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Genetically perfect women live in Puerto Rico! This is not a beautiful metaphor, but a real conclusion that scientists have drawn because of their research. It is easy to believe when you learn that the incomparable J.Lo is a native of Puerto Rico! Do you want to marry the same sexy and genetically perfect woman? It is all in your hands.

What are Puerto Rican Women like?

Scientific research has shown that Puerto Rican women, due to the mixing of various races, are the closest to the concept of an โ€œideal personโ€ than others. It turns out that they borrowed the healthiest genes of the Spaniards, Africans and representatives of the Taino group of peoples. To this should be added the influence of the United States, which ruled the island of Puerto Rico. Such a cocktail of feelings and characters can impress even the most sophisticated minds.

Their beauty is incredibly attractive

It is extremely difficult to find a man who can resist the beauty of an average Puerto Rican woman. Seductiveness is their middle name. Their dark skin, large brown eyes and luxurious thick dark hair look incredibly sexy. For the sake of fairness, it should be said that fair-skinned and green-eyed Puerto Ricans are also found, but less often.

Their shapes will be the envy of any pop star: they usually have a huge bust, rounded inviting hips, slender legs and a thin waist. By the way, five natives of the country became the winners of the Miss Universe contest.

They have no need to show their body

They do not dress provocatively at all. Flashy mini and tops are not for them โ€“ they know how to seduce without wardrobe details. Most often, Puerto Rican women wear long chiffon dresses that emphasize their femininity. As for the colors they are definitely not bright tropical shades, but rather more restrained light.

They are carefree

Puerto Rican women are famous for their light, radiant character. Local women are always smiling and in good spirits. They know how to enjoy everything and sometimes remind schoolgirls on summer vacation.

There seems to be very few things in the world that can upset them. They will definitely not spoil their mood with such trifles as lack of money or lack of a new dress. Pleasant weather and people around are already enough for an excellent mood.

They are passionate and sensitive

Needless to say, Puerto Rican women are those in whom passion burns and the fire does not go out. Legends can be told about their emotionality and threshold of sensitivity. They know how to appreciate the moment and enjoy it in all forms.

There is a feeling next to them, similar to the bliss of being near the soft warm ocean under the gentle sun. Puerto Rican women know how to give pleasure in all its forms.

They are open, easy-going, and liberated

Puerto Rican women will always speak directly about their feelings and desires, without hints and hypocrisy. If they liked you, they will most likely inform you about it right away.

Also, there is no taboo for them in talking about sex. They will not only say directly that they would like to do it, but they will always keep you informed about their desires, not forgetting to ask about yours.

Do Puerto Rican Women Make Good Wives?

It may seem that the natural relaxedness of local women makes them especially irresponsible and ready to have sex with the first person they meet, but this is not truth. Puerto Rican women give themselves only to those for whom they truly feel love.

They deeply respect traditions and dream of meeting the man with whom they will be happy for many years. Puerto Ricans are loyal; they are alien to concepts such as treason. At the same time, even being married, they do not cease to catch admiring menโ€™s glances on themselves.

Puerto Rican women are wonderful mothers. Children have fun with them, because these women are children themselves inside. They are cheerful and mischievous just like children. They willingly spend a lot of time with their daughters and sons.

If the Puerto Rican womanโ€™s husband wants her not to work, but to do only the house work, she will gladly do it and make your home a stronghold of happiness and comfort.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

It may seem that women prefer similar men, but this is not the case. In men, Puerto Ricans are looking for what they themselves lack: calmness and restraint. They need a man next to her, who complements her passion with balance, directs her irrepressible energy in the right direction. Such a man is like a haven where her stormy temperament rests in body and soul.

Puerto Rican women are very attracted to such serious and reliable men who know what responsibility and a sense of duty are. They do not always find these qualities in local men, so they willingly consider grooms from abroad.

Moreover, Puerto Rican women cannot always boast of an enviable financial position, so if you show generosity, your chances of success increase even more.

Where To Meet Puerto Rican Women in Country?

It is easy to get acquainted with a Puerto Rican girl, often they themselves are the initiators of acquaintance and communication. You just need to know the places where local girls are especially disposed to meet new people.

On the beach

Puerto Rico is a real find for those who came not only to enjoy the serene waves of the Caribbean Sea, but also sultry beauties walking along the white sand. As practice shows, meeting on the beach is the easiest and most relaxed. A fleur of romance and heated carelessness hovers over the couples, created on one of the colorful Puerto Rican beaches.

The most popular beaches in Puerto Rico: Isla Verde, Flamenco Beach, Crash Boat Beach, La Posita, Dorado Beach,

In parks and reserves

Puerto Rico boasts a myriad of parks and reserves, home to some of the most incredible plants and wildlife, as well as waterfalls, underground rivers, and caves. Persuade the local beauty to become your guide and walk around the picturesque location together.

You can look at turtles, listen to the croaking of the dwarf coca frogs, the national symbol of Puerto Rico, or ask her about the animals living on this island. Alternatively, her favorite animals.

The most famous parks: The El Yunque National Forest, Toro Negro State Forest, Rio Camuy Cave Park, Mona Island

At holidays and festivals

A tourist who has not attended one of the local holidays has not been to Puerto Rico. For a man who has come in search of the woman of his dreams, this is the perfect place to meet.

After all, a woman will see that you are interested in the traditions of her people, and she will be happy about that. And you will see a full-fledged carnival with decorated islanders, passionate dances and crazy drum rhythms.

The most famous carnivals: The San Sebastiรกn Street Festival, Ponce Carnival, Three Kings Day, Casals Festival, Puerto Rico Salsa Congress

Where to Meet Puerto Rican Women Online?

Because of the scorching sun and the general atmosphere of relaxation and pleasure, it is sometimes difficult to understand each otherโ€™s true intentions. The Puerto Rican woman you like may decide that you are a resort romance hunter. On the other hand, maybe she herself doesnโ€™t want a serious relationship.

If you are interested in the prospect of marrying a girl from Puerto Rico, it is better to use an online service. There you will not waste time wondering what the girl wants, and you can already at the initial stages find out who she is and what she is. This will allow your future relationship to be more trusting. This is the basic condition for a strong family.

How to Date a Puerto Rican Girl: 5 Tips

Finding a balance between funny and serious, between responsibility and carelessness โ€“ this is the main secret of conquering the heart of an inhabitant of the paradise island. What other successful dating ideas are there?

Let her choose a restaurant

Ask her what cute restaurants there are and where she would like to go. Hint that you would be interested in trying the local food. Puerto Rican women attach great importance to the traditions of their homeland, including gastronomy. Therefore, she, most likely, will want to introduce you to local delicacies and knows where you can taste the best of them.

Ask her to teach how to dance salsa

If she doesnโ€™t know how (which is unlikely) โ€“ go to the courses together. Salsa is Puerto Ricoโ€™s trademark, and the most passionate dance in the world. And everyone knows how joint dances kindle passion and bring people together. Having your couple consecrated as a dance is definitely a good sign for a relationship.

Play the games

Come up with a quest to make acquaintance fun and intriguing. Play Truth or Dare, for example. Ask what games are popular in her country. You can also go to the quest room. Since Puerto Ricans are real children at heart, they will come to indescribable delight and excitement from the fun game. In addition, they will appreciate the opportunity to show dexterity and ingenuity.

Touch her as often as possible

For Puerto Rican women, touch is not just important, but vital. They prefer not to let their loved one out of their hands. Therefore, hug more often, hold hands and do not hesitate to touch her, even in a neutral conversation. Surely, your passionate kisses should become regular.

Remind of feelings

Send her love SMS and stickers, bring candy to work, replace broken headphones with new ones. Show with words and actions how much you love her, how dear she is to you. Puerto Rican women are very expressive, therefore, the external manifestation of feelings is very important for them, they are ready to do it themselves and want the same from their partner.


Is it true that Puerto Rican women are too frivolous and cheeky?

The natural lightness and carelessness of Puerto Rican women can give the impression that they are rather irresponsible young women. Nevertheless, this is not at all the case. They take their responsibilities both at work and in the family. In serious situations you can rely on them. Religion and upbringing do not allow them to be frivolous, and even more so, cheating on her husband is an unforgivable sin for them.

How close are Puerto Ricans to their parents and relatives?

In Puerto Rico, it is very common for several generations of relatives to live in the same house. They all help each other and come for advice. This does not mean that you will also have to live in a large house with the rest of her relatives, but be prepared that she will want to visit them and help them as often as possible. Your relatives will also become truly dear to her.

Does temperament affect Puerto Rican behavior?

Puerto Rican women are characterized by emotionality and like to actively gesticulate, but this does not mean that they cannot control themselves. A woman in Puerto Rico knows what ethics and rules of conduct are. She will never allow herself to lose her head and completely surrender to emotions.

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