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Spain is a Mediterranean country that occupies a more significant part of the Iberian Peninsula. It can be characterized by unique culture acquired through the centuries, excellent nature, and original mentality. However, beautiful beaches, mountains, cuisine, arts, and phenomenal cities are not the only attraction for millions of tourists. 

For many men, Spanish women are a dream. Passionate, beautiful, and independent, they have become desirable for many lonely hearts. Here are some information and tips to make your dream of a Spanish woman come true. 

What Are Spanish Women Like?

Thinking about modern Spain, one should keep in mind globalization. The 20th and 21st centuries have made Spain a genuinely multicultural state. With all that former colonies and liberal politics concerning immigration, the Spanish population now consists of many nations. 

You will find Arabic and African girls, many Latina women, and numerous European nationalities. It is difficult to find a Spanish girl who will fall under a single pack of stereotypes and characteristics. However, it is not difficult to find some mutual features natural for all Spanish women, despite their origins. 

They Are Extraordinary Beautiful

Due to the wide variety of nationalities, it is difficult to find a typical Spanish lady. Among the standard features, black hair, dark eyes, and sharp, prominent facial features come to mind first. Spanish women can be of different heights, but an average (5โ€ฒ 3.3โ€ณ or 161 cm) prevails. As for the body shapes, Spanish women can be characterized by wide hips. In most, they are slim and healthy. However, you can always count on diversity in the appearances of Spanish girls. 

They Have Special Fashion Tastes

A way of picking an outfit can be called one of the distinguishing features of Spanish girls. They are fond of loose clothes. Picking something two or three sizes bigger and covering the whole body is natural for them. Also, Spanish ladies are fond of unusual combinations of clothes. They can wear t-shirts, skirts, high winter boots, or fur coats with sneakers. At the same time, they do not wear high heels, so you can think they dislike them. 

They wear high heels only for special occasions, like dates or dances. It is a kind of official attribute. Long black skirts are a kind of national item of outfit. As for the makeup and jewelry, Spanish women use less of them than, for instance, Italian girls. However, they seem to pick them better. 

They Are Passionate

Shouts, cries, loud voices, and emotions expressed in public are a feature of all Spanish women. They always have a word to say. Some people think they are compassionate. It is partially true. They can trigger easily and express all their emotions. At the same time, they are happy, lively, and joyful. 

They laugh, break personal space, touch their interlocutor, and give many hugs during communication. Their dialogues are full of gestures and different non-verbal approaches, like kisses. Spanish ladies are inquisitive and sincere. In just fifteen minutes of a conversation, she will learn everything about you, and you will know everything about her. 

They Are Strong and Independent

Globalization and modern trends did not pass by Spain. Modern Spanish girls prefer careers to families. They are self-organized and very independent. Meeting and dating became easier for men as Spanish ladies started taking the initiative. The average marriage age has risen dramatically from 23-24 to 31 years and more (the average age depends on the region). Before 30, Spanish women are accessible in a good sense. They can pick many men looking for a future husband. However, such behavior does not make them bad wives and mothers. 

Do Spanish Women Make Good Wives?

A typical Spanish wife has changed throughout the centuries. However, they managed to preserve some exciting features. The first thing you should know is their sincerity in everything. A Spanish woman puts effort even into simple shopping. You will not get bored with her at all. 

  • Spanish wives are loud and communicative. It seems that if they stay in silence for an hour, they will get crazy. So, they always chat with children, a husband, their neighbors, and people walking by. 
  • They are fond of cooking. In Spain, people treat the local cuisine as one of the best globally, so cooking for them is a matter of national pride. Spanish girls learn how to cook since childhood. They admire if their husbands can cook as well. 
  • Spanish wives are very soulful and dynamic. They are likely to change their mood every hour. You need to learn how to adjust to their temper to keep the family atmosphere healthy.
  • A Spanish wife is very active. During a day, she will complete a hundred tasks. She values both the public and private sides of her life. So, expect many friends and family members to visit her sometimes. At the same time, a Spanish woman requires time for herself (to spend it on reading, beauty salons, shopping, etc.). 
  • Spanish wives are a bit enthusiastic when it comes to controlling. They must know what every family member does and where they are. So be ready to frequent phone calls if you are not near her at the moment. 

Spanish ladies become excellent wives. They are supportive, independent, and talented. You will never get bored with a Spanish wife. She can deprive a man of the majority of problems in his life. 

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Spanish ladies are not very demanding when it comes to choosing a man. Spain is a multicultural country, so the particular requirements to race, religion, height, and body do not exist. A few words about faith: Spain is traditionally a Catholic country, so being OK with this religion is essential for men willing to meet Spanish girls. 

A man of a Spanish woman must be hardworking. Again, in a Spanish family, a man is the main supporter (it is correct for most Spanish regions, except the Basque Country, where the situation is almost equal). So, Spanish women expect their men to work and supply the family. At least, they have to try and not to be lazy. Spanish women value menโ€™s efforts and are not likely to chase the incomes. 

While dating a Spanish woman, a man must be interesting for her. He must know how to entertain a woman. An indifferent man will not be successful with a Spanish lady โ€” the same concerns marriage and family life: learn how to give your wife new impressions every day. 

A man must press for handsomeness. Spanish women got used to men who knew how to care about themselves. So, you must learn how to pick clothes, get a trendy haircut, and shave. 

Where to meet Spanish Women in Spain? 

Spain is popular among tourists. Therefore, you will meet lots of entertainment kinds here. However, the locations for meeting single women are traditional: bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and resorts. By the way, you can meet Spanish women simply outdoors: many locations of the biggest cities gather crowds of people drinking and chilling. 

In The Bars

Bars in Spain play many roles: people rest there after work, meet friends, and drink before partying. Walking through the Spanish cities, you will find big traditional and small bars designed for quick service. Here are some exciting locations:

  • Barcelona โ€“ Ginger bar, Tandem Cocktail bar, Dry Martini.
  • Ibiza โ€“ Liquido bar, Vincentโ€™s bar, Charlieโ€™s bar, The Pirate Bar.
  • Madrid โ€“ Del Diego Cocktail bar, La Santoria, La Coquette.

In The Nightclubs

Spanish people are fond of partying and dancing. At the same time, a hot climate promotes night activities. That is why nightclubs are the most popular locations for meeting and dating Spanish women. Everybody has heard about Ibiza โ€“ the European capital of nightlife. However, the most prominent cities of Spain have some popular locations as well:

  • Barcelona โ€“ Macarena Club, Disco City Hall, Dome Club.
  • Madrid โ€“ Ohm Club, Joy Eslava Madrid, Planet Club, La Boite.
  • Zaragoza โ€“ Hide, Kendo Club, Supernova, La Casa Del Loco.

In Resorts

Spanish women can spend almost the whole year at beaches. Besides, Spain has got some delightful islands with numerous resorts. Ibiza, Tenerife, Majorca are renowned locations for tourists and Spanish people. Also, pay attention to Benidorom, Costa Brava, San Sebastiรกn, and Costa Blanca. There, you will find both crowded nightclubs and desolate, quiet areas for those who value tranquility. 

Where to Meet Spanish Women Online?

You can always turn to the Internet if there is no option to visit Spain. An excellent online dating service gives you a couple of advantages in comparison with traditional dating:

  • First, you will have an opportunity to get the first impression of a girl in a safe and convenient atmosphere. The same concerns your online girlfriend: she has a chance to learn much about you and be less scared during a real-life date. 
  • Second, you will have an opportunity to arrange a date with a girl beforehand. You can choose the location where you and your girlfriend will feel comfortable and excited. 
  • Third, you can avoid the awkwardness of the first meeting and leave silly questions about your job and hobbies for an online chat. 

Finally, you can meet Spanish girls online without restrictions. You can do it at home or work, any time you want. Moreover, you can pick an effective dating service and meet a Spanish woman online precisely, owing to the search engines. Plus, Spanish girls are modern enough to use the Internet and tolerate online meetings. 

How to Date a Spanish Girl: Six Tips

Dating Spanish women will be an exciting experience. It will be full of passion, emotions, and excitement. However, with a couple of tips, dating a Spanish girl can be easier and more successful:

  1. Learn how to have fun but not to court. Modern Spanish ladies know how to have a good time. For them, a memorable time full of emotions and excitement is a better sign of a good date than a manโ€™s behavior. So, that the dates seriously and do not get your Spanish lady bored.
  2. Make original presents. In Spanish culture, a gift plays a vital role in dating. Forget about flowers. It is better to learn about her hobby or a favorite treat and buy something suitable. 
  3. Speak what she wants. Spanish ladies love compliments and words about love and feelings. They will tell you that they love you several times, even during the first date. Spanish girls wait for the same in return. Make many sincere compliments and admire their beauty and intellect. 
  4. Become one of her friends and feel yourself comfortable with them. Do not freak out if a Spanish girl invites a friend of her for the first date with you. She will estimate your communicability and bravery. At the same time, she will listen to her friendsโ€™ opinions about you. So, your task is to get along with her closest people. 
  5. Value her family. Spanish families are a matter of stereotypes. Family values play a significant role in Spain. Elderly women are heads of families. So, it is vital to become a friend to your girlfriendโ€™s mother or granny. 
  6. Let her make decisions within the relationship. To be honest, dating a Spanish woman does not presuppose arguing with her regarding feelings and essential choices. Sometimes it is better to let your Spanish girlfriend determine everything independently. 

Be ready for countless emotions and impressions within your relationship. If you are not vulnerable to frequent ups and downs of the relationship climate, you will be OK. Keep in mind these tips to make your Spanish lady happy.


Will a Spanish Woman Relocate?

Yes, you will not face problems with it. Spain is a part of the global world, and Spanish women can move across different countries and continents. What is more, you will find significant Spanish communities in almost every big city of Canada and the US. So be ready to visit Spain to meet a family of a Spanish woman sometimes. 

What Is Her Attitude to Children?

A Spanish woman loves children very much. You can even think that she spoils them: in Spain, children are allowed to do almost everything, with no severe punishments. However, Spanish women become strict mentors and breed children properly when they get older. 

Are There Mistakes to Avoid While Dating Spanish Girls?

Some actions will spoil your perfect date, so mind avoiding the following:

  • Do not criticize her outfit. She might look a bit weird, but she always wears clothes comfortable for her. An authentic Spanish lady is sure about her clothes taste, and she will not appreciate your negative comments about them.
  • Do not offense her family. A Spanish lady might be shy, but she will not stand inappropriate words about her closest relatives. It is better to be tolerant. 
  • Do not argue with her too much. Sometimes a little quarrel can heat the relationship. However, you should always know when to stop or give up. Spanish women dislike losing, even if they do not have a point.
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