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Nothing beats the beauty and class of Dutch women. The Northwestern European country of the Netherlands is where many of the regionโ€™s most beautiful women call home. Itโ€™s challenging to meet a Dutch woman and not be taken aback by her three Cs โ€” charisma, curves, and confidence.

Aside from Dutch ladiesโ€™ beauty and body shape, they have the right attitude and character anyone would admire. Dating these women comes with numerous benefits no one would like to miss, and this article will prove it.

What Are Dutch Women Like?

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Dutch beauties are undoubtedly highly sought-after worldwide because they possess certain unique traits. Below are some features that set them apart from women from other countries.

Most Dutch women are prettier than their American counterparts

Dutch ladies are gorgeous due to their shapely bodies, facial features, and height; they have blue eyes and extremely fair skin. Most Dutch women are primarily blonde, although you can find some with ginger and black hair. If you are interested in tall, beautiful dames, Holland should be your port of call.

They stay in shape well into old age

It is common to find Dutch women cycling, going to the gym, jogging, or playing other sports to keep fit. They have that head-turning factor that makes it difficult to pass by a Dutch girl without looking at her twice. Even more mature Dutch women often exercise, which is the secret behind the stunning physique of the average Dutch lady.

They are goal-oriented 

Women of Dutch origin are known to be goal-getters. Wherever you meet these women, they tend to be exemplary, intelligent, and self-sufficient. Their achievements explain why you will find them in all sectors performing excellently.

They are honest and disciplined 

Dutch women learn honesty and discipline from their families. These women are raised to speak the truth always, irrespective of the situation. When they meet a man they donโ€™t like, they wonโ€™t waste his time and will let him know. 

In Netherlands homes, their kids learn to be respectful and kind to prisoners. Therefore, it rubs off on their girls. So, expect them to treat you with the utmost respect.

Do Dutch Women Make Good Wives? 

With the wife-like nature of Dutch females, every man would want to end up with them. Generally, Dutch wives possess the following attributes that make them ideal for marriage.

They are supportive partners

Dutch wives are the most supportive people any man can get. These women tend to put the needs of the family before hers. A Dutch wife would not mind quitting her job or sacrificing her entire salary for the familyโ€™s good.

They stay hot and classy even after marriage

Dutch women do not lose their classy and elegant style after marriage. Their looks are primary to them; they try to impress their partners by maintaining their body shape and beautiful appearances. Therefore, as a husband to a Dutch beauty, you can rest assured that she wonโ€™t stop impressing you.

They are disciplined 

It is not enough to have a hot and beautiful wife; discipline is essential to make your kids well-mannered and the marriage going. The home these women grew up in makes them disciplined and reserved; they tend to pass this trait to their children.

They are homely

Irrespective of how busy these Dutch wives are, they take time to keep their homes warm and comfortable. You will come home to a nice meal and a beautifully arranged house with a Dutch woman.  

Another thing that makes men clamor for Dutch women is their excellent culinary skills. Having them in your house guarantees you will always meet a clean house with a fantastic aroma from the kitchen.

What Kind of Men Do They Like? 

If you plan on dating a Dutch woman, you must know that these women are picky. Dutch women have a clear idea of the ideal man. Because of their honest tendency, Dutch girls prefer men who are easygoing, supportive, and open with their feelings. They are ready to end a relationship or friendship if there is dishonesty. 

Like women generally, Dutch ladies crave attention and enjoy spending time with their partners. These women love men who donโ€™t neglect them, often call, message, and take them out to have fun. Finally, Dutch women love hardworking and dedicated men and would settle with one irrespective of his financial status. 

Where to meet Dutch Women in the Netherlandsย 

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Any guy wishing to meet a Dutch woman can check out some top cities in the Netherlands. All you have to do is visit a few public places โ€” one thing is sure, the beauty you will see there will blow your mind! Below are some cities you should visit and meet Dutch women.


The famous city of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is a magnificent place anyone would love to visit. Aside from the cityโ€™s beauty, its gorgeous women will blow your mind away. 

You can meet Dutch women on Amsterdam roads strolling or cycling; theyโ€™ll listen to you if you approach them nicely. Alternatively, you can find them in the following places: 


Amsterdam has exciting nightlife; there are numerous nightclubs you can visit to attract and meet Dutch women. You can try AIR Amsterdam, ClubNI, or Escape.


You can visit some top Amsterdam restaurants at any time of the day to meet your dream girl. Some of these restaurants are De Silveren Spiegel, Restaurant Zazaโ€™s, and Restaurant Flore.


Rotterdam, Netherlandโ€™s second-largest city, is one of the worldโ€™s most exciting places to visit. You will find sexy girls in this cityโ€™s streets ready to have fun. If you prefer indoor locations, check out the following places.

Shopping malls

There are many shopping malls in Rotterdam where you can find exotic Dutch beauties. You can start at Koopgoot, Central Plaza, or Alexandrium Shopping Center. Grab a cart and start talking to a local girl as you shop together.

Art galleries

If you are in Rotterdam to meet beautiful women, the art galleries in the city should be your first port of call. You can try Gallery ArtAttack Rotterdam, WTC Art Gallery, and Contempo Galerie Rotterdam. These locations top the list of places Dutch women visit.


The city of Hague is famous for being the International Court of Justice (ICJ) headquarters. The beauty of the city makes it a perfect tourist location. If you plan on dating a Dutch girl, you can start your search in these places in The Hague.


There are several malls where you can meet beautiful Dutch ladies in The Hague. You can check out New Babylon, Passage 324, and Palace Promenade to meet the girl of your dreams.

Pub and Restaurants 

The Hague has numerous pubs and restaurants where you can find beautiful women in the Netherlands. These places are Oโ€™Caseyโ€™s Irish Pub & Restaurant, Huppel The Pub, The Fiddler, etc.

Where to Meet Dutch Women Online? 

Online dating has eliminated the need to fly to Europe to meet Dutch girls. Today, there are numerous mail order bride web platforms you can join to meet Dutch women irrespective of your country. Theyโ€™ve been around for long enough to guarantee their reliability in meeting these girls.

Searching for Netherlands girls through popular social media sites may be tiring and time-consuming due to the sheer size of their database โ€” you need a dedicated mail order service! They are cheaper, use top-level security and user data encryption, and have real Dutch women. All you need to do is search for your dream girl after you sign up, message her and get things going.

How to Date a Dutch Girl: 5 Tips

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Dating Dutch women is just like dating women from other countries.  However, they are particular about their happiness; therefore, the hints of dating them revolve around pleasure. Below are tips on how to keep your Dutch woman happy.

Hang out with her as much as you can

Netherlands ladies are outgoing, so donโ€™t expect your Netherlands girlfriend to be satisfied with staying at home every day. They enjoy going out with their partners to clubs, strolls, or cycling. Show your Dutch beauty that you are proud to have her as a partner.

Donโ€™t use her independence as an excuse not to buy her things

Dutch girls do not care how much you earn and love being independent. They appreciate occasional gifts and surprises from their partners. When you surprise them, it gives them the feeling you think of them. Donโ€™t hesitate to bring gifts to your partner.

Respect her independence 

The Dutch have the most famous groups of women worldwide for craving independence. There is a reason the act of splitting the check on a date is called โ€œGoing Dutch.โ€ These ladies donโ€™t like subservience and prefer an equal standing with men.

Before dating Dutch girls, you must know they take their jobs and social life seriously. Their adventurous, honest, and outspoken natures mean they donโ€™t like being restrained. Though they ensure that the home is comfortable and there is always food, they donโ€™t like being limited to the housewife role.  

Call her regularly 

Regular check-ups through calls and text messages are essential for a relationship to thrive. If dating a Dutch lady, ensure you call her regularly to keep the relationship going. After you meet the Dutch girl you want to date from a dating platform, text her regularly; this will make her get used to you.

Approach the topic of sex tactfully

Netherlands girls are known to love sex. They rank 17th on the list of women with the highest sex drive. However, donโ€™t take this as a yardstick in assuming that you can quickly get a Dutch woman in your bed.

The fear of abandonment has pushed these women to be careful when men meet them. If your Netherlands love interest discovers that your involvement in her is purely sexual, she will walk away from the relationship. 


Do Dutch Women Speak English?

The Netherlands has its official language as Dutch. However, some of its women are fluent in the English language. Netherlands women are intelligent, and many studied at top global universities in the United States, Britain, and other English-speaking countries. Therefore, they are decent English speakers.

Do Dutch women like foreign men?

Being a foreigner does not guarantee you can date any Dutch woman you meet. Though these women love foreign men from the United States, Britain, and other western countries, the men must have the qualities they require in their men. 

Is dating a Dutch girl tiring?

Unlike women in the United States and most other countries, dating Netherlands women is effortless. They wonโ€™t choke you with attention, and will let you have your personal space once it does not affect the relationship. There is no special requirement; they expect you to know when to do what is necessary as a man.

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