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Haiti is a beautiful and interesting country. But due to the high crime rate and unstable political situation it is not a popular tourist destination.

Though very few foreigners dare to go to this faraway place, all of them notice the local ladiesโ€™ beauty. Western guys are delighted with exotic Haitian women.

And from this guide, you will find out why men are so fond of Haitian ladies, whether it is worth dating a Haitian girl if you are a foreigner, and how to court ladies from this faraway country.

5 Features Making Haitian Women Popular with Men

These ladies are rather demanded on the marriage market. There are a lot of couples of Haitian women and foreign men, especially the guys from the USA and Western Europe.

Why do men from well-developed countries prefer these exotic ladies to their compatriots? Haitian women have a lot of features making them adorable. Here are just a few of the main benefits of these amazing ladies.

They Look Extremely Alluring

Their smooth black skin, hypnotizing dark eyes, full lips, and seductive curves drive foreign men crazy. These ladies donโ€™t even have to do anything to be attractive. Haitian girls who are endowed with natural beauty donโ€™t need the services of cosmetologists or an abundance of cosmetics. They enchant men with their natural sweet appearance.

They Havenโ€™t Forgotten What Femininity Is Yet

Emancipated ladies from Western European countries and the USA are so strong and independent that men may feel unnecessary or oppressed being together with them. But Haitian women are nothing like this.

Women of Haiti are feminine and gentle. They are so delicate and sweet that they need to have strong men by their side. And it is a pleasure for men to be together with these cute and tender girls who never try to dominate.

They Are Kind-Hearted and Optimistic

Haitian girls are very sympathetic. They are always ready to comfort and help others. Also, they donโ€™t fixate on the negative things. They try to find positive sides in their life despite all difficulties. So, a man who is lucky to have a girlfriend from Haiti can be sure that she will cheer him up every time he is in low spirits.

They Are Rich in Emotions and Donโ€™t Like Pretending

Haitian women are hot and vibrant. They express their feelings openly without any hesitation. These ladies never pretend but show their true emotions. And this makes them perfect girlfriends.

A man who has a Haitian lady as a life partner can feel free to express his real emotions too and doesnโ€™t have to guess what his girlfriend is feeling. A relationship with a woman from Haiti is clear and easy.

They Are Easy to Approach

Haitian women are amiable and are always glad to meet new people. Therefore, a man doesnโ€™t have to think of anything original to draw the attention of a Haitian lady. A plain compliment or a standard greeting is enough to start a dialogue with a nice girl from Haiti.

4 Reasons for Western Men to Marry Haitian Women

Dating Haitian women is a pleasure but is married life with a lady of this nationality as enjoyable as having a romance with her? Here are 3 features of Haitian wives that prove that the spouses from this country can make Western men happy.

Haitian Wives Adhere to Traditional Family Values

This is their main advantage compared to women from Western Europe and the USA. Haitian girls respect their husbands and consider them to be the heads of their families. A wife of this nationality never tries to take a leadership role in a relationship. Haitian women respect the opinions and decisions of their husbands and never contradict them.

Haitian Wives Are Diligent and Responsible

According to traditional family values, a man is responsible for earning money while a woman is in charge of housekeeping and child-rearing. That is why Haitian women take doing household chores for granted and do all of them with diligence and devotion.

Haitian Wives Cherish Their Husbands

Women of this nationality are rather compliant. They respect their husbands and consider them to be the leaders in the family. That is why they follow their wishes regarding the lifestyle and never try to impose their own rules.

Furthermore, if a lady from this country has strong feelings for a man she does whatever it takes to make him happy. A typical Haitian lady caters to her beloved in every possible way by fulfilling all his desires.

Haitian Wives Never Cheat on Their Husbands

These exotic women believe that loyalty is the main value of family life. They never let rash acts destroy the trust between spouses. Married Haitian women never even flirt with other men.

What Kind of Men Attract Haitian Women?

Girls of this nationality are not quite picky when it comes to choosing a life partner. They are not looking for an unattainable ideal but are in search of just a nice person and a loving man.

First of all, it is worth mentioning that Haitian girls are fond of foreigners. Thousands of beautiful ladies from this country dream of marrying a Western man. Women of Haiti consider Americans and Europeans to be perfect men.

And here are the features these exotic ladies appreciate in foreign men the most:

  • Politeness. Showing good manners and being courteous immediately melts the hearts of Haitian women.
  • Generosity. The plain things like dining out, having a vacation together, or little gifts can make Haitian girls happy.
  • Responsibility. As traditional family values matter to these amazing girls, they are looking for men who are ready to take responsibility for their wives and future children. That is why many Haitian girls prefer older men considering them more psychologically mature and family-oriented.

Where to Meet Haitian Women in Haiti?

This country is not the best destination for tourists because of the high crime rate and unstable political situation. But if you are going on a business trip to Haiti, donโ€™t miss the opportunity to meet the girl of your dreams there. In Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, you will find a lot of beautiful ladies who will be pleased to get acquainted with a foreigner. Here are the places where you can meet pretty Haitian women.

At the Beach

You can find a lot of amazing local girls there and take a good look at their beauty. A beach is a place with a relaxed and positive vibe, so it is perfect for meeting new people and making friends with them.

Near Tourist Attractions

Haitian women are so fond of foreigners that they can be often found near the places that are considered popular with tourists. They are the National Pantheon Museum and El-Saieh Gallery.

In the Parks

As people are not rich in this country, they usually prefer leisure time activities that donโ€™t require spending money. For example, they can go for a walk to the park, such as Hugo Chavez Square or Champ de Mars.

At Nightclubs

If you are fond of hanging out, find a place for a good party. Local girls will willingly join you in having a good time. Some nice nightclubs in the capital of the country are Rendez-Vous 33, Klere Klere Night Club, and Club Eleven.

Where to Meet Haitian Women Online?

Haiti is not the safest country for a tourist. So, it is much better to meet Haitian girls online. You can find plenty of women of this nationality on mail order brides services. These are online platforms for easy and safe international dating. A large number of beautiful girls join them hoping to find their foreign husbands.

These websites make long-distance relationships easier by providing some additional services to their members. For example, they offer professional translations, gift delivery, and help in arranging offline meetings.

How to Date a Haitian Girl: 4 Tips

1.    Be a Leader

Girls from this country adhere to traditional gender roles and believe that a lady should be modest. Therefore, a Haitian woman will never take initiative in starting a relationship or taking it to the next level.

A man must be a leader and take action when he believes that it is time to turn friendship into a relationship or to take a relationship on a more serious level.

So, feel free to speak directly about your intentions. But, at the same time, donโ€™t be too persistent and always give a lady some time for thinking.

2.    Be Polite and Courteous

Haitian girls are fond of gentlemen. So, stick to the following recommendations:

  • treat her respectfully;
  • take interest in her feelings and opinions;
  • always make sure she is comfortable;
  • do not say hurtful words to her;
  • never shout at her.

Haitian girls are rather tender and sensitive. If you break these rules, a lady may get offended and will stop trusting you.

3.    Feel Free to Express Your Emotions

Haitian women are very emotional and sincere. And they are fond of men like this. It is easy to understand each other if both of you express your real feelings openly. This will help you to establish emotional contact and to become closer to each other.

4.    Take Care of Your Girlfriend

Haitian girls are fragile and feminine. So, they are looking for men whom they can rely on. To save a good relationship with a lady of this nationality, you should support your girlfriend and make her happier:

  • Help her every time she asks you. This is very important for every Haitian lady because she considers her life partner to be the only person whom she can always count on.
  • Give presents to her. Even little things can make a woman from this country happy. You donโ€™t have to buy very costly things to impress your girlfriend. But be sure to pamper her with nice medium-priced gifts regularly.
  • Make her life brighter. Due to the poor financial status, the majority of women from this country are forced to lead a rather boring life. The majority of Haitian girls canโ€™t afford to chill out in restaurants or to travel. But you can change the life of your beloved lady for the better, and she will appreciate this very much. Offer her to spend a vacation together in the country she has never been to or give her some pocket money for her to have fun.


How to Make a Happy Couple with a Haitian Lady, Despite the Language Barrier?

Unfortunately, Western men experience the language barrier when they meet Haitian girls. The majority of ladies from this country speak Creole. Some ladies who come from rich families (about 5% of the population) also speak French. English is not spoken in this country at all.

But even despite the language barrier, it is possible to make a happy international couple because true love has no boundaries. Just use your body language and mimics to show your fondness for a woman, use translation services to discuss some important topics, and prove your love with actions.

Are Haitian Women Religious?

Religion matters much to local ladies. The majority of Haitians believe in the mixture of Catholicism and Voodoo (faith in spirits).

The majority of Haitian girls believe in omens and fortune-telling. If you donโ€™t believe in this sort of thing, it is better to keep your opinion to yourself. A lady from Haiti may take it as an insult if you speak badly about her beliefs.

How Are Duties Shared in Haitian Families?

Ladies of this nationality adhere to traditional family values. According to them, a man is a breadwinner and a woman is a housewife. So, a wife is responsible for household chores and child-rearing, and a man must earn money to provide for his family.

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