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The chiseled beauty of Thai women is undeniable, spiced with oriental devotion and passion. Read on the best ways of winning their hearts and souls.   

The mesmerizing country of Thailand is located on sunny sea beaches in warm tropics. Its stunning women are a dream of any foreign single man willing to create a family.

Adorable Asian girls are betrothed to kind westernized men looking for their perfect couple. The list of Thai girlsโ€™ virtues is extensive. In case you hunt for one of these beauties, then we have you covered. 

What are Thai women like?

Tender, timid, subtle, delicate but extraordinarily sexy, are the words, which are mostly used to describe Thai womenโ€™s features. Asian women are not only exotic but have the best qualities to be excellent partners, friends, and wives.

Exotic beauty

Stunning Thai women are among the most westernized Asian nations. They look like European ladies, their dresses and style are very similar to western outfits. 

However, their exotic marvelous look makes them unique. Thai girls have pretty round faces with thin features, clean and tanned complexion resembling porcelain, and chiseled slim bodies. They are always neatly dressed, are decorated, and wear national accessories and bijou skillfully.

Delicate touches 

Thai women are tender and delicate. They have profound medical knowledge and know the anatomy of human bodies. Kind touches of Thai women are relaxing, their massage skills are outstanding and may even cure some diseases. 

That is why multiple massage salons are widely spread in Thai municipalities. It also makes Thailand a popular destination for medical tourism. 

Appealing sexuality 

With your Thai bride, you will get the most passionate and hot nights. The sexuality of these Asian women is out of the question and is well known all over the world. Thousands of men travel to Thailand for sweet dating and exciting impressions with local girls.

Your Thai wife wll be kind and tender. Together with her strong individuality, you will get a faithful friend, a nice companion and an ardent lover attracting you day and night.  

Modern and progressive 

Women from Thailand are progressive and have all modern skills. They are well educated, work, and build their careers. These enhancing Thai ladies adapt well in western countries, continue their professional activity and even get promotions in local companies.  

However, adorable women of Thailand manage to combine their money earning and families rising, paying attention to both sides of their lives successfully. 

Outstanding character

Apart from their stunning appearance, Thai brides have perfect inner qualities. They are smart and well-versed. Due to Asian upbringing, Thai women are kind, tolerant, and obedient.        

In addition, Thai women are very strong and enduring. They have time to perform several assignments simultaneously, being multitasking. Unlike many other Asian nations, Thai ladies devote their lives not only to their families but also to continuing their careers after getting married.  

Do Thai women make good wives?

Being rational women, Thai housewives are a real gift for those men who seek understanding. They are rather thrifty and do not waste money, managing to keep houses tidy and cook perfectly.  

Thai girls are very friendly and welcoming, they like receiving guests. Their gentle attitude makes Thailand the best among tourist destinations. Local hotels, street food, nightlife, hospitals and massage salons attract many foreign visitors. This is due to both, high quality of services, and warm and hospitable reception of Thai girls working there. 

Children are in high priority for Thai women. They are taught to bring up kids and take care of them since their childhood, while being responsible for their younger siblings. Local women are industrious, not afraid of housework and professional services. Moreover, they manage to combine their jobs with attention and protection of their kids, paying them so much devotion. 

It is needless to say, that hot Thai girls provide the sweetest nights western men have ever spent. These adorable women are loving and faithful, but at the same time passionate and inventive in intimate relationships.

What type of men are Thai women looking for? 

Are you a western single man, a groom from North America, or a decent man from a well-developed country willing to create a happy family? Thus, your scores in the eyes of Thai women are multiplied compared with their compatriots.

Magnificent Thai women with serious matrimonial intentions prefer this kind of male. There are several reasons for that.

Western men are more polite and educated, than locals. Foreign grooms are generous and meet the requirements of Thai girls being more prosperous, successful and able to provide for a family. 

Thai women usually seek to change their country of residence for a western or more developed one. Their children may get better education and have more opportunities for their future in such courtiers.

Where to meet Thai Women in Thailand?


12 million people reside in Bangkok, and your chances to meet and attract a lovely Thai wife are great there. Hundreds of business centers, thousands of offices, hotels, restaurants and other locations for foreign guestsโ€™ reception are perfect places to meet single girls in Thailand. 

As in any other Asian country, Thai women seldom agree to contact a strange man in the street or in some entertaining establishment. To get a better understanding of Thailand culture and avoid language barriers, use local guide services, which are very convenient and not expensive. 

When courting your Thai bride, you will have an excellent opportunity to get unforgettable impressions of Thai history, religion and architecture. Buddhist churches Wat Pho, Wat Arun, the Grand Palace of Wat Phra Kaew are worth visiting with your lovely companion.   

Chiang Mai

The second largest city of Thailand is located in the mountain area of the countryโ€™s northern part. Chiang Mai houses wealthy citizens and many attractive girls may be met here. The city is ancient and full of historical masterpieces worth seeing, like 117 old Buddhist temples (Wats). 

However, its main enjoyment lies in its vibrant festivals collecting the best Thai girls from close and far provinces and municipalities. November is the month for the Loy Krathong celebration. Its beautiful tradition is to launch lights in the dark night sky, making the scenario impressive. The Festival of Flowers is celebrated in February. It is also very beautiful due to various tropical blooming plants and flowers displayed in the streets.  


Phuket is not a big city of Thailand, but it is rather popular as a business and tourist center. It is located in one of the inland areas and has a great beach area with excellent opportunities for relaxation. Many attractive Thai women come to this place to live and work here. 

Besides, this locality used to be the center of the mining industry historically, and many business centers and offices operate here. If you come across a female professional from this area, she will surely have a good education and speak at least one foreign language fluently.

Thus, Phuket may be recommended for those foreign singles who seek a smart and intellectually developed Thai woman.   

How to date a Thai girl online

Why do hot Thai women use online dating services?

Online dating websites are the most convenient and quickest way to find a Thai wife. They become viral and popular not only among single men, but also among serious Thai women for marriage. The reasons for this are numerous.    

  1. Asian people are traditionally less open in gender relations. Their religion and ways of life forbid multiple relations and open connections with their partners. Usually, it is also not permitted in their secular laws. Besides, frequently females have less freedom, unlike western women. However, meeting and dating men online is possible and sometimes is a good way out for a Thai girl. 
  1. If you are a decent foreigner, a single Thai woman is into you. Most local girls dream about their future abroad. Internet dating services provide them an opportunity to meet a man from other developed countries. Thus, they have a chance to create a family abroad. 
  2. Thai mail order bridesโ€™ services, online dating platforms and matchmaking websites are convenient for those who are engaged in work, studying or business. Many services provide mobile applications for dating Thai women.

If a Thai woman is pressed for time in her private life, she may use it always when she is online, commuting to work, having her dinner, during lessons breaks.  

Recommendations for using matchmaking services of Thai mail order bride platforms

Traveling to Thailand personally with the aim of hunting for a mesmerizing Thai bride is surely the most reliable and thrilling variant for meeting and wooing a girl. 

However, it has plenty of disadvantages, which may be omitted when using dating platforms with this aim. To use matchmaking services, keep to a few tips and you will succeed. 

  1. Be cautious with your online information. Prior to registering on the payment basis, try several free web resources. Many responsible Thai mail order bridesโ€™ services offer testing periods for nothing.  
  2. Asian bridesโ€™ dating sites are popular and their number is great. Use only those, whose functionality is complete and the interface is understandable and convenient. Remember, that you will spend much time with this platform, both on the stage of wooing and selecting, and later, when you have a romantic relationship with a Thai beauty. 
  3. Check out all expenditures, you will have to pay. There may be hidden costs. The service should be affordable for you to avoid inconveniences. At the same time, remember that too cheap matchmaking services may use fake profiles of beauties or will be scamming.  
  4. Avoid platforms with model-like photos. This may be an indication that accounts of Thai mail order brides are not verified. Real girls place their lifestyle pictures and chat with you eagerly on any topic you ask. 
  5. It is a common practice to start your communication with several Thai girls you like. It takes time to select an only lady, which will be dear to you. Nevertheless, after you decide, say words of farewell and thank you for all the rest. Be polite and delicate. 
  6. Additional services and usability play an important role. You may need travel, guide, administrative assistance, and a translatorโ€™s help. If a Thai mail order bride website is supplemented with many filters, convenient chat boxes, communication tools, and the possibility to send virtual and real gifts, โ€“ your online experience of dating a Thai woman will be a pleasure.      

Where to meet Thai women online

The Internet provides numerous opportunities of meeting and dating Thai women, even while staying at a distance with these hot and lovely girls. 

  • If you are far away and local languages in Thailand are unfamiliar to you, opt for Thai mail order bride services. They provide a number of additional functions such as translation, guidance on history, culture, and local sightseeing. 
  • Matchmaking portals and dating applications make your rendezvous quicker and more convenient. 
  • Various messengers, text boxes, video calls and online meetups including those, which are integrated in the Thai dating websites, are necessary for flawless communication with your Thai girl.
  • Social media will keep you in touch with your love and help reveal more about her life, hobbies, friends, interests. Do not waste your opportunity to use the information a Thai lady provides in her private page.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it expensive to buy a Thai bride? 

Buying a mail order bride is a question, which occurs frequently on the internet. However, it does not mean that it goes about people purchasing. This phrase means the cost of services of bride-to-be acquaintance and dating. It is not possible to pay and order a real Thai girl.

  • Usually the cost of Thai mail order bridesโ€™ services or internet dating platforms is approximately $50-$100 per month. Lower amounts may be a warning sign of some fraud.
  • In addition, intending to meet your Thai bride in person, get prepared for travel and accommodation expenditures, which may rise up to $1,000-$5,000 depending on your demands.  
  • The total amount for marrying a Thai woman including wedding spendings and your brideโ€™s relocation costs depend on you. Some foreign grooms are extremely generous and may afford sums reaching $20,000 amounts. 

Is it legit marrying a Thai bride for a foreigner?

There is no obstacle for a Thai girl and a western man to marry, in case an international couple loves each other and dates for a while. There are no restrictions in secular legislation of Thailand to keep your Thai bride from tying the knot with you.  

If a groom is a US citizen, a bride will need a K-1 visa for fiancรฉ entry. Besides, the migration service can ask you to prove that you have been dating a Thai girl for at least two years. These may be your friendsโ€™ evidence, photos, common tickets, etc. 

Do Thai women speak English?

Thai women using matchmaking or mail order bridesโ€™ services have strong intentions to marry internationally. They usually study a foreign language of the country they plan to relocate to. 

Usually Thai girls which may be met in big municipalities, are well educated, work in different areas of business or governmental structures, international companies or in the sphere of hospitality. All these directions demand a high level of English proficiency. 

What are the peculiarities of Thai cuisine, which your Thai will cook for you?    

Although the street food in Thailand may seem to be not appetizing, even snacks of dry insects in this country are mouthwatering. Moreover, your Thai wife will surely impress you with her cooking skills. 

Guay teow is a local soup made of all sorts of noodles. The varieties of this dish are great. Flour, rice, or eggs may be used for noodles. The dish is seldom cooked as a vegetarian. More often, wontons (local dumplings), meatballs, fish or other seafood is used additionally. It may also be supplied with the tasty sauce, made of local flavorings.      

Thai soup made of chicken with coconut flavor is called Tom kha gai. Its coconut addition makes the dish sweet, supplying it with a rich taste. Chicken may be substituted with any protein including seafoods and shrimps. A vegetarian option is available if you choose this variant.     

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