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Israel is a small but very well-known country in Western Asia. Most of us are familiar with Israel as a country with a rich history and religious past but a complicated present. Today we want you to look at Israel from another angle โ€” as a country with lovely women. Here is what you should know about Israeli girls and dating an Israeli woman.

What Are Israeli Women Like?

Israeli women are constantly improving themselves, so the women you can meet in Israel today are different from the ones you could meet even a decade ago. However, some of their qualities remain the same. These are the three most attractive things about Israeli ladies.

They have a breathtaking appearance

The appearance of Israeli girls is similar to the way women in its neighboring countries look but still has some standout features. The most common appearance traits in Israel include warm but light skin tone, curly dark hair, big and expressive eyes, luscious lips, and perfectly defined cheekbones. Israeli ladies are not very tall or skinny, but their bodies are so feminine and fit that they can pull off any outfit and still look as gorgeous as ever.

They are smart and cultured

Talking to an Israeli woman feels exciting and enlightening, and it doesnโ€™t matter if itโ€™s your first-ever conversation or you have known each other for years. A woman from Israel has a high-quality education and a background full of reading and additional classes, but she doesnโ€™t stop there. These women are using every opportunity they get to find out more about the world, experience new things, unlock new cultures, and share it all with someone they like.

They are open to anything new

Israel is often imagined as a rather conservative country, but itโ€™s not entirely true. Women in this country are very adventurous and they are easily excited by the possibility of something new. When you want to offer your Israeli girlfriend a new experience, dish, travel destination, or even a chance to change her life, she wonโ€™t shoot you down and will instead gladly accept your offer.

Do Israeli Women Make Good Wives?

For most Western men, the experience of meeting foreign women is not just about short-term relationships or long-distance romance. They are looking for potential wives, and this is where Israeli women truly shine. Check out the three main reasons why you should choose an Israeli wife.

They are loyal and supportive

Israeli women donโ€™t get married for personal gain or for an opportunity to move abroad with a foreign husband. They get married to create a union of two people who value, understand, and support each other. With an Israeli wife, you will never have to worry about her fidelity and will never end up in a situation where you need support and guidance but there is no one to give you that.

They want a happy family that lasts forever

Israeli girls are famously attached to their parents and often even live with them until graduating or getting married, and they want the same strong connections in their own families. An Israeli wife wonโ€™t insist on having too many kids and she will be very happy with a small nuclear family, Israeli wives have the rare ability to put the interests of their family above their own and to do anything to make that family bliss last as long as possible.

They enjoy working around the house

Even though Israeli women are forward-thinking and like to compete with men for power, career opportunities, and other achievements, they behave differently when they are at home surrounded by their loved ones. An Israeli wife will use her free time to make her home a better place for everyone. From keeping the house spotlessly clean to serving a fresh meal every dinner โ€” having an Israeli wife definitely pays off!

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Modern Israeli women begin dating fairly early in life, but they typically donโ€™t get married until their mid or late twenties. There is a single reason for that: they are very serious about choosing a potential husband and they wonโ€™t just marry the first person that proposes to them. For an Israeli woman, itโ€™s important to be with a man who is:

  • Emotionally stable. You need to be calm and collected. You need to be able to argue like an adult and look for an optimal way to end a conflict. You shouldnโ€™t try to manipulate or dominate your partner. You should always take her opinion into account.
  • Destined for success. Israeli girls donโ€™t care how much money you have at the moment as long as you have a plan for supporting your future family financially. An Israeli woman wants to marry a man who has healthy ambitions and isnโ€™t afraid of responsibility.
  • Ready for a family. While this quality has nothing to do with age, Israeli girls often find that the older a man is, the more willing he is to start a family right away. Since thatโ€™s what Israeli women also want, they find older guys to be more attractive than their peers.

Where to Meet Israeli Women in Israel?

Israel is a travel destination that can be equally impressive to seasoned and first-time travelers. The nature, the architecture, the religious sites, and the local cuisine are all big reasons why youโ€™ll enjoy your time in Israel, but this country is also a fantastic place to meet beautiful and intelligent women. This is where you need to go in Israel to meet Israeli singles.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is one of the most populous cities in Israel and has strong ties to the Western world and culture. Tel Aviv is where most foreigners begin their exploration of the country, so local girls are familiar with Western men and willing to get to know them better. You can catch these women during the day at the Little Prague, Taizu, and Baba Yaga restaurants, as well as The Shakshukia restaurant before noon. The Edmund Coffee, CafeXoho, and Cafelix coffee shops are also popular meetup spots, and the Soho, Alphabet, and Dream nightclubs are must-see spots after dark.


Haifa is not a big city by Western standards, but it has everything it takes for you to spend an unforgettable week or two. The city overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, so you can meet plenty of Israeli singles there. You should also check out the Vivino, Giraffe, and Shtroudl restaurants, Ava coffee shop, Tea Pool cafe, and Aroma coffee shop. After 8 pm, head over to the Iza Bar, Charlie Bar, and Vesper Cocktail Bar.


Jerusalem is mostly popular for its religious and historic sites, but itโ€™s a great place to visit even if you are not the biggest fan of either of those things. As for meeting Israeli women in Jerusalem, the Mona, Satya, and Piccolino restaurants and the Coffee Nadi, Roasters, and The Coffee Mill coffee shops have proven to be very effective during the day. The Gatsby Cocktail Room, Dublin Irish Pub, and Rabbit Hole bar attract the right kind of crowd in the evening.

Where to Meet Israeli Women Online?

Like millions of women around the world, Israeli girls are no strangers to the internet. They regularly use online resources to get new knowledge, enjoy their favorite media, and work. Online dating is also very popular in Israel, especially among the many women who want to meet and date foreign men.

However, if you begin looking for Israeli singles on Tinder and similar dating services, you may end up realizing that there arenโ€™t too many of them to meet. The best place for meeting Israeli women online is the variety of international dating sites. These sites provide Israeli girls and Western men with plenty of opportunities to talk, develop a relationship, and eventually date in real life.

How to Date an Israeli Girl: 7 Tips

Entering a new relationship starts with you wanting to make things perfect, and when you are about to date an Israeli woman, research is the best place to start. You can find numerous Israeli dating guides online, but these 7 tips will help you start your love story with an Israeli lady the right way.

  1. Make sure you have enough patience. Women in Israel donโ€™t like to make things too easy for prospective partners. That is why an Israeli girl can rebuff your advances the first time you approach her. This is where you should try again!
  2. Show your superiority over local guys. One of the reasons why Israeli women are interested in foreign men is that they are unhappy with the local dating scene. Demonstrate your modern views, flexibility, and responsibility to look more attractive.
  3. Find out about her idea of a good time. Until you know your Israeli woman well enough, you should ask as many questions as possible and not make any assumptions. This also includes date ideas: her perfect date may be different from what you picture.
  4. Prove yourself to be a complete gentleman. A typical woman from Israel wants to take things slow and make every moment in the relationship special. So no matter how much you want to kiss her or take her home, you should wait until itโ€™s the right time.
  5. Take her on a surprise trip. There is no better way to see if you are a good match for each other than to spend a few days alone in a different location. A surprise weekend getaway to a picturesque place is a great idea at any stage of the relationship.
  6. Become part of her inner circle. Israeli women are social creatures. They value their friendships and understand the importance of family. When their new partner effortlessly becomes part of their social circle, they are even more likely to seriously consider him for marriage.
  7. Talk about your serious intentions. Israeli girls donโ€™t like to make things too serious too soon, but they also donโ€™t like to waste time on relationships that donโ€™t lead anywhere. So while there is no need to propose after a few months of dating, you should let her know that youโ€™re not going anywhere.


Are Israeli women overly religious?

Religion is definitely a big part of the identity of Israeli women. Israel is a pretty religious country as a whole, so itโ€™s not surprising that most Israeli girls grow up in religious families. However, young women in Israel successfully find the right balance between religion and modern life. They can date and marry men from other religions and donโ€™t make a problem out of different religious views.

Are women in Israel fluent in English?

When you meet young, educated Israeli women, you can rest assured they know English at least on the speaking level. English is commonly used in various aspects of life in Israel, from education to manufacturing. As a result, Israeli girls can successfully communicate with Western men and learn English even better throughout the relationship.

Is it common for Israeli girls to become housewives?

Israelโ€™s society is rapidly developing, and the things that werenโ€™t possible a few decades ago are now a reality. Most women in Israel preferred the roles of housewives in the 20th century, but most modern Israeli ladies can successfully combine being a wife, a mother, and an employee. With your Israeli wife, things can go either way, but you should be prepared for the fact that she may want to work full-time.

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