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Alongside ancient historical masterpieces of the Persian country of Iran, its charming females are another outstanding Mid-East attraction alluring for newcomers. 

There are no crowds of tourists in this locality due to the challenging economic and security environment. However, Iranian women deserve attention. 

Foreign men seeking love and marriage to beautiful Asian ladies will rightly appreciate their extraordinary qualities. Here is a description of Iranian girlsโ€™ unique charm and lovely personality that will please any groom.    

What Are Iranian Women Like?

Iranian Woman

Revealing the beauty of an Iranian girl is not so easy. Moreover, it is a quest due to religion and strict Muslim rules. Iranian women must wear long garments, and sometimes veils or hijabs open only their hands. 

At the same time, by getting to know Persian females closer, a man may reveal the sticking exotic charm of Iranian girls. 

They have a natural sweet look

You will be amazed by the unexpectedly lovely look of an Iranian lady, with her luscious black hair, honey-colored skin, and voluptuous and curvy body lines. 

Iranian women usually decorate themselves very skillfully using make-up reasonably. Their facial features are bright naturally with full red lips, high pink cheekbones, long dark eyelashes, and white teeth.

Their inner world is profound 

It is unbelievable, but generally, Mid-East women are intelligent and educated. Besides, they have a broad outlook and can maintain a conversation on any topic. 

Iranian girls are very delicate. Thus they never hurt with their words. On the contrary, they support and always advise in weird situations.   

Iranian women are very kind-hearted 

Asian people are famous for their friendliness and hospitality. This feature is their in-born quality and is inherited from their predecessors. You feel at ease with any Iranian girl. It is delightful to mingle with her.

Local girls will do everything for you as a foreigner in their country. Moreover, they act protectively and defend all family members after the wedding. 

Do Iranian Women Make Good Wives?

Marriage is the highest priority for every Iranian girl. Despite their wit and intelligence, they prefer to devote their lives to the traditional female role of a wife and a mother. 

Although Iranian women are greatly motivated for marriage, they are perfect in everything you will look for in an ideal spouse. 

Devoted and skilled in love   

Iranian wives are hot and tireless mistresses. Despite the covered head and body parts, recent decades gave Persian females more freedom regarding access to information and education. They became more developed and thirsty for love. 

These adorable women are frequently faithful and devoted to one man their whole life. Thus, Iranian girls seldom step into relations without the perspective of marriage. 

Men are not allowed in the kitchen 

Local women perfectly cope with the cooking, cleaning, and tidying of their lodging single-handed. These routines are traditionally considered femalesโ€™ obligations. Thus, your Iranian wife will not give you any chances to be engaged in the house chores.

An intelligent mentor for their kids

Your Iranian wife ensures the best education for your children. Being wise and developed profoundly, she will provide opportunities for her kids to learn more. Children will grow up becoming well-versed personalities with a comprehensive outlook. 

Due to their caring character, Iranian wives are attentive and supportive moms. They are always on alert to help their posterity in every activity, which is sufficient for your kidsโ€™ future success.

What Kind of Men Do Iranian Women Like?

Iranian Girls

Few positive traits of a foreign man will make you attractive in the eyes of an Iranian lady who wants to become a devoted and decent wife. 

  • Have severe intentions for family creation from the very beginning. 
  • Show your caring and respectful attitude not only for your Iranian girl but also for her family.
  • Do not waste money, but be not greedy. You may not have a million dollars in your pocket or a gorgeous villa in Cannes. However, your stable financial situation is a great plus.
  • Always keep your words and do not cheat. Iranian girls are susceptible to any lies. 
  • Demonstrate your readiness to devote your time to family issues. Believe that Iranian women will not demand excessive attention to home routines. 

Where to Meet Iranian Women in Iran?

Foreign tourists are frequent guests in the streets of Iranian municipalities. However, these localities deserve more, possessing numerous historical attractions, ancient pieces of art and architecture, and gorgeous Iranian women for marriage and life.


Teheran is the capital of Iran and an important economic center; thus, educated and intelligent Iranian women live here. They speak foreign languages and may become your lovely guide in this country.

The cityโ€™s streets are not the best place to meet nice single Iranian girls, as they hide their faces and are not allowed to walk alone. Take your tour of local palaces (Sadabad, Niavaran) or the mosque of Seyyed Azizollah and the carpet or glass and ceramic museums. Think about visiting some parks, which count more than 740 here. 

Do not omit ski resorts, like Shemshak, around Teheran offering white ski slopes if you are fond of this sport. Many Iranian girls with a high probability will respond to your courting there. 

An excellent idea is dropping in some resultant for local cuisine degustation: Taj Mahal, the Tehran Paris, Shabestan Restaurant. Iranian women frequently visit those sites and eagerly contact friendly foreign men there.  


Generally, contemporary Persian cities, including the second-most-populous municipality of the country, Mashhad, do not offer vivid and hilarious nightlife. 

However, you can meet a decent Iranian woman in many public places offering active leisure and engaging time spending. These localities are Bagh Melli Park, the Water Waves Land water park, and Arman Shopping Center. A nice Iranian girl will gladly spend her time with you. 

Otherwise, combine some tasty dishes, quiet music, and an oriental atmosphere dropping to local restaurants or cafes. This outing will be enjoyable if a sweet Iranian girl joins you in Grill House, Hezardestan Traditional Teahouse, the Lio. 

How to Meet Iranian Women Online

Meeting and dating Iranian women, who are modest and shy, is quite a challenge in the streets of their native cities. Thus, the Internet is an excellent chance for a single Iranian lady to become acquainted with foreign men. Many femalesโ€™ outstanding accounts may be seen in Mid-East and international dating portals.

Create your attractive and trustworthy profile. Download your best photos and disclose the information about yourself and your intentions. Generally, it is not difficult, as a good dating app or a matchmaking service provides essential questions to reveal your best features. 

Do not rush into the services offering expensive payment plans. Usually, reliable websites for dating Iranian girls provide a trial period or free messaging. Thus, you ensure that the service is suitable for you. Later, you may upgrade your profile and get an opportunity to see additional profiles or free chats with Iranian beauties.   

How to Date an Iranian Girl: 5 Tips

Romance culture and life-long relations are pretty different in Persian countries. Read this information to know how to handle your exclusive oriental gift โ€“ an Iranian woman. 

  1. Be attentive, protecting, and caring. These features will show that you do not resemble local men, who are sometimes rude and abusive.  
  2. Be aware that your relations must quickly progress once youโ€™ve decided to marry your Iranian woman.  
  3. Due to traditions, the familyโ€™s opinion is critical. Local women often live with their older relatives, even grown-up persons. Do not be embarrassed to meet the parents of your Iranian girl very soon after your first date with her. Try to impress her mom and dad. 
  4. Oriental life differs much from the western one. Learn some cultural tips of the land of your Iranian girl, like religion, food and drink preferences, and the main holidays. 
  5. Avoid risky jokes, rude words, overindulging in alcohol, and hilarious parties, as this behavior contradicts the way of life Iranian women conduct. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Iranian customs that seem weird to foreigners?

Iran, like any other eastern country, is a mystery to any western person. Learning tips on local lifestyle, traditions, and values is essential to make your approach to an Iranian woman more straightforward. Thus, your relations will progress faster.

Note that: 

  • Iranian women and men do not eat pork; 
  • the people from the Mid-East do not drink beer or wine; 
  • most people are religious and confess to Islam; however, many progressive Iranian girls tolerate other religions and modern lifestyles;
  • Iranians listen to their familiesโ€™ opinions before tying the knot. However, most choose their spouses after falling in love with a person they marry.

Stereotypes of Iranian women

The local girls cannot vote, work and drive a car. No. Iranian girls usually get an excellent education and participate in their countryโ€™s economic and political life. Besides, the ratio of female college students is higher than male ones.  

They are all Arabs. It is not so. Due to the similarity of the nationโ€™s name with Iraq, many people think Iranians are Arabs. The population of Iran is Iranians or Persians. However, both countries are Muslims. 

They speak Arabic. Nope. Farsi or Persian is the native language of your Iranian women. It is not similar to Arabic and belongs to the Indo-European family with many English traits.  Iraqis are Arabs and speak Arabic. 

Do Iranian women speak a foreign language?

Modern Iranian women frequently speak foreign languages after secondary school or university education. Many local people know at least basic English demanded by current high-tech, tourism, and hospitality jobs.

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