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Norway is a region of antipodes: the harshest climate and the land unfit for human habitation get along with kind and communicative people. The country is also renowned for its women. Norwegian girls match the definition of Scandinavian beauty completely: they are tall, light-haired, and have good facial features. Do not forget about perfect character features. As a result, a Norwegian woman is an attractive target for single men worldwide. Proceed with reading to learn everything necessary for a good relationship with a Norwegian girlfriend.

What Are Norwegian Women Like?

Norwegian women can seem strange for some men with traditional beliefs. However, the country is in the leading position in Europe regarding womenโ€™s emancipation, happiness, and equality. Women in Norway can take a leading role in a relationship or get angry with officious attention. However, Norwegian girls manage to stay calm and very friendly. Here are some essential features of Norwegian women.

They Are Particularly Beautiful

Norwegian women do not match common stereotypes about beauty. They are very tall and skinny. Their hair is primarily light and highly blonde. Many of them have freckles. Their facial features are a bit rough. Most Norwegian girls cannot be proud of their body shapes. What is more, the Northern climate does not let them show their beauty during a significant time. However, if you are familiar with Nordic beauty and like it, Norwegian women are a 100% match.

They Are Independent

As mentioned before, Norway is a leader in fighting traditional stereotypes about gender roles. Women in the country feel equal to men, and even the countryโ€™s legislation promotes such a situation. For instance, independent of sex, both parents get their parental leave. Women here got used to occupying many traditionally masculine professions.

Generally, women in Norway will not stand any sign of their inequality with men. Such a situation can scare somebody off, but there are many advantages. Norwegian girls come out of a shell. They can start a conversation with an attractive man by themselves. The same concerns families: a woman decides if she wants to work as a housekeeper.

They Are Fit and Healthy

The Norwegian population is fond of healthy lifestyles and sports, especially their winter variations. Skiing and skating are parts of everyday life. Norwegian women try to compensate for everything they lack outdoors in gyms or sunrooms. Healthy food is popular among Norwegian girls as well. Such a combination of healthy meals and sports deprives a Norwegian woman of applying much makeup. She is not likely to highlight her beauty with fashionable clothes as well. Like the other Nordic people, Norwegians are very practical.

Do Norwegian Women Make Good Wives?

The high level of emancipation among Norwegian women has turned them into particular wives. Yes, they are not tuned to being mothers or dedicated wives since their childhood. By the way, the average marriage age is one of the highest in Europe โ€“ about 34-36 years. However, it does not mean that a Norwegian wife is wrong. On the contrary, she can make every man happy. Here are the general features of Norwegian wives:

  • They are incredibly responsible. Norwegian girls will not marry or even date without a serious purpose. If they manage to do it, you can be sure that your Norwegian wife treats you and your mutual family very seriously.
  • They value stability. Unlike Italian or Spanish women, a Norwegian wife will not cry and shout. Bright emotions are not a characteristic of love for them. A Norwegian girl will expect her husband to be a true friend. In return, a man will get a dedicated partner for the rest of his life.
  • Being practical makes Norwegian wives act according to the situation. If it is needed, she will cook or clean the house. If a man can deprive her of these duties, she will find something else to do. Norwegian wives might seem a bit cold and closed. However, it is not valid: they are very mercurial.
  • A Norwegian woman will try to delegate the family and household affairs to all family members. She will accept being abused with household duties. She will require some personal time and some time for meeting her friends and relatives.

Marrying a Norwegian lady is a path to a solid and happy family. If you follow some rules, you will get along with women from this country. In return, they will be perfect wives and mothers for your children.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

It is not difficult to guess that the typical Norwegian ladies seek a tolerant and understanding husband. They will not marry a man who respects them and their rights. Norwegian wives are likely to build a career, so they would like a man to be their supporter and friend. However, they are not deprived of some feminine expectations from their future husbands:

  • They would like their men to be supporters of a family. They do not care if a man has not a significant salary. However, they will not stand a lazy man who will not help with the family budget.
  • Norwegian women would like to share domestic responsibilities. They want men to work with them equally.
  • At the same time, they like doing all the things together: everything, starting with shopping and finishing with traveling, must be done together with their men. So, they look for good company.
  • They respect those who can divide business and family. Despite difficulty and amount of work, a man must devote time to his family and wife. A Norwegian lady will not show this need persistently as other girls can, but she will require it anyway.

As the country is multicultural and liberal, race, religion, age, and even education do not matter for Norwegian ladies. They are very tolerant and respectful.

Where to meet Norwegian Women in Norway?

Norway is a land of harsh climate and long winters. Norwegians are big homebodies. However, they have a pretty developed bar and nightclub culture. Note that bars and other locations are usually visited on special occasions or weekends. There are two main strategies for looking for a Norwegian girl in Norway. The easiest one is visiting bars and nightclubs, traditional establishments for meetings and dating. The second one is keeping in mind the obsession of Norwegian women with winter sports and going to the skiing resorts. Here are both strategies in detail.

In Bars and Nightclubs

The majority of bars in Norway do not differ from their American and European analogies. People come there to meet friends, drink, and chat. Single women search for single men there as well. Therefore, it is not difficult to meet Norwegian women in a bar: they will come and get acquainted if they like you. Here are some exciting bars of the most prominent Norwegian cities:

  • Oslo โ€“ Amundsen Bryggeri & Spiseri, Kulturhuset, The Top Bar.
  • Bergen โ€“ Altona Vinbar, FG Restaurant & Bar, Skipperstuen.
  • Tromsรธ โ€“ Full Steam Tromsรธ AS, No 24, Tromsรธ Mikrobryggeri.
  • Stavanger โ€“ Gaffel & Karaffel, HansenHjรธrnet, Lervig Local.

You are going to meet bars with different kinds of atmospheres. Generally, even the smallest Norwegian town or village will have a tavern or a bar gathering many young people. The same situation happens with nightclubs. Tourists can pick one according to their musical tastes. Here are some interesting names:

  • Olslo โ€“ Nivou, Sentrum Scene, Pigalle, Smuget.
  • Bergen โ€“ Bryggen Nightclub, Kava Roofgarden, NATT, The Loft.
  • Tromsรธ โ€“ Lola Club, H-D Garasjen, TROMSร˜ SALSAKLUBB, ร˜lhallen.
  • Stavanger โ€“ Nova Nightclub, Hexagon, Backstage, CIRKUS.

You will find different nightclubs with rock concerts, dancing, electronic music, etc. Locals respect nightlife despite the stereotype about their mild temper.

In Resorts

Skiing, skating, and an active lifestyle are a part of the life of every Norwegian woman. If you are about sports, your best strategy is to visit one of the local resorts. There, you will meet many single women. Dating a Norwegian woman at a resort will be unforgettable thanks to active leisure, magnificent romantic landscapes, and mutual adventures. Here are some interesting locations to visit:

  • Noresund โ€“ Quality Resort & Spa Norefjell.
  • Gol โ€“ Storefjell Resort Hotel.
  • Trysil โ€“ Radisson Blu Mountain Resort & Residences.

You will find different ways to relax and spend time walking to spas and skiing tracks. In addition, all the modern resorts are supplied with bars and restaurants suitable for meetings and arranging a date.

Where to Meet Norwegian Women Online?

There is a way out for those who cannot visit Norway or do not have time for long trips. Such people can turn to dating Norwegian women online. Hopefully, many services can arrange an online meeting and prepare a couple for a real-life date. Therefore, search for the services with the most significant usersโ€™ database. In such a way, you will have more chances to meet Norwegian girls precisely.

Do not be afraid of dating a Norwegian girl on the Internet. In most, they know English. At least, the Internet and computer literacy in the country is very high, so using an online translator will not be a problem.

How to Date a Norwegian Girl: Five Tips

If you act naturally and sincerely, you will not face difficulties dating Norwegian women. It is because they value honesty and equal positions in a relationship. Here are some more tips that will help you in dating Norwegian girls:

  1. Be tolerant of Norwegian girls. Norwegian women do expect equal treatment, without showing them they are weaker than men by definition. Leave all your gentle gestures, like opening a door for her or giving her up a seat. At least, it would help if you discussed or guessed your possible behavior with her before a date.
  2. Do not be an abuser. Be sincere but polite. At the same time, they will not stand anything abusing. Like any other girls, they will not be pleased with your direct clues concerning your interest and sexual intents.
  3. Be an interesting person. Dating a Norwegian woman must not be boring. It is better to try to diversify your locations. Norwegian girls are active and eager for new impressions and emotions. At the same time, they are well-organized. Do not be surprised if she refuses to visit a bar on Tuesday but will agree to do it on Friday.
  4. Be serious about family. Norwegian women have sought a future husband for a long time. They agree to the relationship without responsibilities. However, they dream about families anyway. So, you will have to start showing her your serious intentions in some time.
  5. Be patient. Remember that Norwegian girls are very independent. It is not you who chooses them, but they choose you. Do not push on them with marriage.

In general, you should stick to the usual rules in dating a Norwegian woman. Be honest, a bit gentle, and patient with your girlfriend. Do not let her think that you are better at something. You will get a best friend and an excellent wife in the end.


What Not To Do While Dating a Norwegian Girl?

It is better not to limit their freedom. You will not be able to deprive Norwegian ladies of their time for friends, themselves, relatives, and other things that matter. You will not be able to make her stay at home as well. She will take some critical domestic duties, but she will not be a surf for her husband. Some girls will prefer civil marriage over its secular analog. You will have to convince such women or get along with this feature.

How Do They Feel With Children?

Norwegian women are not likely to have prominent families. They prefer giving birth to one or two children. However, they feel comfortable if a husband already has children. They are good mothers who try to breed responsible and caring people.

What About The Norwegian Language?

It is a Germanic language. So, it will not be difficult for a Norwegian girl to learn English. If a girl relocates, it can take about a year to start speaking English or Spanish. Many of them know English already. Anyway, it will not be a problem, and a husband must not learn Norwegian at all.

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