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If the marvelous lady from the happiest country falls in love with you you can consider yourself a lucky man. The beauty of women in Costa Rica is as impressive as the picturesque landscapes of this incredible state. Wondering what kind of wives they can become and how to get their favor? Then do not hesitate to open your soul and surrender to new impressions.

What Are Costa Rican Women Like?

Women in Costa Rica look like they just stepped off the screens of the popular Latin American TV series. However, they look even better. In addition, being next to them is a pure pleasure, moreover, and it has quite a logical explanation.

They look like goddesses

Costa Rican girls are fair-skinned, slightly tanned, usually dark-haired and blue-eyed, but brown and green eyes are also quite common. Their skin shines with health and youth, in addition, men canโ€™t resist the seductive curves of their bodies. They have radiant, sunny smiles and create an impression of eternal happiness.

They trust and help people

Women in Costa Rica are open and friendly towards other people, and they are very open with foreigners. They are always ready to help and provide a service. If you ask them to show you the way to the place you need, they will say, โ€œCome with me.โ€

They live for today

Why plan for tomorrow when the best is happening now, Costa Ricans say. In 2009 and 2012, analysts from the Happy Planet Index project awarded Costa Rica the status of the happiest country. The life philosophy of Costa Ricans does not allow them to lose heart. Pura Vida (pure, real life) is the countryโ€™s official motto. Local women do their best to match it every day.

They love music and singing

Some people love music more than others do, and Costa Ricans relate to music fans. Therefore, do not be surprised that they are constantly humming something to themselves, training her vocals in the shower. Donโ€™t be surprised if they announce that they can play several musical instruments.

They are smart and creative

In the purse of a woman from Costa Rica, there is always a place for a book. She will read it in the shade of trees in a park or on a nearby beach. Costa Rican women are very intelligent and educated and rarely sit doing nothing. Their creativity inspires them to paint or do handicrafts. In a Costa Rican womanโ€™s home, you can surely find products made by her own hands.

Do Costa Rican Women Make Good Wives?

Costa Rican women are passionate, sensual lovers and skilled housewives, this makes them exceptional wives. Costa Rican women are very attentive to their families. They listen to the advice of their soulmate, and are always ready to help and support their beloved.

Costa Rican women prefer to work, but they can also become housewives, especially if their man wants to. Costa Rican women like to spend their free time with their families, go to picnics or go for a walk. They adore children and are ready to give birth to many babies.

What Kind Of Men Do They Like?

Costa Rican women want to see a man who will be gentle and romantic, and on the other hand, capable of standing up for her. They evaluate the potential father of their children not by beauty, but by inner qualities: reliability, responsibility, self-confidence. She will also appreciate if the man is morally and financially stable.

At the same time, romantic Costa Rican value when a man does things for her and do not hesitate to show feelings in public. If this is all about you, rest assured, your chances are more than high.

Where to Meet Costa Rican Women?

If you want to meet a Costa Rican woman, do not sit at home. Go for a walk and be filled with impressions. What are the best places for a walk anyway?

On the bullfight

Spanish descendants who live in Costa Rica have brought a tradition of bullfighting here. Local bullfighting differs from the Spanish one because it is safe for animals and people โ€“ therefore, if for humanistic reasons you dislike this action, then in this country you can see its light version. In any case, you can meet someone beautiful here.

On picturesque beaches

The beaches in Costa Rica are world-famous for their amazing views, white sand, and turquoise waves. The country is favored on both sides by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. On the beaches girls not only swim but also play golf, go surfing and attend coastal restaurants. All these activities are great for making new acquaintances.

The most popular beaches in Costa Rica: Conchal Beach, Dominical Beach, Nacascolo Beach, Nosara Beach

In national parks

Locals love to spend time in national parks, near lakes โ€“ it is very beautiful, calm there, you can relax and enjoy the benefits of nature. This setting is very pacifying and sets you up for a pleasant conversation. In addition, such places are often visited by girls who love nature, and characterized by special sensitivity, tenderness, and femininity.

The most popular national parks: Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Tortuguero National Park, Corcovado National Park, Piedras Blancas National Park, Arenal Volcano National Park

In nightclubs

Young Costa Ricans are big fans of spending time in nightclubs. They know a lot about entertainment and can dance and have fun until the morning. The clubs themselves in Costa Rica are also different from the usual ones โ€“ when you attend them you feel like you find yourself in another world. In such an environment, dating usually happens by itself โ€“ you donโ€™t even need to make an effort.

The most popular nightclubs in Costa Rica: Night Club Garden, The Baja Beach Club, Pink Panther Club, Club Alcazar, Pravda Club

Where to Meet a Costa Rican Woman Online?

Meeting people live is fun, but not always reliable. After all, acquaintances in a resort setting, according to many girls, rarely develop into a serious relationship. If you use an online service, you will not only know about each otherโ€™s goals, but you will also be able to understand in advance what kind of person is in front of you. It will be embarrassing if it turns out that a nice and tender girl does not share your basic values. With the help of online services, such situations are excluded.

How to Date a Costa Rican Girl: 5 Tips

It is surprisingly easy to communicate and date girls from Costa Rica โ€“ they have no taboo topics and they are very loyal to any manifestations of the interlocutor. But itโ€™s not superfluous to find out how to attract her attention and win over her even more.

Change the scenery

It is not customary among locals to travel abroad. Because they already have plenty of everything. This does not mean that they would not want to change the environment, see new countries and get to know other cultures. So if you have the opportunity to travel with your beloved to another country โ€“ do it. This will make her incredibly happy and give you many shared experiences.

Get creative together

Weโ€™ve already mentioned that Costa Ricans love creativity. You can try to join the hobby of your loved one. If she sings or plays โ€“ create a mini-ensemble, ask them to teach you how to play, say, percussion, and play music together. If she draws or sculpts, try it too โ€“ under her careful guidance. Do not forget to tell her how talented she is, what a wonderful voice she has, praise her works of art.

Arrange a rich cultural program

Go to concerts, exhibitions with her, on the jam of local musicians, or a set of a popular DJ. It all depends on her preferences, desires, and mood โ€“ after all, she does not necessarily love only classics or only rock, so event formats can be combined. Puerto Rican women love music โ€“ especially listening. You can also talk to her about music โ€“ for example, music that is popular in your country and discuss performers or other cultural figures.

Be on the same wavelength with her

Costa Ricans are very light and natural in behavior, but they prefer their companion to be the same. Smile at her jokes, talk about topics that are interesting to her, support her ideas, and most importantly โ€“ be yourself and do not hesitate to express yourself. They love to wave their hands, gesture, and emotionally talk about something โ€“ no need to pull her back and ask her to speak down. Freedom and emancipation are what women in Costa Rica value most in communication.

Meet her friends and relatives

Costa Rican women are very attached to their parents and relatives. Your Costa Rican girlfriend will be very pleased if you want to meet her relatives. Do not forget to compliment her mom, find a topic to talk to her dad about, and praise her little brother. Your girlfriend will also be glad if you find a common language with her friends. In the case of people from Costa Rica, this is not difficult. All of them are open, welcoming, and guaranteed to welcome you into their social circle.


Do Costa Rican women flirt easily with other men?

Costa Rican women are welcoming and friendly, they easily enter into dialogue with both women and men. Free Costa Rican women can easily afford to flirt. At the same time, those women who are already in a relationship will not allow themselves this โ€“ even if it is an innocent flirtation, because they know that it can be unpleasant for their beloved.

Is it customary in Costa Rica to live together before the wedding?

In this country, it is customary for children to live with their parents until they have their own families. Catholic traditions in this country are rather harsh and do not allow living in a civil marriage โ€“ parents will not bless this. However, sex before marriage is considered the norm, but cohabitation is allowed only if the couple is at least engaged.

How important is higher education for Costa Rican women?

Until recently, it was important for girls in Costa Rica to learn just how to write and to read, but now times are different, and most of them strive to go to university and get a profession. More and more women are fighting for their rights and occupying leadership positions.

In addition, many are not limited to knowledge from the university but strive to read books, know about world news. So women in Costa Rica are not only beautiful but also intelligent.

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