl who will really interest you and who probably will be close to you in spirit, and start a relationship with her.

How to Date a Ukrainian Girl: 5 Tips

Ukrainian women can open up and become a wife you never dreamed of. However, they do not let everyone into their hearts. How to become one and only for her?

Go out with her more often

Ukrainian women are not homebodies. They love going to the movies, restaurants, parties, or just walking around the city. It is the opportunity for them not only to be filled with impressions but also to show themselves to society. Do not deny them this pleasure and get out among the people more often.

No sex on the first date

If you have serious intentions โ€“ do not rush her with intimacy. Ukrainian women regard sex on the first date unexeptable. In addition, they have fears that in this case, she will be perceived as a girl of easy virtue. Ukrainian women prefer to have sex with those with whom they feel spiritual closeness.

Be generous

A Ukrainian woman doesnโ€™t mind if you pay for her at a restaurant. She will also be happy to accept gifts from you โ€“ but they shouldnโ€™t cost exorbitant money. It can make her feel uncomfortable.

Do not limit her freedom

Ukrainian women cannot stand any ordering tone or advice on how to act. They may even go in the opposite direction. Do not limit her personal space and time. Her schedule should include time for meetings with friends, going to a beauty salon, or just being alone with herself. If you respect her right to do this, she will appreciate it and will adore you.

Trust her

Trust but do not verify. Do not forget that Ukrainians are loyal and very devoted. They cheat only if they are seriously ready to leave you for another man. In addition, they will tell you about their intentions beforehand. Give her the right to have secrets


Is it true that Ukrainian women are mercantile?

Ukrainian women are constantly experiencing problems with money โ€“ if you take the average Ukrainian lady, she earns very little money per month. Therefore, in Ukrainian society, it is believed that if a woman finds a rich husband, then she is incredibly lucky.

Nevertheless, the mercantile aspect of relationships is not common. The question here is not so much in her financial situation as in the belief that a man should be ready to provide good living conditions for her and her children.

How important is career growth for Ukrainian women?

Many Ukrainian women prefer to build a career, occupy leadership positions โ€“ women in this country are used to relying on themselves. However, it is important for many of them to simply realize themselves in their favorite activity. Some of them may completely devote themselves to a family, but many still prefer to be in demand in their profession. Nevertheless, they manage to cope with everything โ€“ both with the family and work.

Is politics a taboo topic for Ukrainian women?

In Ukraine, there are difficult times today, which is why many foreigners are interested in how acute the topic of politics and the situation in the country is for a Ukrainian woman. The answer is simple: you can and should talk about this with Ukrainian women. They are all polls versed in politics. Therefore, if this is an interesting topic for you, do not hesitate. But it is not always appropriate on dates.

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