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If competition for the best wives on the planet was announced, Belarusian women would have every chance to become prize winners. It might even seem that they are completely devoid of shortcomings: they are kind, flexible, cheerful, and welcoming. At the same time, you will not get bored with them! Do you want to know why Belarusian women are so attractive to men from all over the world?

What are Belarusian women like?

Belarusians belong to the Eastern Slavs who are known for their charm, beauty, and docile character and who are considered some of the most desirable brides in Europe and beyond.

They are handsome

Belarusian ladies by nature have attractive appearances. Their faces have regular, expressive, and harmonious features. Generally, their height is above average, they are long-legged, usually have blond hair, blue or breezy eyes. Sometimes you can see cute freckles on Belarusian womenโ€™s faces. They often have perfect eyebrows. All in all, natural beauty allows Belarusians to get by with a minimum of cosmetics. They also prefer natural hair โ€“ girls and women in Belarus boast long, luxurious hair.

They are peaceful

Belarusian women are usually very calm. This is because they are the embodiment of peace, tranquility, and love of life. Belarusians hate quarrels and will always try to find a compromise. For them, rudeness and arrogance are uncharacteristic. At the same time, they can stand up for themselves. But often this is not necessary โ€“ Belarusians radiate such kind and positive energy that people donโ€™t think of arguing with them or offending them.

They are very neat

If you find yourself in Belarus, you will see the cleanliness and order which reign there. It is important for Belarusian women to keep themselves and their homes clean and tidy, they pay a lot of attention to this. You will never see a Belarusian woman with an unwashed head, in untidy clothes, or with an unkempt manicure. At the same time, they manage not to spend all their time cleaning and caring for themselves.

They are very responsible

Belarusian girls are responsible for everything related to everyday life of their families. But this does not mean that they do not know how to relax and have fun. Their reliability and responsibility fit into their personality so organically that you will feel absolutely relaxed and comfortable in their company.

Do Belarusian women make good wives?

All qualities mentioned above make Belarusian women some of the best wives in Eastern Europe. So, if you are lucky enough to marry a Belarusian woman, you can be sure that you will always be surrounded by cleanliness, comfort, and care.

And most importantly, you will see a luxurious well-groomed woman nearby. Belarusian women believe that a husband is not only her man and sexual partner but also her best friend, who can always count on her participation and support.

Often, Belarusians strive to get married before the age of 30 and give birth to their first child at about the same time. Children are very lucky with such mothers. What about the sexual sphere? In bed, they certainly wonโ€™t act like good girls. So, when choosing a Belarusian girl, stock up on your strength: they are hot and tireless.

What kind of men do they like?

The main thing that Belarusian women expect from their man: he must love her with all his heart. She will also look for a man to communicate with her on an equal footing, respect, and listen to her opinion. Belarusian girls are some of those women who quite often fall in love with foreigners. In them, they look for the reliability and responsibility that their compatriots lack.

Also, since the Belarusian mentality is rather closed, women may be drawn to more relaxed and open foreigners, for whom it is not shameful to smile at a beautiful stranger. In a relationship, a Belarusian woman primarily seeks attention and care. If she receives this she becomes a faithful and devoted woman for many years.

Where to meet Belarusian women?

Before getting married, Belarusian girls try to spend as much time out as possible. They enjoy going to bars, discos, or any event where they can meet nice single men and get to know them. So what are the best places to meet?

In the bar

Unmarried Belarussian ladies like to gather in bars, cafes, restaurants with friends to chat, have fun, and, possibly, meet pleasant interlocutors. At such places, girls are usually in the mood to flirt and communicate easily. Due to their mentality, they may seem a little constrained at first, but in general, they are open and friendly towards strangers.

Popular bars in:

  • Minsk: Cherdak, Polugar bar, Bash Bar
  • Brest: Pinta Pub, Loft lounge bar, Grilโ€™-Bar
  • Grodno: Bar Faradey, Bar Corsar Grodno, Houdini

In nightclubs

As in many countries, young girls in Belarus love to spend time in nightclubs and discos. ะ•here is no need to teach you how to get to know them in places like this: offer her a drink and dance, then chat, or vice versa. Enjoy the moment, atmospheric music, and each other.

The best night clubs in:

  • Minsk: Maxshow Disco Club, Rich Cat Club, Next
  • Brest: Coyote Club, Palazzo, Arlekino Disko-Bar Chutp AIST
  • Grodno: Nochnoi Klub Odo Yepolet, Baza, Movie60

On sports grounds or events

Donโ€™t forget that Belarusians are great sports lovers. Many local girls often attend various sports competitions. Stadium stands are a great place to see beauty. Moreover, you will show that you are also interested in sports, which will surely make her sympathize with you. Many residents of the country themselves are not averse to going in for sports. They believe that in a healthy body there is a healthy mind, and therefore many can be seen jogging and training.

In the bookstore

Belarusians are one of the most well-read nations, so it makes sense to look for a life partner in bookshops. Among the tall shelves with books, you can often find young ladies who choose their next brain food. How to start a conversation in the book department? Ask for help with the choice of interesting literature for those who are studying the Belarusian language, for example. At the same time, ask what she reads and compliment her tastes.

Where to meet Belarusian women online?

Belarusian women are beautiful, but they are not easy to conquer. It is also not so easy to earn the trust of a decent woman, and you do not need a girl of easy virtue. But in the online space, everything is much simpler: you immediately see who is in front of you and you. Therefore, acquaintance with mail brides is perhaps the most reliable way to meet the girl of your dreams. Here you can not only choose the woman you like but also learn as much about her as possible even before the start of the relationship. This will create trust between you, which is necessary for a strong marriage bond.

How to date a Belarusian girl?

Belarusian girls are very sophisticated. Therefore, after meeting them, it is very important not to spoil the impression. These tips will help you date gracefully.

Take an interest in her relatives, not only her

Taking an interest in a girl is very important for a trusting relationship. But if you want to demonstrate really serious intentions, ask her also about her loved ones.

Praise her delicately

Remember that women fall in love with their ears. Belarusian women want to hear pleasant speeches addressed to them โ€“ whatever it may concern her luxurious figure, hairstyle, wonderful character, or her ability to understand wine varieties. It is important for her to understand that she is exceptional and that you admire her. But donโ€™t turn compliments into blatant flattery.

Be original

Donโ€™t rely too much on the standard set of romantic tricks like candlelight dinners and walks under the moon. Belorussian ladies value originality. For example, offer to go to a themed party, propose her riding a scooter around the city at night, and find unusual places to meet. 

Be cheerful

Belarusians are cheerful optimists by nature, they want to see the same people next to them. Therefore, try to avoid sad topics, boring pauses, and despondency. Better to tell an anecdote or funny life story. She will be very pleased to spend time with a cheerful young man, and if you make her laugh, she will certainly value it.

Arrange a party with friends

Belarusian women can boast of sociability and a large number of friends. They love to spend time with them and will really appreciate it if you allow her not to dissolve in you, but to continue a rich social life. Say that it would be nice for you to meet her friends, suggest to meet together โ€“ at a home party or outside. Be open to communication with new people, and she will be very pleased that you value her social circle.

Go in for sports together

It can be anything from your morning jog to skydiving, rollerblading, skiing or skating together, shooting at a shooting range, going to a climbing wall, playing tennis, football, or chess. You can go even further and take her to a ski resort or sign up for a wakeboarding course. At least work out in the gym. First, you will pleasantly surprise and delight her โ€“ after all, Belarusians love sports and are actively involved in them. Secondly, such activity makes people closer. Both of you will be able to prove yourself from different sides and remove all barriers.


Are there forbidden topics in conversations for Belarusian women?

Belarusian women are quite tolerant but some topics are really sensitive for them. Youโ€™d better avoid speaking about political and social situations. The Soviet past of their country is also not the best subject to discuss.

Is legal marriage important for Belarusian women?

Many women around the world have been living with a partner for years without a passport stamp, and they are happy with it. Belarusians are not one of those for whom cohabitation is enough. For them, the official status of a married woman is important, as well as a full-fledged family, which will exist not only in fact but also in documents. Therefore, if you understand that you see a woman with whom you want to live for years, do not postpone the proposal of marriage.

Are Belarusians religious?

In Belarus, Orthodox Christianity is considered the most common religion. Most Belarusians honor religious holidays and traditions. However, in general, they are neutral towards religion and respect freedom of conscience. Also, for them, the religion of the partner is not decisive, as well as his nationality. They treat interfaith marriages positively.

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