Sweden is a beautiful northern country with stunning women. Girls of this nationality are attractive both for their compatriots and for foreign men. Why are they so popular and how to approach them? Get the detailed description of Sweden women and the tips on dating them from our guide!

5 Typical Features of Swedish Women

They Are Naturally Beautiful

Swedish women are gorgeous. The majority of them are tall and endowed with blonde hair. This makes them rather exotic for American men and extremely attractive.

Swedish women donโ€™t use much makeup. Most of them dress modestly as well. They prefer jeans to dresses and sneakers to high heels. Also, they donโ€™t like to clutter up their wardrobes. They would rather buy a few casual outfits of fine quality than an abundance of bright dresses they wear only once a year. The main criterion they pay attention to while choosing clothes is practicality and comfort.

They Are Self-Sufficient And Many-Sided

Swedish women are very independent and emancipated. They are smart and eager to learn. The high level of education allows them to find prestigious jobs. And the innate industriousness and enterprise help them achieve career success or manage profitable businesses.

Swedish ladies donโ€™t like to be dependent on someone both financially and emotionally. They donโ€™t need someone to be around just not to feel alone or bored. Therefore, when a woman of this nationality is looking for a life partner, she wants to find a true soulmate, not just any man.

They Are Not Very Emotional

Northern Swedish women are the complete opposite of hot southern girls. They are not rich in emotions and always behave reservedly.

This can be unusual for foreigners. Swedish girls may seem cold and unapproachable to men from other countries. But this is not like that in fact.

Swedish women are not cold, they are just calm. Ladies of this nationality are not too talkative and not very active in their mimics and body language. This is what foreigners must get used to while communicating with Swedish women.

But such calmness leads to an undeniable advantage. Girls from this country are not inclined to scandals. They avoid conflicts and prefer to solve all misunderstandings peacefully.

They Are Friendly And Sociable

This may seem a bit controversial to the previous feature. But this is true. Despite being not very emotional, Swedish women are very sociable. They are fond of meeting new people and making new friends.

They also donโ€™t mind getting acquainted with foreigners as this is a great opportunity to learn something interesting about other cultures. It is very easy to establish contact with a lady from Sweden because each of them is rather friendly and open to new acquaintances.

They Are Straightforward

Swedish women donโ€™t like pretending. If they like or dislike something, they openly express their feelings. Such directness may seem even rude sometimes. But it is very beneficial for a relationship. It is easy to understand whether a woman is satisfied with everything or not because she just talks about it.

If a Swedish lady is satisfied with everything, she never forgets to express her appreciation towards a life partner. And if she doesnโ€™t like anything she doesnโ€™t hold a grudge but talks about her dissatisfaction openly and offers to compromise. This helps to maintain good relations, no matter what.

What Are Swedish Wives Like?

Swedish Wives Are Equal Life Partners

Sweden is a country of absolute equality. Therefore, local women scorn traditional family values. They believe that there are no โ€œmenโ€™sโ€ and โ€œwomenโ€™sโ€ duties. That is why they share responsibilities with their husbands equally.

A husband can always rely on his Swedish wife in a difficult situation. Swedish women are not fragile girls who can only whine in case of some problems.

Swedish Wives Find Balance Between Family And Career

It is a nightmare for a Swedish lady to give up her career. Women from this country need to fulfill their potential at work or in business. Therefore, very few of them become housewives after getting married. They keep on working after tying the knot and even after giving birth to children.

Swedish wives contribute to their family budgets equally with their husbands. But, in turn, these independent women expect their husbands to share responsibilities related to housekeeping and kidsโ€™ upbringing equally.

Swedish Wives Are Keen on Healthy Lifestyle

Women of Sweden prefer a healthy diet to fast food. Also, they are fond of an active lifestyle and encourage every family member to go in for sports. Thanks to this, Swedish women always keep fit. Also, sports help them to keep their children disciplined.

What Kind of Men Attract Swedish Girls?

Swedish women are rather picky when it comes to choosing a life partner. They look for true soulmates who match them perfectly. So, they like men who:

  • Have common interests with them. Swedish girls want their boyfriends to be true friends as well. That is why they are looking for men who can join them in their hobbies and interests.
  • Respect them. Swedish women are for equality. They scorn men who donโ€™t respect them and their opinions.
  • Can make equal life partners. Swedish wives share all responsibilities equally in their families. Thus, they are looking for men who have approximately the same level of education and income.
  • Are psychologically mature. Swedish women are very conscious about family. They never settle down until they are really ready for this. So, if a woman wants to start a serious relationship, she is not interested in infantile guys but is looking for a man who is ready for a family as well.

Where to Meet Swedish Women in Sweden?

The best cities for dating Swedish girls are:

  • Stockholm, the capital of the country.
  • Gothenburg, a large city in the southwest of Sweden.
  • Umea, the city of students (they make about a third of its population).

Here is the short guide to where exactly you can meet Swedish girls.

In Bars

Local youth like to relax in bars together with friends after classes or work. And some single Swedish girls can even go to the bar alone to find new acquaintances. The best bars in different cities are:

  • In Stockholm: The Temple Bar, Skeppsbar, Stampen, Bar City Central, The Liffey.
  • In Gothenburg: Rockbaren, Bar Bruno, Steampunk Bar, Stranger, Bar Himmel.
  • In Umea: Gotthards Krog, Pipes of Scotland Umeรฅ, Grรถna ร„lgen, Lion Bar.

At Nightclubs

You can see Swedish girls in glamorous outfits and with makeup only at parties. Donโ€™t miss such an opportunity. Visit one of the following nightclubs:

  • In Stockholm: Hellโ€™s Kitchen, Vida, Kyoto, Cafรฉ Opera, Myst.
  • In Gothenburg: Excet, Nefertiti, Park Lane, Push.
  • In Umea: The Cosmos, The Basement.

In Parks

Many locals prefer a healthy lifestyle and donโ€™t visit nightclubs and bars. If you want to meet a girl like this, try your luck at pretty parks:

  • In Stockholm: Lusthusportens Park, Ivar Los Park, Berzelii Park, Tantolunden.
  • In Gothenburg: Slottsskogen, Vasaparken, Kungsparken, Bรคltespรคnnarparken.
  • In Umea: Broparken, Dรถbelns Park, Church Park, City Hall Park.

In Museums And Galleries

There are a lot of inquisitive and creative girls who enjoy learning new things and admiring art in Sweden. You can find them at the following museums and galleries:

  • In Stockholm: Nobel Prize Museum, Thielska Galleriet, Fotografiska.
  • In Gothenburg: Gothenburg Museum of Art, Museum of World Culture, Universeum.
  • In Umea: Bildmuseet, Curiosum, Kvinnohistoriskt Museum.

Where to Meet Swedish Women Online?

A lot of Swedish women have no time for offline dating due to their busy schedules. They also believe that it is not productive to use social media and ordinary dating apps to find a soulmate. That is why they join mail order brides services.

These are specialized websites for finding a future spouse. These online platforms create a secure and comfortable environment for finding a soulmate and long-distance dating.

How to Date a Swedish Girl: 4 Tips

Donโ€™t Be Afraid of Her Initiative

Swedish girls are straightforward and honest. They are used to talking about their feelings openly and directly. If a lady from this country likes a man, she doesnโ€™t play hard to get to make him run after herself. So, if you join a dating site to meet Swedish girls online, donโ€™t be surprised or confused if they write to you first. It is OK for girls of this nationality to take initiative in relationships.

Pay Attention to Common Interests

It is an essential point in the process of establishing contact. Swedish women want to have not just any man but a true soulmate by their sides. So, you must consider not only appearance and age but also hobbies and interests while looking for a perfect match. Choose the girl you have something in common with, and it will be easier to build a relationship with her. Discussing your common hobbies and doing some activities together will make you closer.

Treat Her as Equal

Sweden is a country of equality. And a woman of this nationality takes it as disrespect if a man considers her weaker than he is. Avoid the things that can offend her:

  • Do not ignore her opinions.
  • Do not make important decisions related to both of you without taking into account her opinion.
  • Do not try to impose your point of view on her.
  • Do not overdo it when it comes to taking care of her.
  • Do not violate her personal boundaries.
  • Do not talk rudely about women in general.

Be Honest About Your Intentions

Swedish girls appreciate the sincerity. They prefer talking directly about their feelings and expect the same from men.

So, donโ€™t beat around the bush and honestly tell a lady what you think of her and what you want from her. Donโ€™t lead on a girl you donโ€™t like just to seem polite. And if you like a woman donโ€™t be shy to express your feelings.

If your goal is an open relationship, donโ€™t bother the girls who are aimed at starting a family. Sweden is free of stereotypes, so there are a lot of girls who are interested only in flings as well. If you are not ready for a serious relationship, it is better to choose one of them than to mislead a woman with other goals.

And if you want to start a family, find a girl with the same aim and discuss your plans for the future honestly. Talk about how you imagine your perfect married life. This will help you understand whether she sees eye to eye with you when it comes to the family issue.


Do Swedish Women Speak English?

Many foreigners donโ€™t dare to start relationships with foreign women because they are afraid of a language barrier. But you are not likely to face this problem while dating a Swedish girl. The majority of women in Sweden are fluent in English. Sweden holds 7th place in the rate of European countries with the highest English proficiency.

Should I Split The Bills With My Swedish Girlfriend?

Swedish women are very self-sufficient and emancipated. Some of them may take it as an insult if a man wants to pay for her in a restaurant. But others have a different opinion and are pleased when boyfriends pay for them believing those who donโ€™t do that to be greedy.

To understand what a particular girl thinks about splitting the bills, just discreetly offer to pay for her. If she agrees, pay the entire bill. If she says that she prefers to pay for herself on her own, donโ€™t mind it and split the bill.

What Surnames Do Swedish Wives And Their Children Have?

Swedish women usually donโ€™t change their surname when they get married. Some of them can take the husbandโ€™s surname as the second one, but not instead of their own one.

In Sweden, children are also given the motherโ€™s surname, not the fatherโ€™s one. The fatherโ€™s surname can become an optional middle name.

If it is important for you to give your surname to common children, discuss it with your Swedish soulmate in advance, because it may seem surprising and unusual to her.