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A fire, a holiday, an extravaganza โ€“ all this is about beautiful Polish women who know how to combine unthinkable things and kindle the hearts of men around the world. There is no such area where Polish women would not succeed, but first of all, they are the best in the field of winning menโ€™s hearts. Bright, playful, they know how to captivate. But how to captivate them?

What Are Polish Women Like?

The Polish women inherited the beauty and charm of the Slavs and the practicality of the European women. As a result, they are not just gorgeous women, but also incredibly strong and extraordinary personalities that can be rightfully proud of.

They are unusually bright and sexy

It is not surprising that there are so many world-class models among the Poles โ€“ after all, their beauty is exceptional. They have correct and at the same time unique and expressive facial features, an ideal figure, and their legs are slender. There are many blondes and brunettes among Polish women, their eyes are more often gray, green, brown. Blue-eyed, and red-haired women are less common. Polish women have perfect skin and natural hair color, which they would rather strengthen and heal than dye it in a different color. Their hair is usually straight and shining.

They are hardworking

Polish women know how to work conscientiously and do it with great dedication. They cannot work reluctantly or half-heartedly. For this, they are highly valued at work, and this quality frequently helps them to reveal talents and achieve great success. Polish women love to work, not only in their workplace. In everyday life and the bedroom, they are also incredibly diligent.

They are funny, naughty, and easy-going

With Polish women,  you can sing on the street, dance in the city center, or go to a beer festival in a neighboring country, deciding in five minutes. They can be persuaded to any madness, moreover, they often initiate it. Polish women are those who speak loudly on the street, laugh regularly, and openly share their impressions with the whole world.

They are open-minded

Polish women love to travel, talk to strangers on the street or in transport, meet new people, learn new professions, and move to live in other countries. They are open to everything new, whether it is an interesting book, a person, or a cake recipe. This quality makes the entire world fall in love with them โ€“ wherever they appear.

Do Polish Women Make Good Wives?

Women in Poland treat marriage wisely and carefully, realizing that relationships and the atmosphere in the family is the work of two. She will do everything in her power to ensure that this atmosphere is at its best.

Polish women feel perfectly their partner and his mood, understand where it is appropriate to remain silent, and where words of support are needed. She prefers to solve any problem in a calm atmosphere, by joint efforts. Polish women cannot stand quarrels and will do everything to avoid them.

They are skillful and hospitable hostesses; they always welcome guests, even uninvited and unexpected ones. Women in this country are very encouraging when children bring their friends. A Polish mother is very understanding, and conflicts even with teenagers are not typical for her. Polish women know how to surprise their husbands, especially they like to do it in bed.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Polish women prefer people of action. They choose partners for marriage more with a reason than with a heart โ€“ while it is important for them that a man understands her, is emotionally stable, balanced, and standing firmly on his feet. Also, Polish women like funny and good-natured men with whom you can joke and fool around, with whom they will not be bored.

On one hand, Polish women are patriotic, but on the other, they are cosmopolitan, open to communication with people from all over the world. Polish women often leave for the United States or Europe, including a marriage.

Her chosen one should appreciate the individuality of a woman. There is no leader in their relationship โ€“ everything happens mutually and in harmony, as in a real democratic society.

Where to Meet Polish Women in Country?

On the street, in transport, in shops โ€“ Polish women are everywhere and are ready to speak to you at any time. You can even get acquainted with them while waiting for the green light of the traffic light by organizing a small talk. Nevertheless, letโ€™s try to determine the places of successful meetings.

At the party

The best way to have a heart-to-heart conversation with a girl is to go to a party. Making friends in Poland is easy. At one of the parties that young Poles often organize, you will meet the one you have always dreamed of. You will have the time and opportunity to get to know her better and understand that this is the girl you need.

In the theater

Polish women adore going to the theater. For this, they choose their best dresses, go to a hairdresser and become like the stars of world cinema at the Oscars. In the theater, they carefully watch the performance, but during the breaks, they do not mind chatting and discussing it over coffee or wine. Donโ€™t forget to just put on your best costume when heading to the Polish theater.

The most famous theaters in Warsaw: National Theatre, Teatr Syrena, Teatr Komedia w Warszawie

The most famous theaters in Krakรณw: Juliusz Sล‚owacki Theatre, Narodowy Stary Teatr im. Heleny Modrzejewskiej, Bagatela Theatre

In the old part of town

Polish cities are charming, you can walk for hours and look at old buildings created in the Middle Ages or Renaissance and take pictures in their background. Ask a Polish beauty to take a picture of you, ask about the beautiful castle opposite โ€“ and in ten minutes you will have the feeling that you have known each other since childhood.

In addition, the historic districts are full of cozy cafรฉs and restaurants, where you can continue communication and learn many interesting things about each other.

Top Attractions in Warsaw: Old Town, ลazienki Krรณlewskie, Castle Square (Plac Zamkowy), Palace of Culture and Science

Top Attractions in Krakรณw: Krakรณwโ€™s Rynek Glowny Central Square, Wawel Royal Castle, Kazimierz The Former Jewish District

Where to Meet Polish Women Online?

Polish women are bright and cheerful, but it is not always clear what is on her mind. It may turn out that she is not looking for a serious relationship at all, and even more, she does not intend to move somewhere.

To avoid disappointment, it is best to use online dating services. With them, everything becomes clear. At your disposal, the great choice of girls with quite understandable intentions: the desire to create strong relationships, a family.

Using the online service, you can find not only an attractive girl but also a friend with the same interests.

How to Date a Polish Girl: 5 Tips

Dating Polish women is incredibly easy and fun, but there are some shortcuts to her heart, and we will tell you about them.

Arrange dates by the river

Polish women are very fond of unusual dates; an ordinary restaurant will hardly interest her. But a picnic on the banks of a river, lake, or sea is a wholly different matter. If there is no reservoir nearby, you can go where you can find it. Even if it is situated in a different city.

Be genuinely interested in her affairs

The Polish beauty will appreciate it if you care about her deeds and successes. So do not forget to ask how her day went, what was interesting at work. Anyway, ask her more often about what she does. Even if you do not understand this โ€“ ask to tell the nuances, she will be very pleased. And, of course, will reciprocate.

Sex on the first date? Yes!

Polish women have no prejudices whatsoever about sex on the first date. Moreover, if you do not offer it, she will think that she doesnโ€™t attract you enough. So, donโ€™t be shy and do what you want โ€“ the Polish beauty with a huge probability wants the same.

Have fun together

And, in general, do everything together. Cook, exercise, go shopping. For a Polish woman, her partner is a friend with whom she is easy and exciting. So put aside the languid looks and sighs and have fun like children.

Flirt more often

With her and with others. When flirting with others, be more careful. But a slight interest in other women will arouse her lively excitement and interest. Still, focus on your chosen one โ€“ playful touches, public displays of feelings and ambiguous hints will appeal to her.


Do Polish women love children and animals, and how do they treat them?

Polish women adore children and animals. In their view, the ideal family should include at least two children and one pet. This is often the case. As for the animals, Polish women prefer dogs, with which grown-up children can walk, accustoming themselves to a responsibility.

Is it true that Polish women like to complain?

Polish women are very open and tell everything that happens to them during the day. And since not always positive things happen, it seems that they are complaining and pouring out negative things. This is not the case โ€“ in fact, Polish women are delighted and positive.

How do Polish women feel about infidelity?

Polish beauties love to flirt and often do it. They are not averse to chatting with men and even throwing a couple of ambiguous hints at them, but they will not cross the line and remain faithful to their partner. Cheating for them is a taboo that will destroy any relationship, no matter from which side it occurs. And flirting is more of a game or even a sport that means nothing.

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