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There are many stereotypes about Asian women. Japanese girls are not an exception for various clichรฉs, making these charming girls even more attractive for foreign singles. Men worldwide are looking forward to dating Japanese women and marrying them.

Japanese women are lovely. Combining their pleasant inner features and excellent outlook makes them irresistible brides for foreigners.     

What are Japanese women?


Look young even at older ages. Japanese girls become the prettiest women from Asia by combining good habits, taking care of their health, active life, wholesome food, and financial wealth. They maintain their youngish appearance until mature ages. Having a Japanese wife, you will enjoy a sexy and ever-good-looking female companion for decades.

Bright appearance. Always being skillfully decorated and neatly dressed, Japanese girls are beautiful by nature. They have perfect olive skin tone, colorful traits of face, dark eyes, and eyelashes, are slim and physically fit. Their dresses always correspond to occasions and are supplemented with great accessories or jewels. 

Inner world

Feminine habits. Japanese women never gain weight and get stout. They like exercising in a gym or jogging, staying active, leading a healthy way of life, and choosing high-quality cosmetics. Their cultural habits correspond to their outer world. Japanese ladies are interested in theater, cinema-going, classical music concerts, and attend various art exhibitions.    

Superior wisdom. Local people are among the most educated people in the world. As a rule, Japanese women have good jobs and achieve good career results before marriage. However, many of them quit their work after tying the knot.

Friendly nature. They are communicative, open, always in a good mood with a bright warm smile.Japanese women also have excellent interpersonal skills, which help them socialize among their compatriots and abroad.

What is a Japanese wife?

Loyal and traditional

Being raised in families with traditional values, Japanese women maintain national habits. They keep to their customary way of life, even being one of the highly developed countries in the world.

Japanese girls respect older relatives. Men are usually breadwinners in their families, and women deal with kids and household duties, as it is almost impossible for both parents to work. 

Caring and disciplined

Japanese people are among the most disciplined nations. Local women are a gift for those males who are willing to achieve social or business success. It is possible with unique Japanese wives, as their daily schedule, everyday routines, and habits are always perfectly planned. This feature significantly in coping with everything in time. 

Besides, Japanese women are caring, obeying, and loyal to their husbands. They support and care for all manโ€™s activities, rendering their time and attention if needed.

Hot, sexy, and open-minded

Questions of sex play an essential role in the life of Japanese people. Although this country is highly religious and traditional, local people are open to intimate relations between genders, being a part of their culture.

Thus, you can speak about everything of this kind with your Japanese wife, and you will get unforgettable hot nights.  

Outstanding homemakers and moms

Love and respect are first for Japanese mothers, which is the most significant part of raising and upbringing kids. Japanese women take care of and provide security to their kids by two hundred percent. Outstanding household order helps local moms pay attention to all critical issues.

At the same time, excellently organized family routines help Japanese girls always be on the top in cooking, cleaning, and all other household issues. 

Faithful and strong character

Withstanding difficulties is in the blood of the people of the Rising Sun country. Sometimes, Japanese women demonstrate even more courage, nobility, and strength when overcoming hardships.

You may always rely on your Japanese wife without fear that she may betray you.     

Why do Japanese women wish to date foreigners?

Many girls hunting foreign grooms aim at moving to a more prosperous country for a better life and opportunities for their kids. However, the reasons for marrying a man from another country for Japanese brides differ.

  1. Being a courageous and dynamic nation and having achieved success in business and economy, Japan remains a very conservative land with outdated values. Some Japanese women get comprehensive education and strive to have financial progress in their lives.

Western countries and foreign men seem to be more progressive, democratized, and provide more opportunities for women for personal development, foreign culture, and language studies.

  1. Another reason is that meeting a foreign single is a kind of adventure for ladies from the land of the Rising Sun. It allows a Japanese woman to change her routine life for an exciting experience, travel a lot, and learn many new things.

Local ladies are happy when this thrilling timespan leads to a happy and strong marriage with a foreigner.

  1. Local men are pretty specific. On the one hand, they are traditional, have typical Japanese family values, and are relatively faithful to their families and Japanese wives. On the other hand, young men are spoiled and prefer spending their youth partying and entertaining themselves. Japanese men are getting serious-minded at older ages and tie the knot then.  

Where to meet Japanese women in Japan?

Japanese women combine incredible sexuality and openness with modesty. Thus, they prefer not to demonstrate affection in public (PDA). It is also not easy to be acquainted with an unknown Japanese girl anywhere in the city and arrange a date.

General notes

The atmosphere of informal communication will be relaxing and calming for Japanese women. They will be more prone to establishing friendly or partner relations with guests from a foreign country.

Organize some gatherings in a good company with single local women. Ask for advice in local culture, geography, or language. These routine things will make you closer.

Do not hurry up with proposing. Usually, Japanese women start with a friendly attitude towards their partners, then intimate relations follow. However, this doesnโ€™t always lead to tying the knot but may be an excellent start to your connections and deeper feelings, finally resulting in marriage.


Japan is a country with an outstanding density of population. Tokyo, its capital city, is considered a center city of the country and a great municipality consisting of 23 autonomous subdivisions (wards) and housing over 9 million people.

It is challenging to arrange encounters and date Japanese women without first studying the area and whereabouts. Staying in Tokyo, pay attention to the following localities.  

  • An area of shopping, boutiques, exclusive brand department stores, and malls (Shinjuku, Ginza)
  • Parks, open-air spaces, places for strolling and watching marvelous cherry blossoms (Aoyama, Ueno)
  • A historic area with entertaining centers, movie theaters, anime culture (Yลซrakuchล, Akihabara)
  • Cafes, restaurants, seafood cafes for romantic rendezvous with your Japanese girls (Aoyama, Kabukichล)
  • Popular nightclubs with hilarious music and open-minded local women.


The second most populous city in Japan is Yokohama. This municipality is a seaport center with developed logistical, transportation, and industrial branches. It also consists of 18 wards, playing the role of smaller-sized towns.

The city allows all kinds of leisure for travelers, from outstanding city views to comfortable hotels and the availability of places to visit in the company of your beloved Japanese woman. 

Take some memory shots with Hikawa Maru, Yokohama Bay Bridge, or Mosaic Mall Kohoku. Your pedestrian route may include Nippon Maru Memorial Park, Yamashita Park, and ลŒsanbashi Pier, as well as a zoo and aquarium (Nogeyama Zoo, Zoorasia). Numerous shipping malls and nightclubs are available to any taste and purse for all nighttime spending.


Osaka is the third biggest city in Japan. It allows plenty of opportunities for establishing relationships and romantic meetings.

First, this is a great financial center of the country. Many high-tech companies are located there. The headquarters of Panasonic and Toshiba companies are among them. There are many highly educated and intelligent Japanese women working there.

Additionally, the city is an excellent R&D hub, with a constant supply of local university graduates, including Japanese girls from Osaka Metropolitan University, Osaka University, Kansai University. Unlike other females in Japan, local girls are more informal and energetic, eagerly meet and date foreigners. The nightlife of current and former students is exceptionally active.

Take your time and go to Umeda Sky Building with your Japanese girl. The unique 40-storied building with eye-catching architecture houses a market and shopping area in its underground story and a rooftop observatory in the upper level. An urban park providing excellent views is at the bottom of the building.    

How to date a Japanese girl online. Tips

What do I get when dating Japanese women on the Internet? 

An online acquaintance has multiple benefits, not only with Japanese brides. This method is less stressful and implies more freedom for both parties in their communications.

However, Internet dating offers advantages to local ladies, and they are even more significant.

  • Japanese women are modest and traditional. It isnโ€™t easy to get to know a lady youโ€™ve just met in the street. If she loves you, contact a Japanese girl for relationships is possible.

By meeting a female online, you may learn more about her and demonstrate your preferences, thus revealing common interests between you.

  • The same applies to intimate relationships. Japanese girls cannot be laid on the first date. Nevertheless, having met her online, you will quickly find the key to her heart. 

Where to meet Japanese women online?

There are multiple matchmaking services to find your couple in Japan. However, not all of them are trustworthy. Note the most reliable web resources for dating Japanese girls and marrying happily.

Social media and messengers

They have many apparent advantages for new acquaintances, such as many profiles, instant texting, video calls, different versions for all kinds of gadgets, including mobile applications.

Our concern is that not 100% of Japanese womenโ€™s accounts are verified and genuine. It is challenging to start chatting with an unfamiliar person. Not all ladies are willing to create a family with a foreigner.

Japanese dating sites

These platforms are good, targeting solid romantic relations. Dating is an aim of the people there. Japanese women, creating their accounts intentionally, are looking forward to love and rendezvous with foreign men.

However, if the service is free or cheap, there is a danger that this is a scamming or fake dating site. It may be used to steal money, or collect your financial information, personal data and sell it to criminals. If it places unchecked profiles or fake accounts of Japanese brides, the following acquaintance may not only be a waste of time but a waste of money.

Japanese matchmaking services

Japanese international matchmaking websites aim to render high-quality services to foreign singles wishing to get a Japanese wife. They collect the best Japanese women motivated for marriage. Verification of all the profiles, assistance in all activities in your destination country is part of their job.

The utility of these web resources is very high, and the risks are minimal. At the same time, their prices may be higher than other means of communication between a potential groom and a Japanese woman.   

Factors to consider when choosing a website to meet a Japanese woman 

Opt for online services to meet and love a Japanese woman when deciding on tying the knot with the lady from the Land of the Rising Sun. Thus, you will avoid wasting time applying for visas, tickets, and hotel reservations.

However, do not hurry when considering a trustworthy Japanese matchmaking or dating site. Check the following.

  • Positive reviews and collection of success stories of happy couples
  • An attractive interface and high utility of the dating platform
  • Availability of additional information and multiple filters to sort out the profiles that are not to your liking
  • Supplementary services, such as administrative, travel, legal; constant technical support
  • Costs of services should be affordable, but not too cheap.

Tips on how to woo Japanese women and succeed

Dating a Japanese woman for marriage may not be easy for a foreigner, even if both parties feel strong affection. Cultural differences are significant between western and eastern cultures.

The recommendations on wooing a Japanese girl are few.

  1. Manners are the primary and foremost factor of your success, as well as politeness and punctuality. Come to meet your beloved in time, never be late or miss without reason. Do not appear in her apartment without invitation.

Politeness and respect for others are essential for Japanese people. Learn the main ways of referring and addressing people, necessary moving and bows, as local traditions are crucial for Japanese women.

  1. Modesty and courteousness are factors of your success. Alongside politeness, your Japanese woman will appreciate your help, buy her small gifts or entertain her.
  2. Consider the balance between being assertive and rude. You may initiate your relation, start communication. Japanese women typically expect it from men.

Nevertheless, your behavior should be in the frame of generally accepted rules. 

  1. It is customary to have an impeccable appearance and a tidy outfit. A clean body and lingerie, elegant perfumes, and clothes always suitable for the occasion are a must for a man wooing a Japanese woman.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the stereotypes of Japanese women?

  1. Japanese women and men eat sushi every day. Nope, they eat ordinary food, and many hate raw fish. However, a coastal country has a developed seafood industry, and the offer of fish and sea products is excellent here.

Skilled homemakers cook perfectly. You obviously will enjoy this kind of food prepared by your Japanese wife.

  1. Cosplay, manga, and anime are obligatory parts of the lives of Japanese girls. This statement is equal to the confirmation that all Americans love baseball or Germans always drink beer. The specific hobbies are characteristic of a few connoisseurs and not the entire nation.
  2. Kawaii is an obligatory part of the outfit style of Japanese girls. No, this trend in Japanese fashion is more appropriate for teenagers. Although older people sometimes follow it, shabby T-shirts, ripped jeans or cute doll dresses are not a must for everyday usage.
  3. Japanese women face gender inequality, are docile, and are incredibly polite. No, the current way of life renders Japanese women the same level of freedom and self-realization as western women.

At the same time, historically, national secular, religious customs, extreme politeness, lovely bows serve as restricting factors.

Japanese wives: are they that hot?

Do you remember geishas? Their bright style, kimono, a tea ceremony, and their characters.

On the one hand, Japanese girls demonstrate extreme submissiveness and obedience; on the other hand, they are open, sincere, and assertive. These features are characteristic of most Japanese girls; thus, they have no restrictions on their feelings and love.  

Do Japanese women marry men of the same age?

As in most western counties nowadays, men and women in Japan do not hustle with tying the knot. The average age for Japanese womenโ€™s marriage is 29 years, while men are a couple of years older.

In ancient times poor women were eager to marry rich older men. Nowadays, happy families are possible between people of different ages, races, religions based on love, respect, and shared life values.

Are there any language barriers with your Japanese woman?

Many people in Japan speak foreign languages. Japanese women usually study English at school or university. The high-tech industry and progressive technologies of the country of the Rising Sun demand skilled professionals, who understand, read and translate information from foreign sources. 

However, fluency and comprehension in foreign languages of local people are not their strongest side. Thus, some misunderstandings may occur between you and your Japanese girl, but your language of love will eliminate all barriers.       

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