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Greece is one of the oldest civilizations of the world and Europe. Since ancient times, a Greek woman has been a model of beauty and wisdom. Fortunately, things have not changed for today. A Greek wife can be a perfect variant for a man seeking international marriage. A Greek girl is a mixture of nations, character features, and merits. She can make every man happier. Do not hesitate to read the following text to learn how to get a Greek girlfriend.

What Are Greek Women Like?

Greek women have been known for their beauty and talents since ancient times. Local culture praised the beauty of the human body, strength, and other virtues. Greek women have always been diligent and austere. Modern Greece has not preserved the features of its ancient culture, however.

Now it is a country that has survived the occupation of the Ottoman Empire. The mixture of races and multiculturalism has done their business โ€“ it is difficult to find a pure-blooded Greek person now.

They Are Beautiful And Healthy

The appearance of modern Greek women is the brightest reflection of this situation. Greek girls are very different. They can be both tall or short, skinny or full-bodied.

In general, they are beautiful due to the mixture of different nations in Greece. Greek women have rough facial features, with prominent cheekbones and noses in most cases. Their eyes are big and dark. Many women can be proud of long eyelashes.

Sports are popular among young Greek girls. They love different team games and always take part in school contests. Inheriting the tradition of the Olympics and the humanism orientation in philosophy, women of Greece care about their bodies and prefer being slim and sporty. The hot climate and light cuisine invest into such a lifestyle as well.

They Are Sincere

In Greece, women play a significant role in society. They are very independent and self-confident. They are not deprived of menโ€™s attention as well. Due to the unpleasant demographic situation (there are more young men than women), men in Greece tend to conquer womenโ€™s attention. It has made them a little picky and careless regarding appearance and behavior.

However, it does not mean that you cannot find single women in Greece. They are very friendly and loud. Many people admit that restraint is not about Greek women. When they want to cry, they will cry, no matter where they are. They can sing, argue, and show the full range of their feelings in public. They are not familiar with the concept of private space: they will touch, hug, and kiss.

They Are Wise

As soon as you begin your communication with a Greek woman, an impression of her being very rational will not leave you. She knows how to highlight her merits and cover demerits. If needed, she can handle makeup perfectly. Women in Greece do not rush and always find time for themselves and rest.

Greece is known for its siestas. During these breaks, you can meet Greek women chatting with friends in a restaurant or cafรฉ and sipping their frappรฉs. At the same time, you will never think of a Greek girl being lazy. She prefers to keep everything under control, knowing how to do it.

Do Greek Women Make Good Wives?

Greek people live in small families consisting of parents and children. They do care about elder relatives but prefer living separately from them. Lang-lasting traditions of the Orthodox church have made divorces very rare. It means that a Greek lady is ready for the continuous search for a husband. Here are some general features of a typical Greek wife:

  • Greek women love their children. They do not try to have as many as possible. An average Greek family is not likely to have more than two kids. Mothers teach their children to honor elderly people and be obedient and diligent. They will do their best to let their children get the best education. At the same time, they do not limit their freedom.
  • Love to cooking comes in a single bundle with love to children. Though Greece is well-known for its cuisine, street food, and restaurants, cooking skills and homemade meals are highly valued among Greek women.
  • As for the husbands, Greek women are very faithful. It might sound strange, but they can show a significant amount of empathy and patience with their hot and quick temper. They will always support a husband and help him to solve his issues. In a Greek family, a husband is the familyโ€™s main provider. However, a woman is free to start her career and leave the role of a housekeeper.
  • Though Greek women are independent, they are not likely to cheat or collect admirers. They devote much time and love to their husbands, and they want to remain honest with them. In return, they will expect at least the same attitude. 

In general, Greek wives are considered to be among the best. They show their wisdom in everything, starting from relocation and finishing with minor domestic issues. Even if they argue and raise voices, it is just a feature of character that adds some spice into the relationship.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

As mentioned, a Greek lady is not deprived of the opposite sexโ€™s attention. And, like everybody else, they try to find the best husband. However, Greek girls do not cast strict requirements on their beloved ones:

  • They search for a man who can support them and their future children. At the same time, they arenโ€™t concerned about wages and bank accounts. They try to find a man not being lazy and careless.
  • They expect their husbands to share the care about children. Greek women believe in strong and full-fledged families, where both parents play important roles in the childโ€™s life.
  • At the same time, a Greek wife will demand attention as well. They love when men continue being gentle and courteous long after the first date.
  • Meals in Greece usually get a sacred status. So, a man who likes cooking will have more chances to attract a genuine Greek girl.
  • A Greek woman will try to preserve the culture of her country, even if she leaves abroad. She wants her husband to tolerate her customs, possible religion, outfits, and language.

As for the body and facial features, Greek women are not demanding. They arenโ€™t concerned about nationality, race, religious beliefs, or political preferences. Greek women do not mind leaving their country to live with their husbands. At the same time, Greek families are always ready to welcome a foreigner.

Where to meet Greek Women in Greece?

If a Greek wife is your dream, you are a lucky man, as it is not difficult to find single women in the country. The pleasant climate and numerous outdoor restaurants and cafรฉs will help you meet Greek girls even walking. However, the traditional meeting locations in Greece do not differ from the rest of Europe.

In the Restaurants and Cafรฉs

They are a trues center of public life in the country. They are constantly overcrowded. People prefer going to a restaurant, not for meals, but a long chat with friends. At the same time, single women gather there to spend siestas and find boyfriends. Note that restaurants are different, so they gather various people. Particular places that gather single Greek women only do not exist. Here are some of the restaurants you should visit:

  • Athens โ€“ Philos, Gregoryโ€™s & Coffeeright, Dionysos (It is one of the most sophisticated restaurants in Greece. It is a perfect choice for an outstanding date).
  • Heraklion โ€“ Thigaterra, Ligo Krasi Ligo Thalassa, Peskesi.
  • Saloniki โ€“ Faidimos, ฮ‘ฮบฮฑฮดฮทฮผฮฏฮฑ Restaurant, Palati Thessaloniki.

It might be hard to chat in an overcrowded place where everybody speaks. However, the restaurants are extremely popular locations, and you will hardly avoid attention from Greek women.

In The Bars and Clubs

At this point, Greece does not differ from the rest of the world. Bars remain one of the most popular places to meet Greek women. Hopefully, in such a tourism-oriented country, you will not face problems with finding a suitable bar.

There is a pleasant feature โ€“ Greek women are likely to get acquainted with men by themselves. They like to show initiative and arenโ€™t concerned with prejudice and unnecessary rituals. Here are some interesting bars you should visit in Greece:

  • Athens โ€“ Couleur Locale Athens, Cinque Wine & Deli Bar, The Lazy Bulldog Pub.
  • Heraklion โ€“ Jailhouse Rock Bar, Blue Nโ€™ Blum Beach Bar, Cuckoo Bar.
  • Saloniki โ€“ ARC Espresso Wine Bar, Brusco Meze Bar, Paraty & Loft.

As for the nightclubs, the situation is the same. Greece is a country designed for parties and dancing. In almost every city, you will find a range of overcrowded clubs. In addition, almost every resort has a beach nightclub. These are lovely locations to see Greek women in all their beauty and estimate their dancing skills. You will be pleased with the great diversification of music styles as well. Here are some exciting locations:

  • Athens โ€“ Shamone Club, The Speakeasy Athens, Half Note Jazz Club.
  • Heraklion โ€“ Magazi Club, ฮ•ฮ›ฮ•OC Club, Swing Thing.
  • Saloniki โ€“ Partytura, Eightball, X.O Club.

You will meet girls willing to make friends and chat, no matter what location you choose. Greek women are deprived of shyness, and you will not notice how you get acquainted with them and all their friends.

Where to Meet Greek Women Online?

There is a pleasant alternative for people living abroad. You can try to meet a Greek girl online. It is good if you do not know the language and have never been to the country before. All you need to do is find a website specializing in online dates. Such a service will grant you several advantages:

  • You can start a conversation with ease.
  • It is more pleasant to come to the country when you already know a girl there.
  • You can chat or write messages anywhere and any time.
  • The language barrier will not be significant if you try dating Greek women online.

In general, online dating services can give you more chances for a successful date than an immediate real-life conversation. Almost every service has a powerful search engine that looks for single Greek women. At the same time, they have already got used to online dating with men living abroad.

How to Date a Greek Girl: Six Tips

Attracting a single Greek girl can be both challenging and simple. There is no single algorithm of success: everything depends on your girlfriendโ€™s personality first. However, there are some general recommendations you can follow:

  1. Do not be surprised by her fairness and sincerity. A Greek woman is not likely to be shy and closed. She will touch you without intent and speak frankly. It is your task to stay in a good mood and not hear unpleasant words if they sound.
  2. Try to look for a suitable location for the first meeting. A restaurant will be a good choice for the first date. If you date in Greece, try to choose something with local cuisine, unless your Greek girlfriend insists on something else.
  3. Do not concern politics and economics. Greece might be a small and not as wealthy country as yours. However, it does not mean that you can talk about it. Greek girls and people, in general, are patriotic, and they will not stand laughter and jokes about their homeland.
  4. You must have a great look. To complete dating a Greek girl successfully, you need to pay attention to your outfit. You should wear something fashionable and suitable for a situation. Greece is a southern country with more tolerance to appearance, but wearing Crocs on the first date is not a good idea. You show a Greek woman that you treat the date seriously with an elegant suit.
  5. Be gentle and patient. A southern girl with a hot temper is not on the make. Be patient with her and not make her think you need intimacy only. Remember that Greek women are wise. 
  6. Be yourself. Even if you feel you are not a model of a man, do not mind it. If you are on a date with a Greek girl, it means that she has already weighed all pros and cons in your favor. Do not try to wear a mask. Sincerity is your best weapon here.


Will My Greek Girlfriend Move to My Country?

Yes, it is not a problem for a Greek lady. Greeks have many communities in the USA and central European countries. Greek women adapt to new cultures with ease. Their lively character will not leave them without friends in a new country. Greek girls can learn many languages. Plus, English and German are the most popular foreign languages in Greek schools.

Do I Have to Meet Her Parents?

Yes, of course. In a Greek family, a mother has a right to decide the daughterโ€™s husband. So, try to get along with her. It is not obligatory, but strongly recommended. Mothers are likely to choose people their daughters will marry.

Is There Anything to Avoid During a Conversation?

Dating Greek girls will be more successful if you remember some essential tips. Besides already mentioned jokes about Greece, we do not recommend leaving them without attention. At the same time, you need to listen to them, as they love talking. Do not try to apply cheap compliments. And do not try to touch the topic of sex unless a girl speaks about it first.

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