The Philippines is an exciting country that attracts thousands of tourists all year round. Its main advantages are scenic beaches, beautiful nature, and numerous attractions for all tastes.

But the real pride of the Philippines is local girls, whose stunning beauty makes men go crazy over them. Is it possible to find the key to the heart of an exotic lady and how to do this? Find out the answer from our guide!

Why Do Foreigners Dream of Dating Filipino Women?

They Are Seductive

Filipino women look exotic and extremely beckoning. Their charming hazel eyes, shiny brunette hair, and exquisite slim bodies are irresistible. Many men fall in love at first sight with these wonderful ladies because of their astonishing attractiveness.

Thousands of Western men dream of spending at least one night with an exotic Filipino girl. And those who have managed to get a Filipino girlfriend even decide to tie the knot in order never to be apart from their beloved ladies.

They Are Modest

Filipino girls from decent families are brought up very strictly. Parents cultivate modesty and good manners in their daughters from early childhood.

Girls from the Philippines are strikingly different from Western young beauties. They are polite and shy in a good sense of this word.

The majority of Filipino women are not inclined to bad habits. Also, it is not customary for these ladies to have promiscuous sex. Many Filipino women get their first sexual experience with their steady boyfriends whom they marry as a result. A lady of this nationality is perfect for a man who dreams of an innocent girlfriend.

They Are Simple And Sincere

It is not customary in this country to show off. Young beautiful ladies donโ€™t pretend to be better than they are and are not arrogant. They are straightforward and talk openly about their feelings. This makes them easy and pleasant to communicate with.

They Are Friendly And Cheerful

Although a lot of Filipino girls live in rather poor families, they keep on being positive, no matter what. Optimism is a prominent national character trait of the Filipino people. They never get upset and donโ€™t lose their hope for the better in any situation.

And it is a pleasure to communicate with a girl who doesnโ€™t get stuck on the negative. Filipino women donโ€™t bother their boyfriends with complaining and whining. They are cheerful and easy-going.

Moreover, these ladies are always glad to make new friends. Their openness amazes foreigners who are not used to being so benevolent to strangers. These women are very open-hearted and easy to establish contact with.

They Are Caring And Affectionate

Filipino women are very feminine. They are kind-hearted, gentle, and tender. These delicate ladies surround their beloved men with love and affection and make them happy.

Seeing strong and cold Western ladies around, US and European men dream of feminine and affectionate girlfriends. And they can find their happiness in the person of cute Filipino girls.

4 Noteworthy Advantages of Filipino Wives

Family is Above All for Filipino Women

According to local traditions, family is the first priority for women. The main purpose of a lady is to get married and give birth to children. And Filipino girls cope with this task excellently.

They are ready to tie the knot at a young age. The girls get married between 18 and 27 years old. Unlike Western ladies, Filipino women donโ€™t delay marriage until 30-35.

Filipino Wives Are Caring And Calm

Girls from this country respect traditional family values and appreciate their husbands. Filipino ladies believe that wives must take care of their husbandsโ€™ being in a good mood. Therefore, they devote much time to their significant others and do whatever it takes for them to be happy.

Filipino wives are not inclined to quarrel. They are calm, affectionate, and compliant. Ladies from this country gladly fulfill the requests of their husbands and feel happy when their spouses are satisfied.

Filipino Wives Are Excellent Cooks

Women from this country never leave their husbands hungry. They are very skillful at cooking as their mothers teach them to cook since early childhood.

The husbands of Filipino wives can taste some local traditional dishes. The most delicious of them are:

  • Sinigang, a soup with sour fruits and pork or clam;
  • Adobo, stewed pork with rice and soy sauce;
  • Pancit, the general name of several variations of noodle dishes with different additives.

Also, mastering Western-European or American cuisine is not a problem for a Filipino wife. Ladies from this country have a knack for cooking, so they easily learn to cook new dishes.

Filipino Wives Never Cheat on Their Husbands

It is considered to be unacceptable, according to the local culture. Once a girl gets married, she never even flirts with other men.

But note that Filipino wives expect their husbands to be faithful to them as well. Thus, girls of this nationality match only men who are not inclined to adultery.

Tastes of Filipino Women: What Kind of Men Do They Like

First of all, it is noteworthy that Filipino girls are fond of foreigners. When a lady from the Philippines sees a man of a European or American appearance, she canโ€™t resist getting acquainted with him.

And this is because foreigners have all the features that Filipino ladies appreciate in men and that local men often lack. Western European and American men are more:

  1. Stable financially. This is very important for Filipino women. They become housewives after getting married and expect their husbands to be fully responsible for earning money for their families.
  2. Responsible. Local men often lack this trait. They are quite lazy and inclined to bad habits. Therefore, Filipino women look for different men among foreigners.
  3. Considerate. It makes delicate Filipino ladies happy when men take care of them. So, they are looking for strong but considerate boyfriends.

Where to Meet Filipino Women in the Philippines?

The places that are first to come to mind of a Western man, the bars and nightclubs, are not really good to meet Filipino girls at. Decent ladies from good families are not regular visitors of such places. So, they are better if you are interested in hooking up, not in finding a woman to start a family with.

Also, you are not likely to meet a lot of girls by the sea because locals donโ€™t like to have a rest on the beach. They are afraid of sunburn, as fair skin is fashionable in this country. A lot of girls do special procedures to lighten their skin.

So, where is it possible to meet Filipino women for serious relationships?

In Parks

You can meet a lot of beautiful girls there in the evening. Filipino people are fond of picnics. They go to the parks with their friends almost every day. So, it is a great idea to go to one of the prettiest parks. The best of them in Manila are Pandacan Linear Park, Heroes Park, Rizal Park, Don Bosco Park, and Arroceros Forest Park.

In Malls

Not all Filipino girls can afford to go shopping at malls. So, you can meet the girls from rather rich families there. The biggest malls in Manila are Robinsons Place and SM Megamall.

Near Educational Institutions

ะกlever girls from decent families get higher education. And they are ready to get married right after graduating from the university or even being students. You can meet intelligent young ladies near The University of Manila and The University of the Philippines.

Where to Meet Filipino Women Online?

A lot of girls from this country are shy to flirt with men offline. Also, some of them are skeptical about meeting tourists as they consider them not interested in serious relationships.

That is why they go online. Thousands of Filipino girls are looking for foreign husbands on mail order brides services. These sites create a convenient and safe environment for long-distance dating.

5 Essential Tips on Dating Filipino Women

Make Her Happy

It is rather easy to win the heart of a Filipino lady. Just do the simple things that make her happy: go out and travel together, and give presents to her.

Support Her

Delicate Filipino girls need support from strong men. A lady from this country takes this as a betrayal when a boyfriend refuses to help her. Therefore, it is important to provide support to her every time she asks for this.

Never Leave Her Alone

Women of the Philippines get attached to their boyfriends very badly. They suffer every hour they have to spend without their significant ones. Not to make your girlfriend upset, write to her and call her several times a day, respond to her messages as soon as possible, and never reject her calls. Uninterrupted communication is crucial for saving good relationships.

Show Your Serious Intentions

Decent Filipino girls never waste their time dating men without serious intentions. Therefore, you must show her that you consider her to be his future wife, not just a friend or a lover. Talk about the common future and propose as soon as you see that you match each other.

Get Along With Her Family

Respect for parents and other relatives is a very important part of the Filipino mentality. Girls of this nationality never marry men who donโ€™t get along with their parents. So, do your best to make a good impression on her family. Be polite when you meet her parents, give presents to them, and show them you are serious about their daughter.


Are Filipino Women Good at English?

The first native language in this country is Filipino. And English is the second official language. It is taught at schools and universities, so the majority of people are fluent in it. Therefore, you donโ€™t have to be afraid of a language barrier, because you are not going to experience it while dating a Filipino girl.

Are Common Myths About Filipino Women True or False?

A lot of men who have never met Filipino girls believe in the myths they heard from tourists or found on the Web. But are the common statements about ladies of this nationality true? Here is the review of the most widespread myths about Filipino ladies:

  1. All Filipino women gold diggers. This is not quite true. Girls from this country really take into account the financial status of men while looking for their life partners. But this is not because they are interested only in money and are not looking for love. This is just because they believe in traditional family values. According to them, a wife is responsible for household chores and taking care of children, while a husband earns money for the family. So, he has to have a stable income to be able to provide for himself, his wife, and his kids.
  2. All Filipino girls are easy to get. This is absolutely not true. Such a myth is created by sex tourists who go to the Philippines to dally with local prostitutes. Like in all other countries, there are some ladies of this profession in the Philippines. But this doesnโ€™t mean that all girls from this country are easy to get. On the contrary, Filipino girls from decent families are modest and innocent. Many of them even decide to remain virgins until tying the knot.
  3. Filipino ladies are fond of foreigners. This is true. Filipino women are delighted with foreigners. They believe it to be a stroke of luck to get a proposal from a European or American man. This is because foreign men are more financially stable, responsible, and sensible than locals.
  4. Filipino women are compliant, humble, and obedient. This is true. They are absolutely like this towards their husbands. According to Filipino culture, a woman must be feminine and rely entirely on her man. Thus, women entrust all vital decisions to their men and donโ€™t try to be leaders in relationships.

Is It Legal for Foreigners to Marry Filipino Women?

It is possible to marry a Filipino lady only in case she gets a marriage license in her motherland. To do this, she must submit the following documents to the municipality of her place of residence:

  • birth certificate;
  • an identification card;
  • the document approving that she is not married to a local;
  • parental consent if she is under 24 years old.

The Filipino lady who is going to tie the knot with a foreigner is also interviewed to make sure that she is getting married by consent.