German women amaze men from all around the world with their unique characters and outlooks on life. But they seem too cold and unattainable to many foreign men. Are they really so hard to get and can they make good girlfriends or wives? Find this out and get the tips on dating German girls from our guide.

What Are German Women Like?

They Are Natural And Simple

German women prefer naturality in everything: both in appearance and in behavior.

They dress casually and donโ€™t try to look glamorous in their everyday life. The same is about dates. German ladies donโ€™t think that going out is the reason to put on a luxurious dress. It is OK for a girl from this country to come to a date or a party wearing casual clothes.

As for makeup, German women are rather laconic in this issue as well. They are not fans of dramatic looks and use the minimum of cosmetics.

The behavior of these ladies is as natural as their looks. German girls donโ€™t like pretending and prefer to always be themselves. This makes them easy to understand and communicate with.

They Are Sporty

German girls are fond of an active lifestyle. No matter how busy a schedule of a lady from this country is, she manages to find time for attending the gym or doing some sports at home. Also, a lot of German women have active hobbies like cycling, horse riding, skiing, skateboarding, and so on.

This helps them keep fit at any age. You can hardly find fat women in Germany. Even mature ladies are in good shape thanks to an active lifestyle.

They Are Self-Sufficient And Enterprising

Parents cultivate independence in their children, both sons and daughters, since childhood. Growing up, ladies donโ€™t live off their families. They separate from their parents right after turning 18.

Those who have decided to get a post-secondary education, live on university campuses. And those who believe that school education is enough for them, start working and rent apartments. A lot of young people share flats with their friends to make the rent cheaper.

Being so independent since youth, German women are good at setting goals and achieving them. They make good careers or start their own businesses to provide for themselves and donโ€™t expect men to support them financially.

They Are Pragmatic And Rational

German women are realists. They clearly assess the circumstances they live in and their abilities. So, they set the goals they can achieve. Ladies of this nationality never dream of unattainable things.

Also, they like to plan everything. They make thorough plans not only for work but also for leisure time. They believe that every trip must be detailly scheduled and routed, and every party must be organized thoroughly.

The same works for relationships. German women are not big fans of romance. They prefer to plan their common future with their boyfriends detailly and realistically without sentiments and idle dreams.

Do German Women Make Good Wives?

German Wives Are Equal Life Partners

German women consider being a housewife who is absolutely dependent on her husband financially as something humiliating. They believe that every adult person, regardless of their sex, must find personal fulfillment and do something for living.

That is why German ladies donโ€™t abandon their jobs after starting families. They keep on working, which allows them to contribute to their family budgets equally with their husbands.

German Wives Are Practical And Wise

The pragmatism of German women spreads on their views on everything. For example, they have a practical outlook on managing a family budget and child-rearing.

German girls never waste money, buy only necessary things, and are good at saving funds for major expenditures.

Also, they are capable of finding a solution to any problem without excessive emotions. So, they make reliable life partners to their spouses. The husbands of German wives can always count on their help.

German Women Are Loving And Sensible Mothers

Ladies from this country plan pregnancy in advance and start reading the literature about the right child-rearing long before giving birth to children. This helps them to be wise mothers who can raise happy and independent personalities.

German women love their kids very much, but they are not rich in emotions. Usually, they express their love not with gentle words or hugs but with concrete actions. For example, they buy the best goods for their children and take care of them getting the best education.

German Wives Combine All The Areas of Life Harmonically

German women donโ€™t dwell on only one sector of life.  Ladies of this nationality have a flair for time management. They find time for each area of life: family, career, social life, and hobbies.

What Kind of Men Do German Women Like?

There is no specific type of man who is attractive to all German ladies. Each of them has her unique tastes. But the thing that is common for all women from this country is that all of them are looking for equal life partners. Thus, to be attractive to a German lady, a man must have a lot in common with her:

  • There should be common interests. A serious relationship is impossible if a man and a woman have no topics to discuss and cannot join each other in their favorite activities.
  • Outlooks on life should be alike. If the partners donโ€™t see eye to eye, they will quarrel often. Every German lady understands this and rejects men whose outlook on life is completely different from hers.
  • Levels of education and income should be the same. It is considered bad form to date a man who earns much more or much less money than a woman. The partners should be able to make equal contributions to a family budget after they get married.

As for the age, German women prefer men of 30-35 y.o. and older. Ladies from this country are ready to settle down at this age and later. And, as they appreciate equality, they are looking for their agemates but not for younger boys.

Where to Meet German Women in Germany?

There are a lot of places to meet German girls in their motherland. A typical lady from this country leads an active social life and visits a lot of different places. Here is the short guide to the most popular of them in large cities, such as:

  • Berlin, the capital of Germany.
  • Hamburg, a large port city in the North of the country.
  • Munich, a big city where Oktoberfest takes place every year.

Bars and Pubs

Many ladies come here to relax together with pals. They enjoy tasty drinks and snacks and communicate with each other. Some German girls also go to bars or pubs alone in search of new acquaintances.

The most popular places with the coziest atmosphere and the tastiest treats in different cities are:

  • In Berlin: Kilkenny Irish Pub, Hopfenreich, BrewDog Berlin Mitte, Murphyโ€™s Irish Pub, Belushiโ€™s Berlin.
  • In Hamburg: Paddyโ€™s Bar, BrewDog St. Pauli, Bierbar 36, Doppelschicht, Willyโ€™s Beer.
  • In Munich: Kilians Irish Pub, Augustiner-Keller, Kennedyโ€™s Bar and Restaurant, Shamrock Irish Pub, The Keg Bar.


Reserved German girls are more cheerful and open to new acquaintances at parties. Therefore, it is a great idea to visit one of the most popular nightclubs:

  • In Berlin: Bricks, Avenue, Maxxim, Soda, 808 Club Berlin.
  • In Hamburg: Halo Club, H1 Club & Lounge, Die Insel, Cave Club & Lounge, Moondoo.
  • In Munich: VIP Club Munich, P1 Club, Paradizo Tanzbar, Ruby Dance Club, Harry Klein.

Cafes and Restaurants

German girls have rather busy schedules, so they donโ€™t have enough time to cook at home. That is why they often have lunch and dinner at cafes and restaurants. Here are the most popular of them in different cities:

  • In Berlin: Quchnia, Youโ€™re Welcome Cafe, Schwarzes Cafe, Clave.
  • In Hamburg: Mรฉlange, Zuckermonarchie, Westwind, Minah, Cafรฉ des Artistes.
  • In Munich: Rosie, Mozart, Zeitgeist, Cat Cafe, Luitpold.


This is the place all people regularly visit. The main advantage is that, unlike at parties, you can see German women in their most casual looks in the supermarkets. Also, you can assess the ladyโ€™s diet and preferences by looking at what she is buying. This is a very rational way of choosing a life partner.


Many German women are fond of having walks and enjoying the picturesque views and fresh air. They do this at the following parks:

  • In Berlin: Mauerpark, The Viktoriapark, The Lustgarten, Volkspark Friedrichshain.
  • In Hamburg: Planten un Blomen, Old Botanical Garden, Stadtpark.
  • In Munich: English Garden, Westpark, Ostpark.

Where to Meet German Women Online?

German girls have a very hands-on approach to everything in their lives including looking for a life partner. A lot of them believe online dating to be the most effective, convenient, and time-saving way to find a soulmate. That is why they join mail order brides services.

These sites assist their members in arranging their private lives. They provide professional help at each stage of a relationship: from matchmaking to organizing offline meetings.

How to Date a German Girl: 5 Tips

Find The Right Person

Take into account common interests and the peculiarities of the outlook on life. Also, consider what kind of lifestyle a lady prefers to understand whether you are compatible.

German women have a very practical approach to dating. A typical lady from this country believes that it is better to find a matching person than to try to adapt to a man she is not compatible with.

So, choose the woman thoroughly. Do not waste your time communicating with the girls whose opinions and preferences are too different from yours.

Take a Sincere Interest in Her Personality

It is humiliating for German women if men pay attention only to their appearance. They want men to appreciate their inner beauty, first of all. Therefore, if you want to become really close to a German lady, you must share her interests and hobbies and take a sincere interest in her opinions and feelings.

Respect Her Personal Boundaries

Do not be too intrusive. German ladies donโ€™t like this.

Do not try to spend every second together. Keep in mind that a busy German woman has a lot of other important things to do in addition to dating. So, do not get offended if a girl has no time to chat with you for hours. Be patient in waiting for a response from her.

Also, be careful with too personal questions. Do not try to control your German ladyโ€™s life because it can irritate her.

Spend Time Together in an Interesting Way

German girls are rather many-sided. They like new experiences and canโ€™t stand spending time in an idle and boring way. So, find interesting ways to spend your dates. Visit different places all the time instead of going to the same restaurant. Check out an interesting museum or gallery together. Or spend a vacation together in a new country you both have never been to before.

Plan Your Common Future in Advance

German ladies like to plan everything in their lives. Therefore, you should think of the details of your life together in advance and discuss them.


Do Presents Make German Women Happy?

It depends on what exactly a man gives to a lady:

  • An expensive gift is not a good idea. Most German women associate it with the manโ€™s attempt to show his superiority, which insults ladies from this country.
  • Useless trinkets are also not likely to delight a pragmatic German woman.
  • Also, these girls are not fond of surprises. They prefer to plan everything and donโ€™t like unexpected things.

So, the best idea is a practical, useful, and medium-priced present.

What Is the Average Age of German Women Getting Married?

The mean age ladies from this country are ready to settle down is 31 years old.

How Do German Spouses Share Duties?

As women of this nationality keep on working after marriage, they have no time to do all household chores. They share them equally with husbands and delegate some of them. For example, they would rather order food delivery than cook on their own. As for child-rearing, they also share the duties related to this with their husbands equally. A lot of them also use the services of babysitters.