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Cuba is a faraway country that attracts tourists with its unique nature and picturesque beaches with fair sand and transparent ocean water. Even the difficult economic and political situation in this country doesnโ€™t prevent thousands of people from going there.

All men who have been to this exotic place are amazed not only by local nature but also by gorgeous local women. Why are Cuban ladies so attractive and how to date them? You will find the answers below, in this very guide.

4 Cuban Womenโ€™s Characteristics That Drive Men Crazy

They Look Eye-Catching

Cuban women dress up in such a way that attracts the impressed gazes of men. They are not shy to emphasize their curves and show all the advantages of their bodies.

Ladies from Cuba like to wear close-fitting clothes that allow men to have a good look at all the beauty of their shapes. Moreover, many of them have some revealing outfits in their wardrobes. Crop tops and mini skirts are also a must-have for a fashionable Cuban chick.

All these clothes are not considered vulgar in this country. Even mature ladies donโ€™t see anything bad in wearing tight leggings or mini dresses that let them show their beautiful bodies.

Furthermore, bright cosmetics and shiny accessories are very popular in this country. Cuban women dress up and put on makeup every day as if they were going to a party.

They Are Very Sexy

This is not only about their outfits but also about their manners and state of mind. Cuban girls just radiate the sexual energy that captivates men. The flirting skills of these charming ladies are irresistible. That is why Cuban women are capable of winning the hearts of even the shyest men or the most confirmed bachelors.

They Can Make the First Move

Women in Cuba are daring and initiative. These bright ladies donโ€™t consider it wrong to take the first step in a relationship. Perhaps, this is caused by the lack of males in this country.

If a Cuban lady likes a man she will not miss her chance. She will not wait for a guy to make the first move but will do this by herself.

Such behavior is rather strange for many foreigners. A lot of them are afraid of initiative girls because they think that a woman who takes the first step wants to take advantage of a man.

But this is not about Cuban girls. They are just afraid of missing the unique opportunity to get a good boyfriend. So, if they see the chance of getting acquainted with a handsome foreigner they donโ€™t pass it up.

They Can Show What the True Love is Like

It is a pleasure to have a Cuban lady as a girlfriend. Women of Cuba are very passionate and are not shy to fulfill all desires of their men. They bring unforgettable experiences to their boyfriends in bed.

Also, Cuban women are very caring and affectionate. They surround their life partners with love and adoration. They never forget to show their feelings and treat their boyfriends as well as possible.

3 Reasons Why Foreigners Marry Cuban Women

Cuban Girls Are Extremely Good in Bed

Ladies of this nationality are free in expressing their feelings physically. They are not shy and donโ€™t mind experimenting. Being girlfriends, Cuban women fulfill all desires of their boyfriends. And becoming wives, they donโ€™t lose their hotness. Cuban women keep being awesome lovers even within many years of married life.

Cuban Wives Are Responsible And Diligent

Women from this country are hard-working and good at doing household chores. They believe that the main responsibility of a wife is to keep the home clean and cozy and to take care of a husband and children. Cuban ladies cope with these tasks perfectly.

Cuban Women Dote on Their Children

Love for kids is typical for all ladies of this nationality. Cuban women do whatever it takes to provide as fine goods to their children as possible and give the best education to them.

Also, they can make true friends with their children. They believe that building a relationship of trust with kids is the most important thing in child-rearing. And this really helps to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings between parents and their children.

Tastes of Cuban Women

If you dream of dating a Cuban woman but worry about whether ladies of this nationality are going to consider you attractive or not, take it easy! We have good news for you! To attract beautiful Cuban girls, it is enough just to be a foreigner.

These exotic ladies are fond of Western men and consider them as perfect boyfriends. Therefore, tourists are getting in the spotlight of womenโ€™s attention once they arrive in this country. Furthermore, age and physique donโ€™t matter. To draw Cuban womenโ€™s attention, it is enough to have a Western type of appearance and to be English-speaking. Ladies from this country are delighted with foreigners and often prefer them to local guys.

Where to Meet Cuban Women in Cuba?

If you are choosing the destination for your next vacation, Cuba is a quite good option. You will be able to combine a great rest with meeting beautiful girls in this country. There are plenty of places full of pretty ladies who are glad to get acquainted with foreigners there. So, where to meet an exotic girlfriend?

Near Tourist Attractions

A lot of Cuban women are so eager to get foreign boyfriends that they go to places with the maximum concentration of tourists. Here are the most popular attractions in Havana, the capital of Cuba:

  • Malecon, a famous coastal esplanade and a dam.
  • National Capitol, an architectural monument and a government building.
  • Grand Theater of Havana, an elegant concert hall built in the 19th century.
  • La Catedral de la Virgen Marรญa, a Catholic church built in the 18th century.

If you have chosen Varadero, the most popular resort city of Cuba, as the place to spend your vacation, donโ€™t forget to visit the following sights there:

  • Parque Josone, an old neoclassical mansion surrounded by a beautiful garden.
  • Iglesia Santa Elvira, a pretty Catholic church built in the 20th century.
  • Cueva de Ambrosio, an archeological site where you can see examples of cave art.

At the Beach

The best and the cleanest beaches of this country are in Varadero. You can meet a lot of sexy local girls at Playa de Varadero, the huge complex of several beaches, which stretches for over 20 km.

You can also find some beautiful beaches with pretty Cuban women in the suburbs of Havana. For example, Playas del Este, a complex of several beaches located 18 km to the West from the city.

In the Parks

Beautiful Cuban women who want to get foreign boyfriends know that tourists like to visit local parks. So, you can find a lot of beautiful girls in the parks of:

  • Havana: Parque Guayasamรญn, Parque Almendares, Parque John Lennon, Parque de la Fraternidad.
  • Varadero: Parque Josone, Parque de Las 8000 Taquillas, Santa Marta Park, Cactus Gigante.

In Nightclubs

You donโ€™t even have to go to nightclubs because you can meet Cuban girls just everywhere you go. But if you are fond of parties, you will definitely like the following places:

  • In Havana: Tropicana, La Gruta, La Red.
  • In Varadero: Havana Club, La Comparsita, The Beatles.

Where to Meet Cuban Women Online?

If going to Cuba doesnโ€™t sound good to you, there is another way to get an exotic girlfriend. You can meet her online whenever you are. A lot of Cuban girls are eager to find foreign boyfriends, so they join mail order brides services. These are online platforms that create a convenient and safe environment for long-distance relationships. You can find thousands of pretty Cuban girls looking for reliable life partners from abroad there.

How to Date a Cuban Girl: 5 Tips

  1. Get used to the girlsโ€™ initiative. If you get registered on a dating platform to meet Cuban women online, donโ€™t get surprised if some of them write to you first. It is OK for ladies of this nationality to show their interest in men openly. Donโ€™t ignore the first steps of beautiful girls, reciprocate them, and develop a relationship.
  2. Appreciate her beauty. Cuban ladies try hard to look eye-catching and draw menโ€™s attention. If you show that you appreciate this, a lady is going to be happy about this. So, donโ€™t forget to give compliments to the girl you like to keep her interested in you and maintain good relations.
  3. Be polite. There are a lot of rude men in Cuba. But many girls donโ€™t like them. So, always act politely and show a good attitude to ladies to be more attractive to Cuban women than local rude guys are.
  4. Be generous. The essential way to show love is to make a girl happy. You can do this with the help of inviting her to interesting places, treating her to delicious dishes and tasty drinks, and giving presents to her. If you donโ€™t do this, a lady will just conclude that you donโ€™t love her.
  5. Support her. A lot of women in Cuba experience financial or other difficulties because of the unstable circumstances in their native country. And they believe that a loving man is a person a lady can always rely on. So, Cuban girls donโ€™t hesitate to ask their boyfriends for help. And it is considered that if a man really has feelings for a woman, he will never say no.


How to Overcome a Language Barrier With Cuban Women?

The mother language of Cuban girls is Spanish. Only the hotel staff is good at English while plain girls are not rather fluent in this language. Thus, there can be a language barrier between an English-speaking man and local women.

But love has no limits. So, it is possible to find common ground with local ladies even if you donโ€™t speak Spanish. Use your body language and mimics to show your positive attitude, offer a drink and treats to a girl, and she will immediately understand that you like her.

If you meet Cuban women online, use translation services to understand each other better. Also, have video calls to see each other and hear the voice of each other, which will help to establish psychological contact.

What Is Cuban Womenโ€™s Attitude to the Age Gap?

In fact, it doesnโ€™t matter at all to the majority of the girls from this country. The essential thing is to feel beloved. If a man shows a good attitude to a woman, she doesnโ€™t care about how old he is.

Do Cuban Girls Like Presents And Why?

Women from this country are fond of surprises. They believe that a man should make his girlfriend happy. And material things can really cheer Cuban girls up. And this is not because money matters more to them than love but just because there is a difficult economic situation in Cuba and there are no opportunities for young ladies to earn pocket money. Thus, they expect their boyfriends to give them little pleasant presents: clothes, accessories, smartphones, etc.

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