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You may not have heard about Estonian women. However, those who know these women agree that they are magnificent. These women carry strong-willed and stubborn characters and are beautiful beyond words. 

Depending on the region they are from, their physical attributes differ. Although most of these women are light-skinned and blonde, others have dark skin and dark hair. This guide showcases the uniqueness of these women and why you should consider meeting them

The features of Estonian women 

Estonian woman

Estonian women possess several qualities that make them popular among men, particularly western men. Below are some of these characteristics:

They are classy and attractive

Women who have met these magnificent Estonian ladies envy their beauty and class. The distinctive features that make these ladies attractive are the shape of their face, eyes, and hair; they are mostly blonde and carry the typical blue eyes of Baltic women

On meeting an Estonian woman, you will be amazed by her love for simple dresses and natural looks. If you visit Estonia, you will most likely meet Estonian women in comfortable dresses and light makeup. However, despite their simple look, they are attractive and draw admiring glances whenever they step out.

They are straightforward 

Honesty is a unique feature of Estonian people; their ladies are not the type to fake feelings and emotions. Ladies from the Baltic nation are always straightforward and open when answering questions from people who wish to know them. A lady of this nationality will communicate her displeasure if she is not happy about anything.

They donโ€™t take things too seriously 

One overlooked feature of Estonian women is how funny they are. These women can make complex situations seem light with their words, body language, facial expressions, and smiles.

However, their playful attitude and sarcasm may sometimes be severe or unpleasant. So, men dating Estonian women must learn not to take things personally, especially when they throw shades; itโ€™s just for fun!

Do Estonian Women Make Good Wives? 

Undoubtedly, the women of Estonia are ideal wives for several reasons; below are four valid ones.

They live a reserved lifestyle 

Having an Estonian wife is perfect for anyone who craves a peaceful home. Irrespective of their honesty and strong-willed attitude, they value kindness and peace of mind.  They tend to be modest and prioritize their peace of mind; they instill these attitudes in their kids and husbands. 

They balance their career and family

Estonian women pride themselves on their work ethic and sense of accountability. These womenโ€™s priorities are not limited to academics and careers; they take their family seriously and showcase the utmost diligence in caring for the home and family. Irrespective of how busy these women may be, they make time to provide support for their husbands.

They are disciplined

Estonian women raise their children with the utmost care but do not relent in disciplining them. Though they want their kids to be happy, they donโ€™t sacrifice discipline to please them. They go out of their way to ensure that to please their children but can be strict when necessary.

They are exceptional housewives

Estonian wives are faithful stewards โ€” when you marry a girl from Estonia, expect her to do everything from cooking to cleaning to household duties. Regardless of how busy these women are, they make time to keep the house clean and ensure there is food at home. 

You can rest assured that by marrying an Estonian woman, your time of eating and staying out is over. These women are skilled in the kitchen and will always try to impress you with their culinary skills.

What Kind of Men Do They Like? 

Women in Estonia are quite different from women in other countries based on what they like in a man. From the features of these women, it is apparent that they do not consider a manโ€™s financial status. Rather, they look at the attitude and character he possesses.

If you are interested in dating an Estonian girl, you must know that they value education and love men who are learned and exposed. Also, they love men who have high moral standing and do things in an orderly way. Furthermore, Estonian beauties are usually obsessed with confident and romantic men who are not shy about approaching a woman.

Where to meet Estonian Women In Estonia

Estonian girls

For men thinking of dating Estonian girls, you can meet them in the following cities.


You can meet a beautiful woman in Estonia by checking out its capital, Tallinn. Because this is the countryโ€™s hub, many locals and foreigners live and work there. So, if youโ€™re ever in Tallinn, consider reaching the following places to meet an Estonian girl.


Beautiful ladies in Tallin are known for spending time in natural places and going out for picnics in their free time. You can go to Lรถwenruh Park, Falgi park, or Kadrioru Park to meet amazing Estonian women. Be sure to look at your best when you stop by these places.


Though Estonia does not have as many nightclubs as countries like the United States and Britain, it has its fair share of nightlife. Some nightclubs in Tallinn are hotspots for young, bubbly Estonian girls who love to hang out and socialize. You can check out Club Hollywood and The Club 9/11 to meet exciting women in Tallinn.


In the eastern Estonian city of Tartu, you will see gorgeous Estonian women ready to mingle with a foreigner. Below are some places these women love and where to hang out with an Estonian girl.

Eateries and restaurants 

There are fantastic restaurants you can visit to meet or visit with your lovely Estonian women. Some restaurants are Restoran Aparaat, Hansa tall and Hansa Hoov, and Meat Market Steak and Cocktail.


Meet attractive Estonian women in the eastern city of Narva. This region bustles and attracts tourists, so rest assured of its status as a hotspot for locals looking for foreign love. Check out some ideal destinations for meeting an Estonian woman in Narva.

Malls and stores

Narva houses some of the best shopping in Estonia. Aside from being top-notch destinations for getting a few items if you visit for the weekend, you can meet Estonian girls ready to interact. Head to the big shopping mall, Astri Center, or try smaller stores like Unistus store, Aleksandr Salon on Pushkin Street, and gift shops, then use the opportunity to meet an Estonian woman.

Where to Meet Estonian women Online

In todayโ€™s technology and social media world, it is possible to meet beautiful women from any country with a few phone clicks. Any guy who wishes to meet stunning beauties from Estonia can search for them on popular mail order dating platforms. 

Mail order bride platforms with little or no cost exist. With these platforms, you can meet and date the woman of your choice rather than going to Estonia โ€” which is unnecessary due to costs and uncertainty.

Estonian ladies have no problem using online mail order bride services. In fact, many of them prefer those sites. Therefore, getting to know them online is faster, cheaper, has fewer hurdles, and guarantees interaction with many Estonian women seeking Western guys. 

How to Date an Estonian Girl: 5 Tips 

Estonian girl

Pleasing an Estonian girl isnโ€™t difficult if you approach her tactfully. If you plan on dating an Estonian woman, keep these tips in mind.

Be reserved

Estonian women like a laid-back attitude and a laid-back way of life. So, they dislike men who are too chatty and overactive.

When speaking with a woman from Estonia, your focus should be solely on her and the topic. Do not allow yourself to get sidetracked by anything else. Otherwise, sheโ€™ll be furious that youโ€™re not paying attention.

Use good conversation starters

Estonians are educated and exposed; their women have a high standard. You need to be good at starting intelligent conversations to stand a chance with these women. Generally, women quickly lose interest in a guy who does not speak reasonably. 

Here is an important tip to help you when you meet an Estonian woman you like โ€” engage in a conversation about her likes, dislikes, passion, and interest. If you are engaging enough, she will flow with the conversation.

Donโ€™t be too upfront with intimate advances

It is common for women to feel that guys who approach them are after sex; this is no different with Estonian ladies. They feel most visitors who approach them are sex crazy. As a result, you must prove to her that you are different from other guys. 

On meeting the Estonian girl you want to date, you must establish a relationship based on trust before thinking of going to bed with her. If she perceives your interest as sexual, you can say goodbye to any hope of meeting her again.

Always admire and praise her 

Generally, women love attention and compliment; one easy way of making your girl love you is by complimenting her. Due to the fear of getting turned down, many Estonian men avoid expressing their affections to their women. To win over the Estonian girl of your dream, you have to step up your game and give her genuine compliments.

Shower her with gifts

Gifting is a traditional way of showing love to people who are important to you. If you meet an Estonian girl, you wish to date, the best way to show your love to her is by giving her surprise gifts, flowers, and other thoughtful gifts. Giving them gifts is a sign that you value them; therefore, they wonโ€™t want to lose you.


Will an Estonian beauty be willing to relocate with her foreign man?

People in Estonia have a favorable environment devoid of crisis and a range of employment options. As a result, Estonian ladies have little desire to leave their hometowns. So, when you decide to date an Estonian girl you love, know her plans; if she has strong feelings for you, she will have no problem relocating to your country.

Are Estonian girls proficient English speakers? 

Estonians are well-educated, fluent in their home language, and typically speak Russian. However, most Estonian ladies speak English as it helps them interact freely with men from other countries. You can rest assured that language will not stand in your way when you meet the Estonian beauty you love.

Does the financial status of a man matter to Estonian ladies?

When you meet an Estonian woman, you discover she wonโ€™t care about your status. These ladies are fiercely self-sufficient and resourceful; they have a somewhat laid-back attitude toward money. They like being financially secure and value working to provide for themselves. Although having a good job is vital, you donโ€™t have to be Elon Musk to woo these women.

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